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Rocky Mount
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Crazy Horse? I can help. 20 years of experience, ground work and communication specialist. Located in Virginia. Ready to hear your crazy horse stories and help.

I am a horse trainer that specializes in Mustangs and vice correction. I teach people how to communicate with their horses on the ground first. This helps not only build trust but also confidence. I use gentle, non aggressive methods and am here to advise. I can travel around the southern Virginia area and northern North Carolina area for consultations and workshops if needed.

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Up your game! Certified Trainer that can improve your game through balance, flexibility and stamina. Also have degree in history. Terrell Tx

Coach, certified Trainer by Cooper Institute, Ignite 360. Certified to coach and train for combines. Can also tutor for history. All levels of students. Winners hang with winners, learn from the best! Coached top athletes for all sports.

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Learn how to ride with balance and confidence in your horse and yourself

I started riding at the age of 4 years old. I've found that no matter what discipline, the most important aspects are balance and confidence. I start riders on a lunge without reins. Riders are asked to perform various tasks to improve their balance. As skills progress, riders gain the reins back and more freedom.

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Get fit specialist in weightloss & nutrition: personal training, bodybuilding, horse riding

I question - why do you need a tutor? what do you need from me you lack yourself? I motivate - this is how were going to achieve your goal. I plan and push - and now were going to achieve it.

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Equine science student provides cheap high quality riding lessons and academic tutorials

Equine: can provide lessons up to intermediate/advanced level Academic: Up to GCSE level in any science, maths, English, Spanish, dance or music. A professional and friendly teacher I have experience with all ages and with physically and mentally disabled students. My methods are straightforward and lesson plans will focus on whatever you find most difficult. References available.

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Experienced Equine Lady providing help online no matter how big or small in the equine area.

My name is Crystal Bairstow. I am 23 years old and have been in the equine industry for years i attended College and completed a 2 year Level 3 Extended Diploma in Equine Management and Riding. I also attended university course for a total of 3 years studying Equine Management. I am able to provide help to those studying entry level, level 2 and level 3 Equine management at college.

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Online Horse Help - Video critique, dressage test help, general horse chat.

I am a Classical Dressage instructor and competition judge, and enjoy groundwork too. I have always been passionate about horses and love to teach people and train horses. I am happy to help horse lovers from beginner to intermediate level and I offer video critique for training purposes and show test sheets.

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Private riding lessons in Barcelona (dressage, show jumping, training of young horses)

- Dressage: help students to better understand the horse and teach the basics to work it properly. - Training of young horses: in the case of untamed horses, taming them in the appropriate manner, and if already tamed, make them progress in more advanced dressage exercises or jumping.

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Student 18 offers you riding lessons, sporting awakening ... around Sarrebourg city

Having played many sports in my life, mostly riding (since I was 4 years old), I would like to make you share my knowledge (in all simplicity, humility) in terms of the equestrian community, emphasizing the relationship you can grow with your horse, nature and especially fUN you! :) For more info, send me a message via SMS or email, I would answer with pleasure!

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Horseback riding is a fine activity that allows individuals to learn this fine art. While it is no longer the necessary mode of transportation, it still allows fans of the mode to understand how to interact with the majestic beast, handle it and care for it. With the very best horseback riding teachers, it is possible to learn the different styles of horseback riding and to progress onwards form there. Horseback riding lessons are available for individuals of all ages, which makes it great for anyone who has ever had an interest in the activity. Beyond just horseback riding lessons, individuals can learn a wide range of athletic activities. Karate lessons provides helpful self-defense courses, while a golf tutor can do everything from introduce the sport to help individuals cut down on their slice and improve their short game. Everything from Judo teachers to sport early-learning activities are available which can help improve a person's ability to perform and to learn a new activity and sporting style.