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My name is silas ola abayomi, a teacher of over two-and-half-decades with privilege of teaching in all levels of education from elementary to the college. As said earlier, i have taught elementary pupils, i have taught middle and high schools; more so, i teach college students. Over the years, i have learned several teaching skills, which i apply based on classroom or individual needs.

High school teacher with three years experience in teaching | Springfield, TN

I teach high school students. For two years i taught middle school, this year i was moved to teach in the high school. I enjoy discussion-based learning. I use technology to incorporate enjoyment into learning. I enjoy teaching students how to learn- not what to learn.

Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

MSW Candidate who gives lessons on psychology and related social sciences middle and high school levels

I am an alumni of auburn university. My degree is in psychology and i was a teaching assistant while in my undergraduate years. Currently, i am a masters of social work (msw) candidate at the university of southern california. I really loved my time as teaching assistant and i strive to use all of the experience i gained from that to continue helping others.

Knowledgeable & passionate Social Sciences tutor in Janesville seeking students to assist

Since middle school the social sciences has always been a strong interest of mine; even up through high school & into college. I love various parts of history including civil rights/black history, ww2, etc. Psychology & sociology is where some of my deepest knowledge & passions lie; even to the extent of it being my major in college.

Nerdy Cognitive Scientist for Over 15 Years Gives Lessons in Behavioral Science and Military History

I have a ph. d . In cognitive science, and i provide instruction at the college level for students interested in cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, psychology & law, and research methods. For students interested in military history, i also provide courses related to strategic problem solving and leadership during the u. s . Civil war.

Astounding Adventures in Sensational Social Studies Sometimes with Maps and Sometimes Not

I am an experienced k12 and college educator, offering courses for enjoyment, tutoring for credit classes, and adventures in the social studies areas addressing a variety of learning styles as well as stages of learners. My goal is to get people excited about history.

Finding where you are on a map so you can learn what happened there.

I intend on giving lessons to anyone struggling with history: especially american history and geography of any kind up to a somewhat lower level, but i am also flexible! My intentions are to answer questions you may have and you will have the time allotted to come up with any questions you may have for me or if i need to teach or explain something so that you would understand.

Sugar Land
Human science is my life! 4.0 in Masters Program... I do this!

I recently just completed my masters of social and behavioral sciences. I have taught for the public school system for over 6 years here in texas. I am originally from michigan where i began my teaching career. I also specialize in special education. I have a unique teaching style whereas i catch the attention of my students to help them successfully reach their academic goals.

JD/Ph.D candidate providing elementary to college lessons in Columbus. is not fully complete. Please complete the information requested.

I graduated suma-cum laude from florida international university in 2015, from where i earned a double b. A in european intellectual history (with a designated emphasis in 18th century france), and philosophy (with a designated emphasis in the continental tradition).

College Professor tutorig in Sociology, Psychology, Writing, and US History in Novi

I am an adjunct college professor with more than ten years of experience who has taught psychology, sociology, social problems and is well read in us history. Apa formatting is often a challenge and i am familiar with apa formatting and am able to help students who are writing papers and need to use that format. I am also an excellent editor in general for college level papers.

Long Beach
AP and Regents teacher World/Global and U.S. History, Nassau County, NY and AP Rater

I have over fifteen years of social studies teaching experience, which is my second career. I currently teach ap and regents level courses at a private high school on long island. I am certified for both the ap world and ap u. s . History courses. I am an ap grader/rater for both the world history and u. s . History examinations with the college board.

Grad. student in ANE archaeology & history: lessons to hs, college & adult students in this area & related fields.

I give lessons to hs, college and adult students in archaeology, geography, history, sociology and other related areas such as ancient languages (i. e . Hebrew, greek, middle egyptian). I also help students with general academic preparation such as test preparation, resume writing, paper/thesis preparation and other related college and graduate work.

New York
Modern Language Instructor and all-around tutor in NYC teaches all age ranges

Some of the things which allow my work to stand out, is the age range of students i have had the privelage of tutoring. This has given me the tools to prepare students/clients of all ages for success. In addition the wide range of subjects i am comfortable with and have had experience teaching is unique and families can hire one tutor for multiple subjects.

Be such a political expert the pundits will look really dumb

I have 18 years of journalism experience, covering politics and world events. Next, i've earned two master's degrees in social sciences, studying groups and cultures. To start out, i earned a bachelor's in history and political science. Add to that 6 years of military experience. I can make you a social studies expert.

Grand Prairie
Swahili and History experienced teacher for primary through senior levels next door.

I am a teacher of both world history and swahili language. My target group is from beginners to senior school clients. Main methods of teaching is face to face, power point and skype as will be necessary.

Experienced Teacher Ready To Give One On One Support To Middle and High School Students

Hello. I'm an innovative teacher who has been teaching at the middle and high school level for the past 20 years. I have a passion for supporting students and helping them reach their academic goals. My experience allows me to tailor my support to what my students need to be successful.

Masters degree holder in Education Administration along with being a Bachelor degreed History Tutor for students in Academic need for the school year

My name is nicholas b. Malone i give tutoring lessons in the subject of history to middle school students who need help in advancing their academic achievements in the subject area. My techniques revolve around a one on one approach between the client and myself understanding their best way of learning, which allows me to adapt my teaching to style to theor needs.

History lover wants to share her enthusiasm with others and help them.

I like to share stories about historical figures, and use those stories to convey important information about our history and how our country and world came to be they they are.

Veteran shoreline area tutor accepting local students for homework help and music instruction

I have worked in the educational field for over 25 years as a tutor/instructor. I was certified in history/social studies, special education, and adult education/external diploma program. I have taught in the central connecticut region and also the shoreline area.

I have tought the following subject to special education students for the past 12 years-social studies, Humanities-grades one through nine

I hold a masters in education from leslie high school, a bachelors from university of massachusetts. I am certified to teacher in md, ga, sc in elementary, social studies, reading. Special education 5 to adult. Prior certification in the state of massachusetts.

Former Film Student Who's Also A History Buff

I'm a recent graduate of the university of north texas. My degree was in radio/tv/film, but i spent 3 years working in the learning center as a history survey tutor and supplemental instruction leader. My lesson structure is based on the bloom's theory of learning. 90% of learning should happen when a student is able to teach a subject to someone else.

New York
History Tutor

I am a teacher at the junior high and high school level. I have a diploma history. My teaching techniques have a wide range of activities and lessons that are designed to meet that students needs. My teaching methods involve assignments that improve the students understanding of the subject.

Queens County
Writing, Reading, Modern Society, and Humanities

I'm a very active teacher in order to be efficient ,my philosophy is engagement to ensure active learning. I've honed in my teaching skills by learning from my teachers. With extensive knowledge in cognitive behavioral psychology, teaching isn't an easy task. But i enjoyed it when i utilize the best methods to get the most stubborn student to enjoy learning. In return i learn from them.

European, Cuban and Indian History Tutor for High school and College students.

I am a college sophomore with a love for history. I have studied history for more than 10 years.

History, Geography and anything else.

I am a college student who excelled in ap euro, ap u. S history, and ap gov. I can practice and explain anything. I make sure people understand what i am helping them with i do not just tell them.

Former teacher gives lessons in history, geography and government for elementary and middle grades in Maysville, KY

I am a former elementary/middle grades teacher of 10 years. I enjoy hands-on activities. I like to find out "why". I am not a fan of memorizing a list of dates and facts.

Tutoring in History, Reading, Literature- middle school through college level. MSHP degree. Portsmouth RI area

I am a semi-retired business executive with a masters degree in historic preservation, an undergraduate degree in history (with an expired secondary teaching certificate). I provide tutoring to middle school through college level in the following subject areas: history, english literature.

League City
History is ALIVE, learn how it applies to the here and NOW!

I am a historian! I love history and all that it encompasses. Teaching and history are my two passions and my philosophy is that if you make a subject come to life and have meaning then learning becomes fun rather than work. Lessons are based on current texts and are made to show the relevance to the here and now.

Experienced College Professor in the Humanities Offers Tutoring in Midcoast Maine and Remotely. Specialities: Gender, Cultural and Media Studies; Sociology; Communication; Human Sexuality; History

I am a college professor with an interdisciplinary ma in women, gender, and sexuality studies, communication and new media. I will tutor/assist students middle-school age through adult. My teaching style can best be described as intersectional, trans-disciplinary and participatory.

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History is who we are. Every city we live in, every nation we travel to, everything that surrounds us is the result of history giving us its lessons. We often think that history lays in the past, but this could not be farther from the truth. History lessons are the key to understanding our world, our society and where we come from, so they are important not only for students but for everyone. History teachers available are experienced and passionate about their job and their lessons can be set up according to the needs and the field of interest of each student. These teachers cover different locations and areas of expertise, so that it will not be difficult to find a match. History lessons can be paired with related topics such as Archeology and Psychology lessons; History teachers are in good company with Civics teachers or a General knowledge tutor.