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La Vernia
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Law Made Easy and interesting to understand and comprehend for every individual

Retired former state prosecutor specializing in criminal & civil cases, private practice litigator and former lecturer/instructor at University of San Diego and for various agencies including Dept. of Defense, US Navy, US Air Force, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and USEPA.

Overland Park
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Experienced lawyer with a very successful law school career and an LSAT in the 99%.

I was an adult learner when I studied for and aced the LSAT; I was fortunate to receive an academic scholarship which covered my entire law school education because of my steady work to do well on the LSAT. Likewise, I studied about the Socratic method in order to do well in law school, and I developed my own method to do well on the bar since I could in no way afford courses like BarBri.

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Retired Attorney to work in legal field with 39 years of practice of a general practice

I have worked for 39 years in Louisville, KY in a solo practice, thus I have an overall experience in the field. My concentration was in Family Law and Federal Bankruptcy but performed in many other general area. I an familiar with the Judicial system and how it work and have the experience of being involved in most area.

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Attorney with Law Enforcement experience gives business law lessons to high school and college students in Chicago

I am a licensed attorney in Illinois. I teach college and high school students law related material with a focus on business law related issues. I believe in an interactive learning environmentin which material is openly discussed to make sure comprehension and learning takes place.

Grosse Pointe Woods
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SPANISH NATIVE TEACHER gives Conversation classes to all levels in Grosse Pointe

I am a Spanish native teacher in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. I have a degree in Law and I have been teaching Spanish and Law for about 10 years. I give conversation lessons of Spanish to all levels, one to one classes with a communicative approach.

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Grad student willing to help, listen and teach while having fun learning.

I graduated from Trine University with A BS in Criminal Justice. My GPA was 3.6. I am now 4 months away from having my Masters in Criminal Justice. I have trained and taught classes in my past jobs. Willing to help anyone who wants to help their self.

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Experienced Attorney & Business Executive provides effective legal tutoring in South Florida

I am an experienced attorney and business executive, combining real world skills with 20 years of legal teaching experience, to make complex & difficult subjects highly understandable. Can tutor at all levels, from HS through law school to adults.

Bel Air
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Licensed practicing attorney educating those who want to learn the law

Licensed MD attorney willing to teach law students or anyone about the law. I have done trial concerning civil, family law and criminal. Experienced attorney willing to share knowledge.

Paris 11e
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Teaching assistant offers over 11 Private Law Paris various materials

Officer TD Fac Law with privatist course (Bachelor of Private Law - Master 1 specialty Affairs Law Corporate Law - Law Master 2 specialty business law and Engineering Companies DJCE +) offers Bachelor and Master level courses in different subjects of private law and in methodology: practical case and stop comment

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An experienced Tutor with major interests in Law and Research I am fully experienced in writing law essays, structuring, preparing students for exams and moots, Assisting and proof-reading coursewor

An experienced Tutor with major interests in Law and Research. I teach undergraduate students from 1st year - 3rd year of University. I am fully experienced in writing law essays, structuring, research, preparing students for exams and, Assisting and proof-reading coursework.

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British Harvard Law Graduate & Qualified Solicitor - Tutoring for Law Students/Applicants and High School-level social sciences incl. History, Modern Studies, Politics

I am able to give lessons for all undergraduate/GDL law subjects, but particularly in the following areas: - Constitutional Law - Public Law - Human Rights Law - EU Law - Legal Philosophy/Jurisprudence I am also able to provide for High School student studying social sciences, including history, politics, modern studies and philosophy.

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Teacher specialized in law helps students with dissertations and PhD's through skype or email

I belong to a Study Office that assists and advises the students with the elaboration of their final projects like dissertations and PhD's . Everything is done online by skype calls and through email. We offer a mentoring service all along the process and final corrections as well as help at the time of choosing the dissertation or thesis proposal.

Carmen elena
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To study Law, to practice International Law or to teach is all what motivates me and if you look after somebody to solve and find solution or to teach there where others have failed or lost the hop

For me will be the first time when I will teach Law or other sciences, I just finish my education too, but I can adopt something from my best teacher style what I have it in my student life. They were really good. I would like my teaching style to be based on example, concrete in practice. Even if will happen one day to not know the answer for my student, then together we will find out.

Greater London
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I specialise in criminal law and public law..I like interacting with my students and thus ensuring that none of my students is feeling left behind. .I like giving each of my students special attention

I love to interact with my students academically thus ensuring that each and every student gets my undivided attention. My technique ensure that none of my students is left behind in terms of grasping the concept at hand. .I also love giving a Continuous Assessment Test after the end of every topic to gauge the level of understanding in that particular field. .

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BTT course,LLB Hons, Dimploma in law, A-levels law, Dhaka, private teaching and online teachings

i am an advocate had done my graduation from University of London. i have also undertaken my masters degree and Btt course. i do provide teachings in Contract law, criminal law, tort law, EU law, Company law; alongside i do also teach bar transfer subjects. students can also get assistance as regards to practical problem solutions.

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Law classes: Civil, Labor, Administrative, Constitutional Guarantee, Criminal, Environmental, Family, Research Methodology, Philosophy of Law, Querétaro Qro are given. Zona Centro, Graduate of the UAQ

Through specialized readings, actual exercises, innovative teaching, marking of sources of information and an equal relationship between facilitator and student solving theoretical, legal, procedural and historical questions be provided. Similarly, comprehensive advice for legal research as well as case preparation and exams are offered.

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Civil lawyer in the province of Varese, offers lessons on skype civil / criminal law

The teaching of law requires good technique mnemonic, and for that you can study through concept maps that can improve visual memory to help with the topics of the exhibition during exams, without having to waste too much time in trying to summarize all the texts of exams , thus leaving little time for oral repetition of the arguments.

Ciudad de México
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Fresh out of law degree imparts regularization in various branches of law

I am a recent graduate of LLB in constant renewal of knowledge. I'm very patient, I love to teach both theory and practice. When I was a student very few were those who could regularize and now I try to make a difference.

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PHD student offers Online French business and civil Law classes in English language

Hello, I am a PHD student in Business Law and I offer private lessons in all areas of the law . In fact, complement my studies in Business Law, I also specialized in International Environmental Law and in Public law. I am used to teach to various level of students and professionnal wishing to understand some aspect of French law.

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Business law in a society and community and lam expert of businesslaw

l answer question that i have been ask l student on homework l no language which they understand l dont skip lesson and quiz l always been available and l love teaching l like to be collected and l am always thier for you any help alm available

Santo André
(2 reviews)
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Bachelor of Law, Administrative Law classes for beginners college in São Paulo

Bachelor of Law specializing in administrative law, my teaching method is through examples and flowcharts with keywords for better understanding of the applied field, thus making a better understanding of matter as feared by all, will take 10! email: (concealed information) Skype: nihmaio

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Right tutorials are given all specialties: Criminal law, Commercial law, Administrative law, Civil law, Labor law

Classes must adpatarse to the needs of each person, ensuring that they are simple and easy to understand and illustrative examples. Sky would use for the purpose of conducting such classes and submit documentation by email, but most would recomencable class attendance.

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Experienced teacher gives general law courses in midi Pyrenees for all age groups

I am a trained lawyer with significant experience in higher education in civil law, public law, international law (public and private), business law. Teacher, listening to my students know I give my time to the needs and keen to provide answers to the questions of my students.

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General law lecture, from criminal law- commercial and family law. I equally lecture/tutor English, literary studies, Government, politics and History

I have a very unique style of lecture which is very proactive and indulgent. I strive to ensure that I apply the best possible practise in my lecture and tutoring sessions. I am empathetic and thorough in my lectures and ensure maximum customers satisfaction in any session.

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We are a group of expert teachers of law who will help you to undertake any type of project

We have a wide and diverse academic background that allows me to adapt to different subjects and subjects. My teaching method is adapted to the student, to his aspirations and needs. That is why, if you need it, you can review the extra exercises and I can prepare new ones on request, as well as elaboration guides, tutorials and final corrections.

Bradwell Common
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I will be tutoring in Business Law, International Law, Environmental Law and Contract Law

I am an LLM degree holder with distinction from a leading Russell Group university in the UK. I am passionate about sharing legal knowledge, discussing concepts, increasing awareness on legal topics, acknowledging language barriers and appreciating passion and keenness on the part of learners.

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Private lessons - law (all subjects) - Paris / suburbs - serious law student (EFB)

Young law student and University of Assas graduate, I give detailed and well structured lessons in many law different law subjects (level L1 to CRFPA). I have great experience in tutoring and my method has proven to be efficient during my law studies.

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Holds a law license, offers law or french courses in any subject

Student in Law and licensed in this area, I offer French courses, English, law and methodology to students of primary to the end. I can also perform hours of tutoring in other subjects. The study of law allows me to have a working capacity and rigor and excellent methodology and strong writing skills. I would love to share my skills.

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Initial or refresher courses for first aid work OSH, Fire Safety, Safety malice

I graduated by INRS much as Trainer rescuers Rescuers work, and referred by the FORPREV I graduated SSIAP 3. I am a former teacher of high school, fire safety, safety malice, teacher of French legislation in the field of security. I have the necessary equipment to conduct my classes. I perform practical and theoretical courses.

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There are all sorts of different kinds of laws, each of which comes with specific lawyers and those who practice it. That is why if someone has a desire to practice and work in a set field of law they need to receive appropriate tutelage and teachings from the appropriate lawyer. With the help of labor law teachers, students can learn from labor law lessons specially made for themselves by the teachers. This way, students can prepare for the bar in their state or just boost their knowledge of the kind of law they are interested in. Beyond just labor law, there are dozens of other kinds of law. This includes public, tax and criminal law. With the help of criminal law teachers, it is possible to learn about defending and prosecuting criminal cases. Public law lessons can come in handy, as can a tax law tutor or even international law tutors. This way, every student can learn about their desired method and style of law, regardless of what it is.