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Teachers with professional qualification gives Krav Maga, Self Defense and sport lessons in Lyon

Lessons for all levels at home / private room (equipped with advanced equipment) for children, teens, adults, seniors, women. Krav maga learning SYSTEM with a global approach to the management of aggression.

San Nicolás de los Garza
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Wanting to learn self-defense? Try this israelite militar method. Efficient, effective and excellent to kick some asses.

My name is Claudia and im level 4 in Krav Maga system. I Began my training as a hobby, now is my peace zone and the place I know im not only learning and training, but to be able to defense myself and others if needed.

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Krav Maga - A qualified coach to achieve your goals

Aggression, rape, racketeering, robbery, ... Our daily life is less and less certain ... The offenses are increasing and becoming more violent Will you defend yourself? The solution is to learn self defense krav maga technique and is the closest self defense technique of the reality of the street.

Fabro Scalo
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IASD Krav maga professional instructor offers self defense classes and training instructors

I am an instructor of 'association IASD teaching programs we offer are recognized by THE ACADEMIC COLLEGE AT WINGATE of ISRAELE.Ci turn therefore to all those who want to learn an effective method of self-defense through lectures which are addressed to individuals or small groups. .L'associazione IASD is also looking for people who want to take a training course to become ISTRUTTORI.

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Krav Maga is an Israeli military-developed self-defence system. It is derived from a Hungarian-Israeli martial artist who developed it from his training as a boxer and wrestler. It was initially created for the Israeli army. It uses various movements including wrestling, boxing, judo and aikido and moves that would be used to defend oneself in a real situation. Krav Maga is based on the principle of avoiding confrontation and finishing a fight as fast as possible if it cannot be avoided. Perhaps this is a form of self-defence that you would like to learn but do not know where you can find a coach in your area. SuperPROF does. SuperPROF is an American website that links students who need private lessons to 100,000 qualified teachers all over the US who offer them in 250 subjects. You can use SuperPROF to find Krav Maga teachers offering private Krav Maga lessons in your area. You can find a table tennis teacher, scuba diving teachers, coaches offering soccer lessons and lessons in other sports. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and learn to defend yourself like a military pro.