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I can teach you how to design and make items from leather such as bags, belts, etc.

If you have ideas for your designs but lack the years of experience in learning leather craft processes, making connections with makers and knowing what leather/tools to buy and where from I can help you get started. This is best for people in London, but I can help you remotely too. I learned what I know from setting up my own business that makes backpacks using leather.

1st lesson offered free !

Learining is fun and must for a happy life...let's start and have fun

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1st lesson offered free !

Over 15 years experience teaching Fashion Design to FE & HE students

Offering face to face tutoring in Nottingham or online mentoring anywhere in the world to post 16 year old students in fashion design, concept and the research process, fabric processes, portfolio, fashion illustration, pattern cutting, sewing, manufacturing, fashion business.

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Working with leather is a time old tradition that has been going on for well over a thousand years. The ability to work with this material is especially desirable as leather is not only durable but truly beautiful to look at. Now, the chances of someone wanting to craft their own leather jacket or complete outfit is probably not going to happen, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. With the help of leather craft teachers, an individual can learn how to work with the tools, how to craft jewelry and other fine leather objects. From there, they can take the leather craft lessons, build on the experience and move on from there. For other fans of leather working or of art in general, they can take up different artistic classes. Cinema and photography lessons are great for those who enjoy work with the camera. A design teacher and airbrush teachers can help those with an eye for design learn new skills and trades as well.