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Professor of Classical Studies, African Studies, Religious Studies and Philosophy very interested in Online teaching, with twenty five years of experience.

I give lessons, with respect to students, at various levels-----i.e., from the High School level, to the College/University level------based on my teaching experience of over 30 years. My lesson structure, varies------depending on the level of the students. My characteristics are tailored to fit the requirements, etc., of each student.

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Former professor gives Latin lessons to middle and high school levels in Phoenix

I have a PhD in Linguistics and have knowledge of Latin grammar that I would love to share with you. I use traditional techniques to help you memorize the noun declensions and verb conjugations. Latin will help you understand English better - as well as the Romance languages (like French and Spanish). We will have fun while you learn Latin.

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High School Graduate gives Latin lessons for Middle/High School Students in Boston suburbs

I just graduated from high school and was distinguished among my class as an excellent Latin student, receiving awards from my school each year and being chosen for the National Latin Honor Society. I have studied Latin for seven years and have read selections from Caesar, Cicero, Catullus, Vergil, and Ovid.

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Multilingual college grad gives English lessons in Westerville, OH - all ages!

I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016 with a BA in Romance languages and linguistics. I am open to teaching students of all ages and I fit my teaching style to the student, whether with notes or games.

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High school graduate who is great at teaching, reading, literature, and writing .

I am a high school graduate, looking to teach young kids how to read, write, and speak proper English. I am bilingual, speak both English and Spanish. Am very good at helping young children get to learn before they reach a higher level of education.

El Cerrito
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UC -Berkeley Instructor Available for Wide-Variety of Classical Subjects - All Levels Welcome

My name is Jennifer Black. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of California-Berkeley, where I am studying archaeology and history. I also am an instructor of undergraduate students here at UC-Berkeley in various language, archaeology, language, and history classes.

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Math is like a horror movie; it's fun if someone is with you!

I learned long time ago that each student is unique; we all learn in different ways. DIFFERENCES ARE GOOD! Over the past five years, I have tutored a student over a thousand miles away from Grade 9-12 and then through the first semester of junior college. He is now flourishing at college on his own in Computer Science.

San Diego
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San Diego prof explores language, logic, Latin, ethics, aesthetics, and artificial intelligence

I teach college level philosophy courses. My method is conversational as I lecture and encourage questions to sharpen focus on the material at hand. I assign readings for each session and begin with a review then take up new material.

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I am in between my masters and my doctorate degrees and located in the Hattiesburg area. I just completed an M.Phil. in Classics at Trinity College Dublin. My subjects include history (especially but

Hello. I'm a native Mississippian recently returned from Ireland where I completed a masters course in Classics (ancient Greek and Roman history) at TCD. I specialised in Kantian, Aristotelian, and political philosophy. I have a B.A. in History from William Carey University.

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Honor roll student with 2 years of experience teaches the fundamentals of Latin 1,2, and 3 grammar in Cincinnati

Hello, my name is Collin Trissel, I am a sophomore at Walnut Hills High School. I am a motivated and hardworking student who excels in foreign languages such as Latin and Spanish.

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College student gives tutoring lessons for English and Latin in the Princeton/Zimmerman aea

I was valedictorian of my Princeton (MN) High School's graduating class and have been currently studying philosophy and classical languages at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul. I will work my students to lean and understand English grammar, reading, and writing.

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All Subjects and Grade Levels I have 24 years experience in Education

BA in Education from University of Central Florida-I have been teaching grades 1-12 all subjects as well as a former director of Sylvan Learning center.

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Early college student who can tutor any age group or level in English literature and writing. I also can tutor Latin students.

I am Lakayla Yobo, an early college student who gives lessons to any level from grade school, college level and beyond. The method and techniques of instructions are to encourage independence in my student by giving them instructions, and letting them trying it themselves. Throughout the study session, we can add hands on activities, and I will introduce examples.

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I have been a tutor for 5 years now with a certified degree

i am a tutor i teach languges and pre calculus my favorite subject to teach is art my name is Benjamin Norales i am 22 i am still in collage have a degree in art's study at lamar university MY FAVORITE COLOR IS RED THANKS Ben is short for benajmin

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Reading, Sociology, Guidance Counseling, life skills and Interviewing skills. Essex County. Master's Degree in Counseling

I have a Master's Degree in Counseling with a Certification in Guidance Counseling. I give tutoring sessions to those who need academic help on all levels. •Tutor wide range of secondary school and college students. •Hold group and one-on-one tutoring sessions. •Specialize in homeschool student support and college prep studies.

Maurice samuel
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Expert teacher who understands how people learn and uses that knowledge to help you succeed in the Valley of the Sun, AZ.

I have a general background in the sciences and economics with more specific expertise in teaching reading, writing and math, as well as Latin and Hebrew. I have a Master's Degree and Teaching Certificate in Special Education, and I use the deep understanding I have gained about human learning to help all my students improve their study skills and enjoyment of their studies.

Salt Lake City
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Latin teacher with 21 years experience in both classroom and home schooling

I have 21 years explaining Latin so that all students "get it". I focus on why it makes sense; not on memorizing the rules. If you know English you know about 50% of Latin grammar before you start. I use Socratic teaching, which is basically listening to my student and directing them ask the right questions.

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Award-winning college English teacher and former GED lead teacher gives writing lessons.

I have three degrees, including a Ph.D., in English literature and language as well as a law degree. I am retired as a Lead GED Teacher, but I still teach college level English classes, including high school students in dual-enrolled and Move On When Ready classes. I am creative, flexible, and committed to student success.

Dennis j.
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Classical education, Latin, English, Speech,critical thinking, Personal meeting in Monterey County. MA from Louvain, Belgium

Since the tutoring sessions are one on one or at least a small group, I first want to get to know the student and discover their learning styles and what they find difficult or easy. I like to have a few different tasks each session (e.g. some oral, some written), and once I get to know the student, I can look for useful material to bring to the next session.

New York
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My name is Pierre, I have over 10 years of experience tutoring/teaching.

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Spanish, Texas, Bachelor of Arts in Education, support students and meet their needs with technology and active participation.

My name is Vilmaris Montalvo and I come from Puerto Rico but currently living in Texas. I am passionate to work in educational fields. I graduated from High School in Puerto Rico. I am currently pursuing my career in Education in Dallas, TX. I participated in the GO2 professional development program and also trained in Kagan Instructional strategies. I am very creative and enthusiastic person.

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Teaching and Learning each day something new will make you successful in Life

Hi students I will be teaching English to my best ability. I graduated from high school and from a trade school with a 3.2 G.P.A and trade school with a 4.0 G.P.A. I also did peer tutoring for 2 years in a class of social atudies and World history. I tutored outside of school and teached little kids. I believe everybody has a way of learning and comprehending not everybody is perfect.

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10 Years of Experience - Boston Tutor in Chemistry, Latin, Math, SAT/GRE

I work with high school, college, and adult students on a range of subjects. Most important to me is helping my students feel comfortable and less intimidated by their material. Each student needs an individualized approach to maximize the productivity of each session.

Laguna Niguel
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Learn to think; learn to articulate those thoughts precisely and authoritatively. now.

I have taught Latin, Ancient Greek, philosophy, law, and creative writing, in various formats. for many years; subjects that are at the heart of the Western intellectual tradition which has been a search for a transcendental being that serves as the origin or guarantor of meaning. The paradigm has been inherited from Judaism and Hellenism.

Kings County
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Brooklyn Latin alumni and Classics minor Giving Latin Tutoring in NYC boroughs

I'm looking to tutor high school students and college students taking latin currently. We will go over homework, grammar, I have books on teaching latin. Will work on shortcoming and understanding, so that you have a more deeper knowledge of the language.

Port Chester
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For the Serious and Dedicated Student, The Finest and Most Expert Instruction in the New York Metro Area in all aspects of English, Spanish, Latin, math, and chess

Immersed in the study of English, Spanish, Latin, math, and chess since 1975, and having taught these subjects for twenty-two years, I have the experience and profound insight that most tutors lack.

New York
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Ollege student in engineering gives math and physics lessons to middle school and high school levels in Boston" or "Concert pianist with 15 years of experience gives piano lessons and music theory at

xplain who you are and the content of your lessons: In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

Park Ridge
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Knowledgeable Greek tutor with 5 years of experience gives Latin, Greek (ancient,modern) lessons at all ages.

My name is Androniki. I am teaching Greek , as well as native speaker. My tutoring skills are excellent. I can work with individual of all ages. I am, also, extensively patient and understanding.

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French, latin and ancient greek lessons, for French and English speaking persons

Hello. I am French and I live in Asnieres, in the surburbs of Paris. I practice home tutoring in French, latin and greek to teenagers and to foreign adults, both from personal and for professional needs. I can also give lessons via my webcam.

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Paris: German, Latin, Greek courses and "colles" / khôlles for "classes préparatoires" + homework help, language learning

German courses, Latin, Greek and until preparatory class L2: catch-up for the "weak in ancient languages ​​/ LV1 or LV2" to the preparation of written and oral. Colles / khôlles German and Latin, admission to Chartres, possibly ENS. Setting a program earlier in the year, and tailoring it to your needs.

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Latin has its hands in almost all western languages. From English to German, Spanish to French, almost every single modern word has a connection to ancient Latin. While not very many people actually speak Latin in a conversational means, it is an excellent language to study as it shows a history of all other languages. Beyond this, understanding Latin makes it easier to learn just about any other western language thanks to the immediate connection someone can form. In order to learn the language though, taking up Latin lessons from fluent Latin teachers is a must. This way, it is necessary to learn all about the language and, by doing so, learn all about other languages as well. Outside of just Latin, learning ancient Greek is an excellent opportunity for individuals as well. English lessons are provided through the school with a classics tutor offering insights into these languages. Literature teachers can build off of the understanding of these languages by pointing it towards reading new books from ancient masters.