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Porto Alegre
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Harmonica lessons - Professional harmonica player with 15 years of experience. Teaches online.

I have been a professional harmonica player and harmonica teacher for over 15 years. My method focus on the student’s interests. Most of my students start with no prior music knowledge. If this is your case, don’t worry, my lessons are focused on practical study and music theory will be learned by demand.

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Diatonic harmonica classes in madrid: blues, funk, rock, jazz, swing, manouche, country ... all levels. learn in a fun way and different

Madrid musician gives private classes diatonic harmonica to students of all ages and levels. various styles: Blues, Jazz, Swing Manouche, Funk, Rock, among others. All accompanied by harmony, analysis, encryption, auditory training ... It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of music. The classes are customized and adapted to the needs of each student.

Ecole jjr
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Guitar lessons, bass, drums, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, workshops rehearsals approved JJRébillard (Guitar hand) since 1999 in Besançon

Professor of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, ukulele, harmonica approved JJREBILLARD (formerly of Guitar Part) for 15 years. Individually or in pairs during pro from JJR methods, all styles, all levels. (From 7 years).

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Lessons of chromatic harmonic and improvisation - How to play this instrument so versatile and in most varied musical genres, from pop to jazz to classical music to folk, among others

Regarding the harmonica, I will consider: a) technical issues such as the handling of the instrument, the method of draw and blow; b) musical issues, how the notes are organize on this instrument, the various scales and arpeggios in all tones, phrasing; Regarding the improvisation, I will consider: a) ear training (melodic, rhythmic and harmonic); b) knowledge of harmony (chords and chord...

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Music is one of the great phenomenons of the world. With or without words, people have been expressing emotions and culture through music for centuries. To some people, an aptitude for music comes naturally, easily being able to understand pitches and rhythms and having the skill and dexterity to play complicated melodies. Most others, however, don't have the natural talent to play instruments with such ease. But anyone can learn how to play, if they can find the right teachers and lessons. The harmonica is a rather modern instrument, used primarily in rhythm and blues music. Harmonica lessons are harder to come across than piano lessons, but there are still many great harmonica teachers all across the world, ready to teach students how to play this wonderful instrument. Taking harmonica lessons with some of the greatest harmonica teachers will be a very rewarding and enriching experience by itself, but there's nothing stopping an ambitious student from branching out into other unique instruments. Consider seeking out an Oboe tutor or a Ukulele teacher, or even some Accordion teachers.