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Part time knitter helping others of any age learn the basics online

I am a college graduate, who looked towards crafts. I am self-taught in knitting and crocheting through books and online help. I want to be able to help others learn the basics and move on from there at their pace to teach how to read patterns and new types of stitches to be able to create your own projects.

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Knitter with 10 years of experience giving lessons from beginner to experienced. Also giving beginner level make up help

Currently enrolled in a teaching program and set to graduate in May 2017. I have been knitting for 10 years and have many projects I'm eager to share.

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ATX - Want to learn to knit or need some knitting help?

Learning to knit can be intimidating. I learned to knit over 15 years ago and still remember what it was like to hold the needles without a clue what to do! Or do you knit already but feel overwhelmed by some patterns or projects? Are you stuck on a project? If you want to learn to knit, or learn new techniques or need help advancing your knitting skills, please reach out.

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Well tech u how to knitt let me know please if u

I when to school and graduated and my mother in law tough me how to knitt and i have been doing it ever sence and i can do placted canvice my grandma tough me.

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Multi-faceted academic Tutor available with over 30 yrs experience in each category!

I have over 30 yrs exp in tutoring and motivating all struggling learners in order to achieve better grades academically. My background is in business, education/academia, as well as areas inside the needle arts and art education throughout my community.

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Professional certified tutor of crafting and origami in North Carolina regional area

I am a holistic teacher of craft and have had years or experience creating by hand. I have a college degree in Psychology and English and so I understand people and how to explain steps clearly. These lessons will inspire and simplify.

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Available to give knitting lessons for beginners in and near Sewickley PA

I have been knitting for six years, for myself and for friends and family. I would be delighted to pass on this skill to others. Beginner knitters of any age would be ideal.

Villa Rica
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Express Yourself: Creativity & Purpose (Knitting) and Design & Image (Make Up)

I use show and tell with verbal directions and visual examples. I enjoy creating blankets and scarves to keep and give as gifts. Many children and adults have asked me to show them how to make something special. I as so excited about the growth of self confidence that follows my clients after a session with me each and every time.

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Learn crochet in Gresham/Portland or online - make your own lovely garmets, accessories and gifts for friends. Learn to read patterns.

I was taught by my mother how to knit and crochet when I was 7. I have been successfully teaching crochet and knitting for 25 years to students of all ages and abilities. Learn to: Crochet and/or Knit How to manage yarn tension Hand placement Terminology ReadinhPatterns Learninh to pick yarns Use needlework as an active meditation.

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Teach knitting in louisville ky and help young children with math homework

I teach knitting. I make up my own patterns to knit. I also like to help grade school children with their math homework. I try to make it fun for children when helping with math. I start with the basics. I been knitting for over 30 years. I will teach knitting in groups.

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Enthusiastic Knitter gives beginner lessons to any who wish to develop new skill

I have been knitting for approximately six years, and am willing to pass on my experience to anyone who fancies picking up this calming and creative skill. As a secondary school teacher, I am very patient and used to giving instruction and helping pupils to develop their skills.

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Experienced designer and pattern writer gives Crochet lessons online or at home.

I teach all the way from basic to advanced crochet techniques. I have taught over 200 people and have had brilliant feedback. I enjoy teaching one to one, but can also teach in groups up to 6. I have a lot of patience for anyone wanting to learn this new skill, but I ask that you practice in your own time to ensure progress.

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Fashion and Textile Design Tutor CSM. Specialising in portfolio preparation and BA support in Central London

I specialise in UAL amd UCA curriculum. My main subject is Fashion and Textiles my second subject is Fine Art: Painting and Sculpture. I teach all ages and have had experience with 5 year old and adult learners. I can teach you or your child in your home or my Fashion and Textile design studio in Battersea or my Fine Art studio in The East End.


Master Classes with a Crochet flowers, accessories and jewelery designer. Basic skills (crochet, knitting, weaving, embroidery etc.) or realisation of one of the chosen creations

Crochet designer present on Ravelry, Etsy, A Little Market, I offer any level masterclasses at home or via Skype to teach you crochet, knitting, weaving, embroidery, beading basics or my own techniques that will help you to create 3D crochet flowers, jewelry and accessories. My creations are something new and original in the crochet art. Find them typing Naturofils or Nature aux Fils.

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Fiber arts offer individuals with the ability to craft their own artistic fabrics. It is more than just knitting a sweater or some other form of clothing. An individual can knit a rug, a tapestry, blanket or a wide range of other fabric based items. However, understanding how to knit is not something that is generally past down from generation to generation any longer. Instead, it is something that is now usually held only by certain individuals who have studied the craft of fiber arts. For anyone interested in sharing with this understanding, they can take lessons from knitting teachers. These knitting teachers provide some insightful ways to express oneself, all with the help of the beautiful fibers. Of course there are so many other artistic class options available to students. Make-up lessons are available for those who want to work on stage productions, while beekeeping can be a experience new to all sorts of people. Chair repair teachers and a circus teacher provide insightful information on other courses as well.