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Experienced tutor in Boston would love to help you with history, geography, and civics.

While i hold other jobs, i am writer, freelance editor/proofreader, and tutor. I tutor a wide range of ages: children, teenagers, college/graduate students and adults. I try to help the student learn how to learn the material, through using mnemonics, looking for patterns, associating new material with ideas already learned, and providing background information on the topic.

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Queens County
Howard Beach tutor with 20 years experience will help you Social Studies.

I have a ba in anthropology and a master's in education. I am able to teach school age children, as well as teens and adults looking to strengthen reading and writing skills. Every lesson is designed for the individual student in mind.

(2 reviews)
Teacher and Researcher helps others understand the relevance of history in Pendleton, IN

I am a recent graduate with a degree in history and hold an indiana teachers license. I typically give lessons to elementary school through high school age. I utilize primary sources, lots of question and answer and historical literacy. My goal is not just to have the student memorize dates and people, but understand how and why historical events happen.

Bossier City
Graduate student in History offering to tutor students in various History classes in Bossier City, LA

I am a goal oriented individual. I like to look at historical questions and try to figure out why things happened the way they happened. Research is one of my favorite things to do, i am good at showing others how to take notes, and explaining the significance of different events.

US History and Political Science Teacher searching for Students in the Montgomery Area

My education level is this: dec. 2000, bachelor of science, troy state university, montgomery (al) Aug. 2001-july 2004 masters of liberal arts abt, auburn university at montgomery (al) (did not graduate) I use the traditional methods of instruction, which include the socratic method.

(1 reviews)
Former Graduate Student provides Tutoring in history for high school and college students in Charlotte, NC

I am a former phd student in history o at the university of south carolina with years of experience teaching at a college level. Currently, i am vp of research for a consulting firm. I believe that the best teaching method is to teach students how to become independent scholars. I provide tutoring for all history subjects, including: american, european, and world history.

ABD in Sociology with 16 years of teaching and tutoring experience in and outside the classroom

Ba in international studies and a minor in latin american studies Ma in latin american studies with a concentration in human rights and social development Abd in sociology with a concentration in transnational studies Various certificates in pedagogical techniques and theory Various certificates in professional development

Experienced College Professor in the Humanities Offers Tutoring in Midcoast Maine and Remotely. Specialities: Gender, Cultural and Media Studies; Sociology; Communication; Human Sexuality; History

I am a college professor with an interdisciplinary ma in women, gender, and sexuality studies, communication and new media. I will tutor/assist students middle-school age through adult. My teaching style can best be described as intersectional, trans-disciplinary and participatory.

High school teacher with three years experience in teaching | Springfield, TN

I teach high school students. For two years i taught middle school, this year i was moved to teach in the high school. I enjoy discussion-based learning. I use technology to incorporate enjoyment into learning. I enjoy teaching students how to learn- not what to learn.

Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

Creative, caring, competant career teacher wants to tutor (human science, history, academic subjects, arithmetic, use of Englsis language- reading, writing, composition) near Sumter & Camden SC

In turkey, one definition of who is a teacher, is “one who leads you from the darkness to the light – the darkness of ignorance, light of understanding. ” this is a poetic expression of the inner wish of every true teacher – it is my wish. There is nothing like the expression on a student’s face when s/he has achieved comprehension and mastery of a concept s/he was working endlessly with.

World History Teacher Having a BA in History and having a Masters in using Adult Teaching Strategies in Missouri online

I help students who need additional help in their studies. I am someone who graduated from a non-traditional high school then pursued a ba in history then a bs in secondary education in order to allow students to have the best education. I then desired to help adults with education in social studies.

Villa Hills
Kentucky teacher with BA in Ed. and MA in Ed. that loves History

I am a teacher at the high school level. I currently supervise a computer lab in which my students are taking their course through an online program called plato. My students are in the grade levels of 9th - 12th grade. I tried to plan according to the multiple intelligence of my students.

Chula Vista
College student in psychology gives general knowledge lessons to high school students

My name is ana i'm a clinical psychology student and i give lessons to high school students taking or about to take psychology class. First will start with theory (history), then general knowledge (concepts), and finally will move on to practice.

Jennifer a.
Geography MA; Education BSEd and MEd, Elementary and Social Studies, Pittsburgh, PA

I am a "forty something" teacher living in the pittsburgh, pa area with nearly 20 years experience as a teacher. I will give lessons to whoever asks if i can meet the topic content that they seek. The lesson structure may vary depending on the request. I have used various methods, with lecture being the most frequent, but visual aids, etc. Are often used in conjunction.

Broadly educated university graduate provides tutoring to middle and high school students, and adults.

Former university philosophy instructor, elementary school literacy tutor, elementary and middle school history and english teacher, and adult esl (english as a second language) instructor. Great at one-on-one guidance through philosophy, history, english, and reading. Provide productive study habit advice.

Experienced high school and college level teacher of history, computer programming, and computer databases in Tallahassee, Florida

In addition to several degrees, i have been studying on my own my entire life, no matter what else i am doing. I always like digging further into a subject and sharing what i have found with others. I am versatile and make connections among disparate areas.

(1 reviews)
Piney Flats
American Constitutional History Aficionado teaching history at Jr/High/College level in Tri-Cities TN

I started my interest in political science at the age of 16 when i interned at the state capital. I continued this interest with a degree from liberty university, an internship at the heritage foundation and an internship in congress. My lessons will be practical to the need of the student while offering a depth not typically found when just trying to pass a test.

Saint Clair Shores
Professor At Your Service, All the Social Studies with a focus on History-Any Level

I am a licensed educator in the state of michigan. I have taught in many different settings for 14 years. I have a master's degree in history. I teach in a classroom, as well as online everyday, and i teach every grade level from middle school up to undergraduate courses in college. I am here to get my students where they need to go.

History major giving lessons and tutoring sessions in Cape Girardeau County to Grade School and College students.

I have a graduate degree in history with areas in classical world history and american history. I have taught a wide range of students in the past. Lessons will be based on individual needs and techniques will be creative and hands on learning.

San Diego
Greetings! History teacher seeks students from middle school to college to tutor.

I possess a bachelor of science and master of arts in history from the university of nebraska at omaha. My majors were in history. I also recently obtained my master of education with social science teaching credential from national university in san diego california.

History Buff looking to instill love of all things old to an eager student

I recently graduated from clark university in worcester, ma and am preparing to apply to law school. As a student i learned best from visuals and self-practice; however i am aware different students learn in different ways. That being said i'm willing to adapt my lesson plan to a way that helps the student learn best and am always researching creative ways to teach.

MSW Candidate who gives lessons on psychology and related social sciences middle and high school levels

I am an alumni of auburn university. My degree is in psychology and i was a teaching assistant while in my undergraduate years. Currently, i am a masters of social work (msw) candidate at the university of southern california. I really loved my time as teaching assistant and i strive to use all of the experience i gained from that to continue helping others.

Knowledgeable & passionate Social Sciences tutor in Janesville seeking students to assist

Since middle school the social sciences has always been a strong interest of mine; even up through high school & into college. I love various parts of history including civil rights/black history, ww2, etc. Psychology & sociology is where some of my deepest knowledge & passions lie; even to the extent of it being my major in college.

Nerdy Cognitive Scientist for Over 15 Years Gives Lessons in Behavioral Science and Military History

I have a ph. d . In cognitive science, and i provide instruction at the college level for students interested in cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, psychology & law, and research methods. For students interested in military history, i also provide courses related to strategic problem solving and leadership during the u. s . Civil war.

Astounding Adventures in Sensational Social Studies Sometimes with Maps and Sometimes Not

I am an experienced k12 and college educator, offering courses for enjoyment, tutoring for credit classes, and adventures in the social studies areas addressing a variety of learning styles as well as stages of learners. My goal is to get people excited about history.

Finding where you are on a map so you can learn what happened there.

I intend on giving lessons to anyone struggling with history: especially american history and geography of any kind up to a somewhat lower level, but i am also flexible! My intentions are to answer questions you may have and you will have the time allotted to come up with any questions you may have for me or if i need to teach or explain something so that you would understand.

Sugar Land
Human science is my life! 4.0 in Masters Program... I do this!

I recently just completed my masters of social and behavioral sciences. I have taught for the public school system for over 6 years here in texas. I am originally from michigan where i began my teaching career. I also specialize in special education. I have a unique teaching style whereas i catch the attention of my students to help them successfully reach their academic goals.

Grand Rapids
Social Sciences. A broad field of tutoring available for growth in many subjects!

I have a b. s . In social sciences from liberty university in lynchburg, va. I use the gradual release method in my classroom. It allows the student to take full ownership of their understanding and expertise. I believe a teacher is merely a guide to student success, much as a lighthouse is merely a guide to ships on a successful journey.

When looking back to History, we can be well prepared for the future.

Educated in a christian-education training program, i have been a teacher since 1998. Social studies is simply story-telling. Story-telling of the human race. I strive to make the study of social studies as simple as retelling your favorite story, but with actual real-life characters.

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7 months ago

O Michael é um excelente professor! Seu método baseado em músicas é muito eficaz, fazendo com que o conteúdo da matéria fique fixado na memória. Meio que nem quando vc ouve músicas propagandas de políticos, quase impossível de...

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History is who we are. Every city we live in, every nation we travel to, everything that surrounds us is the result of history giving us its lessons. We often think that history lays in the past, but this could not be farther from the truth. History lessons are the key to understanding our world, our society and where we come from, so they are important not only for students but for everyone. History teachers available are experienced and passionate about their job and their lessons can be set up according to the needs and the field of interest of each student. These teachers cover different locations and areas of expertise, so that it will not be difficult to find a match. History lessons can be paired with related topics such as Archeology and Psychology lessons; History teachers are in good company with Civics teachers or a General knowledge tutor.