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Queens County
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Easy Hebrew & Arabic Language speak quickly and write with a native Language has certified Teacher

I am a native Arabic Language , also I hold PhD and certified in Semitic Language Arabic and Hebrew I can teach all levels . I have fast internet accessible for teach by FaceTime or Skype ...ets . The student will learn from this experience and quickly become more independent in this Language and without homework . Just FaceTime to FaceTime with his teacher only .

Kings County
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Experienced/certified teacher/translator of ARABIC, ESL, French and Hebrew for adults and children

My students range from school kids to college and university students of various levels and ages. I use the the integrated method of spoken and formal based on the four skills of learning a language in my teaching method which include reading, listening, writing and big emphasis on speaking.

Lake Jackson
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Biblical Hebrew Reading and Understanding; Phila, PA, M.A. Education, All religions welcome

Biblical Hebrew is a great love of mine! I assist the Rabbi in leading the Jewish Hebrew prayer service, and in singing the verses of the Hebrew Bible. I have a Master's Degree in Education, and I'm working on my Master's in Special Education.

(2 reviews)
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Boston tutor proficient in Hebrew and French, and with extensive ESL experience, can help you get inside the language

I studied French for four years in high school and Modern Hebrew for three years in college, and studied Biblical Hebrew on my own afterwards. I try to balance vocabulary and speaking/listening practice with grammar.

(1 review)
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Cross Cultural International Learning level one to three, First country feature Israel others follow

My name is Patricia Beerman. I been very bless to travel to various countries and learn first hand about our amazing, diverse and rich world and the people who dwelt in it. Thru practice and travel I have learned what it would be having a first, second, third and other levels of language handling. It makes an amazing difference when you are trying to connect with people from all over the world.

New York
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Ph.D Language Professor - all levels French Language & Literature - Beginners and advanced levels

I am an experienced professor (Ph.D) with over 25 years of experience. I have taught all levels, privately and in colleges.

Los Angeles
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West LA, CA - American teacher of Hebrew/Judaic Studies - Kinder to Adult 30+years of experience

I am trained in differentiated instruction and do not rely on one teaching method. Learning can be successful wherever a student feels comfortable and supported; indoors, outdoors, with music or in silence. I work with kindergartners all the way up to and including adults. We can work on Modern Hebrew language, or Bar / Bat Mitzvah training, whatever is required, we can work it out together.

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Teacher for grades K-9th/ Adult students (Hebrew, Russian, & Spanish languages)

I studied Russian at California Baptist University; as well as with tutors online. I studied Hebrew with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I taught myself Creole and Spanish; so I can teach these languages albeit not being formally trained in them. If you are willing to trade Mandarin Chinese lessons or Japanese, please, let me know.

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Born in Israel can teach you how to read write and speak

Born in Israel lived there for 28 years , I can teach you Hebrew new style and old style Hebrew writing . Old testament reading teaching and understanding. Day to day Hebrew and slang as well if desirable .

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Professional linguist teaching Up to upper advance level ESL/Spanish. intermediate level Hebrew

Associates of art in Hebrew DLI 3/3 Hebrew 3/3 Spanish (self taught) English Native.

Paris 10e
(4 reviews)
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Hebrew, English, Italian live by video chat on skype. Practical, economical, immediate and without constraints.

Language courses for all levels and ages by live video-conference on Skype. Effective, practical, economical, immediate and without constraints. Price: 15 euro the lesson of 50 minutes. Website available for review lessons and related exercises or to rehear the studied texts.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
(1 review)
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I am Native Russian and Hebrew Teacher, I give group classes and individuals by crystal square and in any place or address that you like in Puebla, Puebla $ 170

I am Native Teacher of Russian and Hebrew, born in Russia. When I was 7 years old we spent with my mother's whole family in Israel so I grew up and then I speak and write both Hebrew and Russian very fluent languages. I offer you classes of all levels up to a very high level of Russian and Hebrew spoken, written, grammar and correct pronunciations and understanding of what is read.

(3 reviews)

Qualified, meticulous, experienced teacher offers Hebrew lessons at all levels.

- I am Israeli, originally from Tel Aviv. My mother tongue and the field of my academic studies is the Hebrew language. - I am a certified, experienced and thorough teacher. I am highly motivated and would like to share my language and culture with everyone. - I have a lot of experience working with students of all ages and of all levels.

Greater London
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Hebrew Lessons - Strengthen your connection to Israel X X X X

Hello! I am a native Hebrew speaker and a passionate teacher from Tel Aviv, Israel. I LOVE teaching my mother tongue to those who need it for school, business or want it for fun, travels... or even Aliyah! I can provide you with 1 to 1 on-line (or in Tel-Aviv) Hebrew tutorials, tailored to your goals and style of learning.

Royal Wootton Bassett
(7 reviews)
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Hebrew speaking lessons, improve your confidence, grammar and fluency. Practice with a native speaker.

I provide Hebrew conversation practice and grammar teaching for people who wish to learn and improve their Hebrew speaking. I am a native Hebrew speaker. My techniques are very communicative, where I will make sure you speak and practice speaking Hebrew as much as possible. I am patient and calm, and I plan my lessons to suit your needs.

Sant Pere de Ribes
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Native Hebrew teacher with experience offers modern Hebrew classes for children and adults

I teach English and Hebrew at a private school in Barcelona. I offer private lessons and classes for groups. I love working with children, I have many years also working in tourism. During class work both writing and spoken Hebrew.

Paris 11e
(6 reviews)
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Translation, oral practice and language courses: Hebrew, English, French, from a polyglot linguist passionate about language

I am a translator, linguist, writer and language teacher, for publishing houses, the National Education system and in court. My experience has allowed me to master perfectly English, French and Hebrew, and I focus on the oral practice and pronunciation. I also teach Hebrew literature.

Marseille 9e
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Private classes & Training in Foreign languages, French mother tongue or foreign language, Sciences and Computering

C2CTEACHING is specialised in e-learning for foreign languages, French as a first language or French as a foreign language, science (mathematics and physics and chemistry) and computering. Digital education specialist at distance through our c2c e-learning association, C2CTEACHING can also offer you home tutoring with 50% tax reduction and CESU payment through its association C2CTEACHING HOME .

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I am Offering Hebrew and German lessons for adults via Skype, at your place or at mine in Marseile

HI everyone, I am a German-Israeli PhD student who has just moved to Marseille recently. I studied in English and Hebrew. I have a certificate of my Hebrew skills (PTOR). In addition, I worked for the German Academic Exchange Service in Tajikistan where I taught German as a foreign language in Dushanbe.

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German and Hebrew with Nathan Peres

DEPENDING on your level I will teach you both, Hebrew and German, with your materials or we can set up our own structure race. This Makes Sense Especially if you want to-have a lighter, more discussion-oriented race. The race is open to Both - teenagers and adults.

São Paulo
(2 reviews)
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ENGLISH: Professor certified CAE / experience in Red Balloon / all levels of learning / SPANISH / HEBREW / I'm from São Paulo, Brazil, and I cover the necessaries areas

Professor Paula, with Cambridge CAE certification, caters to all levels of interest for English classes. I use a dynamic way to teach, that is, I try to bring games, music, videos, and other different ways of learning, besides the common book. I consider myself a very caring person and use it to my students, I seek the effectiveness more than the amount, willing to show how things work and why.

Marseille 1er
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Qualified and experienced teacher for Hebrew lessons

Qualified and experienced teacher, moves to Marseille, to give Hebrew lessons, all levels, individuals and groups.

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Hebrew is a widely spoken language in the world with close to seven million speaking it. In Israel, it is one of the official languages. Hebrew has been used since the olden days and, in fact, the fast five books of the Hebrew Bible are written in biblical Hebrew. A theologian would be very much interested in learning this language so as to find out more about the ancient biblical stories. Moreover even if you are just visiting for a short stay, it will be proper to learn the new dialect so as to interact freely with the citizens. We have he few leaders who offer Hebrew lessons at reasonable rates. The Hebrew teachers take you through each lesson plan according to your speed so as to get the best out of the Hebrew lessons. In addition to these lessons, you can also find Sinhalese lessons on superPROF. You can also liaise with Korean tutor and Norwegian tutors. English as a foreign language EFL teachers so as to get acquainted with the respective dialects.

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Tony, found their hebrew tutor

Hi Aviva, I am taking Modern Hebrew at the AJU and would just like to add some tutoring to help supplement what I am already doing. I'm in Modern Hebrew Beginners 4. Just more practice with a native speaker would I think go a long way. I work in...

6 months ago