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E. & A. Guitar Lessons at YOUR place | Learn the songs you want to play

I'm graduated at the music conservatoir of sao paulo and took one year as an exchange student at university of new mexico. The classes content is personal and based on the kind of music the student wants to play, classical or popular. The student's evolution goes along the songs or style one chooses to accomplish.

Berklee College of Music Graduate with 20 years of experience teaching gives guitar, music production, computer music, logic, garage band lessons.

​ I teach guitar in all styles, pop, rock and jazz, as well as advance soloing for those who require it. I also teach music technology and production using logic, pro tools, garage band, and also music theory. I adapt to the unique requirements of each student.

Professional guitarist and music PhD teaching all levels of guitar beginner through advanced

I have a phd in music and technology from the university of north texas. I was fortunate to have studied with guitarists for miles davis, pat metheny, and bobby mcferrin. I have a flexible method and adapt my teaching style to the specific goals of the student. I focus on building strong fundamentals while learning the songs and styles that inspire you most.

Lucid Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Accoustic, Electric or Classical: Music of All Styles

Just like my profile photo indicates, my name is scott and i am a degreed guitar performer, composer and a singer/songwriter who's played various styles and types of guitars for 25+ years. I offer private guitar lessons to beginners and some intermediate level players between grades 2-8. Lessons are customized to meet the needs of each student.

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Kings County
Guitarist from Berklee teaches in Brooklyn area and online, 18 years experience!

Bachelor of music degree with major in performance at berklee college of music. Focus on guitar. For the last 18 years, i've played guitar in all styles within popular music and have experience teaching them, as well as 1 year now also teaching classical guitar.

Music educator with 15+ of experience. Drums, guitar, & music theory in Chicago, IL.

I'm a professional musician and educator offering lessons on drum set, guitar (contemporary and classical), as well as music theory tutoring to high school and college students. I start by identifying the student's goals, and develop a personalized curriculum to achieve them.

Jazz guitarist with 8 years of experience gives guitar and piano lessons.

My name is erik mojica and i am a modern jazz guitarist/pianist. I teach students at the middle and high school level, as well as college level students seeking further knowledge in improvisation, composition and complex music theories. I am an extremely open-minded musician who has worked with producers from stankonia records and wondaland records.

Berklee, College of Music Alumni offering Music Lessons in Theory, Performing and Improvisation through the Guitar.

My name is michael bravos, guitar player and music producer. I would like to share with you my knowledge and love for music. I can teach modern music theory through the use of the guitar to guitar players, or through the theoretical way for other instrumentalists.

Mr.Masters Music Lessons, explore music theory, guitar, and voice. I also provide lesson ideas to elementary educators.

I have a baed in music education, in college my focus was choral studies but i also have over 10 years experience with guitar. My lessons will vary from student to student depending on their particular learning style and the subject. My lessons will be practical and useful with practical application being the primary focus. I'm very open to questions and will do all i can to help you succeed.

College trained Jazz/Blues musician with extensive experience performing, composing, and teaching over the past decade.

My goal as a teacher is to make you a better musician and not just a better guitar player. I believe the most essential aspect of teaching music is to give students the ability to feel comfortable in any style the wish both through understanding the music by ear and through notation.

Music graduate available to help in music in groups or one on one

I graduated charleston southern university with a ba in music. I also completed additional hours of study towards a performance degree. I use a variety of teaching styles because everyone has their own preferred learning style. I teach a variety of musical styles again for the reason just listed. All lessons will include review, new techniques and assignments.

Aliso Viejo
Learn to play guitar with feel, soul and tone. Private studio in Aliso Viejo. Family friendly convenient location. Stage, studio and songwriting experience.

In addition to studying classical guitar in college i have also performed live for over 25 years. I have extensive songwriting and studio experience and have worked as vocal coach, band leader, worship leader and stage manager. I love all styles of music but specialize in classic rock, soul, country and blues.

South Bend
Learn How To Understand, Play and Write Music - Acoustic Lessons Online

My name is kyle ray, i am a practicing and professional musician in an indie-alternative rock band. Having taught and got many of my friends into playing and writing music, i want to share the key ideas and lessons of playing guitar and writing music with you! The beauty of music is that it is never too early, nor too late, to learn to start playing.

Dave of "Rat Race Choir" available for Bass or Guitar Lessons Beginniner

I am the founder and leader of the westchester based rock band rat race choir. I play 4 instruments fluently and also have music computer skills such as recording, and song writing which i am also available for. Though i live in carmel , ny, i am originally from white plains, and i am fine coming down to westchester county.

Experienced gigging musician with 30+ years experience gives music, guitar and vocal lessons for people in Austin, TX and online

I started music by taking private violin lessons as well as classes in the 4th grade. I was active in church and school choirs for many years and played percussion in my jr high school band. At the age of 15 i picked up guitar and within 8 months i had my first paying gig.

Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons with Jonny A BA in classical and Jazz Guitar and Music Education

I have a ba in classical and jazz guitar performance as well as music education. I have also studied extensively with private instructors from the age of 9 on. I continue to practice and perform regularly as well as attending seminars, lectures etc concerning performing and teaching.

Learn guitar today beginner to intermediate. Skype and in person lessons available

I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now i'm about to be twenty years old and i'd love to share the knowledge i learned over the years to less experienced guitarist to help them reach their musical dreams as i chase my own

Jeremy ryan
Rock Guitar Teacher for beginners. Retired musician with 10 years experience. New to teaching but love to show others!

My methods are to give the student the basics and build from there. We will tune the guitar and work our way up. I cover power chords, barre chords, basic simple music scales and familiar tunes. These building blocks will allow a student to play a majority of popular songs. I am a patient teacher that you will love learning from.

West Hollywood
Private Music Lessons Instructor - Guitar, Bass, and Drums - 11 Years Experience

Mark catalano is an american multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Born and raised in youngstown, ohio, mark’s focus has always been music. In and out of school, mark spent most of his time learning everything he could about performing, writing, and recording music. Mark was heavily involved in boardman, ohio’s grammy award winning public school music program.

Make the best vibrations ever, by plucking strings and by hitting keys.

Throughout high school and afterwards i have been studying music in all kinds of fields, weather it is performance, history, theory, or even as little as general music. And still am to this day, i keep on an everyday practice. I will normally start my lessons with a general idea of what music really is, and if it is an instrument then i specify the body parts of the instrument, and it's background.

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Guitar Teacher in the SW Miami Dade area with more than 13 years of experience.

Creating and delivering a customized and skill-level appropriate lesson plans for students ranging in age from pre-teen to adults. With more than 13 years of experience i am adept at teaching jazz, classical, reggae, classic/contemporary rock, country, folk/acoustic, and pop music.

Rock out with me! 20 years experience in guitar and music performance with college background in music theory. Let me show you the way!

I am an active musician in guitar, bass, songwriting and performing. I provide beginner and intermediate lessons to students of all ages. I will tailor my approach based on each students' abilities and musical goals. My mission is to make learning music fun, engaging and rewarding.

Here to make learning music fun and exciting as you start your learning quest

Classically trained in voice and the oboe from private lessons in high school was in many honor bands taken some guitar lessons but mainly self taught. Skilled at writing original songs and lyrics was in band in junior high and high school and choir in high school and college and had some private voice training.

San Francisco
San Francisco Classical Guitar Lessons in Your Home. For Kids, Teens, and Adults

Hello everyone! My teaching career began in chicago, illinois, first teaching privately out of my home, then for the ymca and other small music schools. I then began teaching private guitar lessons at northwestern university while completing my masters degree there in classical guitar performance. After graduation i built a large student base at sherwood at columbia college chicago.

I'm music college student,in jazz band ,and jazz club,study classical piano and guitar,I want to be a professor and performer will give you great fundamentals and learn to perform

I'm a college student have been for 3 years for music ,music theory,1,2,and 3,ear training 1,2,and 3, been taking classical guitar and piano for 3 years and jazz guitar ,been in the jazz band and club for 3 years ,i'm getting associates in art ,and then bachelor's at unt,or university of arlington,before this i took classical at brookhaven,for 1 year.

Learn to play guitar from the heart and soul, as apposed to just playing

I have played guitar for about ten years now. I have given lessons to a good ammount of friends. And family. I start from what the student knows and slowly work my way towards scales and chords while maintaining a pace that the student feels comfortable with. I am very laid back and don't push the student too hard where they wouldn't want to come back, but instead, hard enough for them to enjoy it.

Learn Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar With Whatever Genere You Want Now

I give lessons to anyone who is willing to learn how to play the guitar. I start with the most simple chords, then we move on to the more difficult stuff. I am very easy and kind to work with.

Jose arturo
Classical Guitar graduate student from Costa Rica (¡Pura vida!) teaches classical, acoustic guitar and ukulele! Se habla español también ;)

Hey there! I am currently working on my masters degree in classical guitar/string pedagogy at the university of louisville. One of the tasks that i perform as part of my teaching assistantship here is to teach students how to play guitar (at multiple levels) and ukulele. I believe the best way to learn is by having fun and apply this mindset to my teaching approach.

San Antonio
Self trained and practitioner of drums, percussion, electric and acoustic guitar

I will take any questions you may have or concerns about pieces of music that may be obstructing you from progressing farther as a musician. I will also meet the need of anyone who may not understand a piece of music and or exercise to it their current abilities.

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In case you are just learning to play musical instruments, or you love music and you are seeking to learn the guitar, then you are in the exact right place. At superPROF, there are numerous guitar teachers who are trained and are experts at playing the guitar. They offer guitar lessons for any interested persons at affordable rates within an agreed time. They will take you through all the required steps to ensure that you master both the basics and technical stuff. The guitar lessons will vary for beginners and those with knowledge of how to play the guitar. You will learn how to play guitar, how to hold it, tune it, strum it, play your first chords as well as play your first song on the guitar.The guitar teachers offer private lessons exclusively online. It is done so for convenience as people from other countries can access their services. We also offer music early learning activities - for children lessons. Our bass guitar tutor and transverse flute teachers can also help you learn to play the respective instruments. If you are interested in learning to play the wind instruments you can also get tutors.

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Athena's request

Hi Ludovic My name is Athena. I am an American actress, singer and songwriter. I work professionally but am here is Paris for 4 months for college. I wish to strengthen my guitar playing while in paris and would like to take lessons. Please let me...

7 months ago
Paris 5e
Musicien professionnel (blues/rock) pédagogue - 10 ans expérience enseignement - formation dem jazz

Charlotte's request

I'm originally from England but working in Paris as an au pair. I have a guitar and have been attempting to learn on my own but it is going very slowly and would like some face to face teaching to help me improve more quickly. I am a complete...

1 year ago
(3 reviews)
Cours de guitare en particulier pour les enfants et les débutantssur Skype!