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Math teacher with patience, experience, and a willingness to help all students

I have a masters in Science which enables me to best meet the needs of students who are in need of an extra set of eyes on their math problems, a lesson to firmly grasp the content of each math lesson, or to simply provide extra support!

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Math Made Easy! | Fairfield County| Bachelor's Degree – Magna Cum Laude

Hi! I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and minors in economics, sociology, and pan-African studies. I am CRLA certified and can tutor high school and college students in the field of mathematics, especially pertaining to algebra, statistics, and logic.

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I will help you do great at math! Help me help you!

Hello, I'm Frank! I have a BA in Computer Science, which requires that I take all of the Calculus courses, so I have a strong mathematics background! I give lessons to students of all ages: children in elementary school through high school as well as college students.

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With help, I aced Calc II. Now it's time to pass it forward. This college student works in Mesa, AZ with an associates and tutors in all math grades up to Calc II.

My mother became a math teacher while I was in high school and now, because of that, I have an associates from Mesa Community College with an emphasis in math and science. Having taken Calculus II, I have a great understanding of algebra, geometry, and all the classes leading up to Calc II.

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Physics for Anyone: Sharing the Knowledge, Developing our Understanding, Expanding Horizons of Ability

My teaching style is to encourage the student to find their own path to the discovery. No questions are worthy of ridicule, we start out knowing nothing. We find our passion in life by the hands-on quest for understanding. Understanding the physical world is a pursuit which drives me on joyfully.

Quartz Hill
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Receive math and Spanish tutoring from someone you'd least expect: a professional rock bassist. Available in the Antelope Valley, Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Caustic.

Hello, my name is Ray Biggerstaff. I primarily tutor high school and college students in any level of math or Spanish. I use a white board when I tutor so the student can see the examples as they are worked out. I am very passionate about and fascinated by mathematics and Spanish, as I believe any tutor/teacher should be with the subject that they tutor/teach.

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Teaches probability and statistics, calculus, algebra, logic -- Bachelor's in mathematics from the University of Arizona -- Denver, CO (available in person or by webcam)

I have a bachelor's in math with an emphasis in probability and statistics. In my experience, guided practice is the only way to develop a good intuition for math, so I like to go through problem sets with my students and help them visualize each new concept as it's introduced.

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College student in mathematics and physics gives lessons to college level and below mathematics, with intro and intermediate physics.

I am a Masters level university student in mathematics, with a Bachelors degree in both mathematics and physics (with a specialty in astrophysics). I teach elementary to college-level mathematics from a ground-up perspective, ensuring students have the necessary basics before building off that.

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Mathematics and Chemistry Tutor in Pittsburgh PA, Student Athlete and Chemical Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University

I am a current student at CMU studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in mathematical sciences. I base my lessons on core concepts in math and science. I prefer to use a lot of analogies to help my students understand better the ideas at hand. I am very proficient in proofs.

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Academic tutoring with 2 years of teaching experience! My certification is in special education!

I am a certified special education teacher. I have taught in middle school for 2 years and have had the opportunity to work with various disabilities. I enjoy working with students and seeing them succeed. I use hands-on learning and make lessons fun and educational.

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Math tutor in Kahului, HI with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology.

I have a Bachelor's degree in biology with emphasis in cell and molecular biology, chemistry minor, and an Associate of Arts degree with emphasis in Fine Art/Studio Art. I tutor middle school through college freshman levels. My teaching method is not "one size fits all." I endeavor to meet students where they are and work to understand their needs and their level, and work with them from there.

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Research scientist gives biology and computer science lessons to high school and up.

I offer lessons to high school, college and adult (including elderly) students. I can also augment your home school courses. My teaching methods are flexible and can accommodate those with special needs. I can teach in your home or online. I strive to set and manage expectations clearly and always try to keep you challenged.

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College Student working at Financial Co. tutoring students in k-12 math classes

Mathematics has always been a strong suit for me. I've been in advanced math and science courses since i was in primary school. In high school, I was Years above the standard in those subjects. For college, I started out as a mathematics major, but transitioned into engineering. For working with students, I like to see what they are thinking they struggle with. Then see what they know.

Clarence Center
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College senior going for math and Spanish education tutoring for both subjects. I have 4 years of tutoring experience, and I'm ready to reach out and help middle and high school students in Buffalo, N

I graduated from Clarence High School in 2013, ranked 30th out of a class of 420 students. I moved on to pursue a degree to be certified in math and Spanish. I will graduate in December of this year (2017), and I will start my masters work right away in the Spring of 2018. I believe that every student has it in them to break through academic barriers and excel at whatever they do.

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Math and physics tutoring for those in or near Clarkston Michigan from someone who enjoys sharing the love for these subjects.

My name is Kenwood. I'm 28 years old and have a passion for science and technology. My experience includes university level math and physics curriculum. In my free time I enjoy playing music and and learning about science and technology.

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College graduate with Bachelor's in Mathematics gives Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Logic assistance near Western Maine

I have a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I have tutored every level of math that my four year college offered as well as assisting high school students. I encourage students to explore the material in the natural progression from basic problems to more complicated ones. I believe that understanding how the problems were designed will allow a better understanding of their solutions.

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A RN will help you tutor you with your math and help you succeed at taking your tests. I am willing to go anywhere in Delaware County, PA or Northern New Castle County, DE. I can also tutor at my hous

I am a RN who has been tutoring an array of students for over 15+ years. I can tutor any math, English, science, or historical subject. I can also help one pass the GED. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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High School Science Tutoring/Instruction: Chemistry Made Manageable, Lovable, and Learnable. As taught by a fellow student.

I am a sophomore college student working towards his Bachelors of Science degree. Hoping to keep myself sharp on general chemistry as to preserve the joy that is science before graduate school, which is just as great as everyone says it is.

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Professional tutor with master's degree teaches math, English--even crafts in person or online (real time)

I am a professional tutor with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. I currently tutor college-level students, many of whom are challenged in some way; therefore, I have a great deal of experience creating lessons and methods that are outside the norm. I have discovered these methods work incredibly well with those who are not challenged, as well.

Penn Valley
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Physics and math tutoring from a recent college graduate with a bachelor's degree in physics

I received a degree in physics from Haverford College, where I studied classical mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics, calculus, and other sciences. In solving specific problems, I answer questions and provide hints when a student gets stuck.

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Patient and fun resource for high school or bachelor degree mathematics in Portland

Mathematics is an area where a lot of people have difficulty and its an academic subject that I find personally captivating. When you run into a wall with the subject or feel overwhelmed its helpful to have a patient and knowledgeable guide.

Juan m.
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If you live in Miami, I can help you to learn Mathematics

I have a doctoral degree from Humboldt University of Berlin,as well as ample experience in teaching different Mathematics subjects in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This has allowed me to acquire skills in the application of appropriate pedagogical strategies. You choose the place. Languages: Spanish, English and German.

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Well educated and experienced instructor, extremely adaptive to all learning styles, creative in methods of instruction. Bachelors in teaching, two Associate degrees, one in science the other in histo

Attended East Carolina University, graduated with a Bachelors in Teaching, focus while there was in math and science. Also a qualified instructor in the Army where I served for 12 years. I studied and researched student based instruction and project based learning.

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Ph.D. molecular geneticist and jack-of-all trades with both academic and industial scientific and commercial experience offering lessons in the life sciences in Northern NY.

I received my molecular genetics studying mRNA 3' end processing and went on to post-doc fellowships in virology and cancer biology. I left academia to work in product management to manage plasticware used in the life sciences.

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An AMAZING Math Tutor! Here to help you with your math problems!

I am currently a student majoring in Mathematics in college. I have taking math classes up until College Algebra and will be starting Pre-Calculus in the Spring of 2017. Math is definitely a subject that I am strong in.

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Professional Tutor with 15 yrs full time experience can help Math, English, History, Government, Study Skills, College Test Prep In Person or via FaceTime.

Hi! I am a friendly, professional tutor who works mostly with middle and high school students in Math, English, History and Test Prep (SAT, ACT, GED etc). Aside from content knowledge, patience and listening are the most important characteristics a tutor can possess. I firmly believe that most people can learn anything they want (or need) to learn with a little help.

S saravanapriya
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I will be teaching maths via skype contact me -priyasinkaram-skype id

hai i'm priya from India,i finished my engineering in ece and i did my pg-mba [hr and marketing].now i'm as a online tutor and i had one year experience.i teach via skype.i will teach english-grammar,maths for primary and middle school,economics,physics,operation research,statistics.i believe education is one shaping students life to bright future .

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College student gives math lessons to middle school levels in Zimmerman, MN and surrounding area

My name is Nicholas Johnson, and I give math lessons primarily in Arithmetic, Algebra and Logic. My credentials include valedictorian of my High School graduating class, a score of 5 on my Calculus BC exam, as well as 68 credits at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul toward a degree in Philosophy and Classical Languages.

San Antonio
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Electicl Engineer give math and physics lessons to middle school and high school in San Antonio

M.A. Space Systems Management B.S. Electrical Engineer B.A. Technical Management A.A.S.

Overland Park
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Logic tutoring specific to LSAT by an attorney who scored in the 99% of LSAT

I am an attorney but I was a homeschool teacher before I aced the LSAT and got a full scholarship to law school. I did very well in law school and had a job before I graduated. I also clerked for a federal court judge. My method for the LSAT - and for teaching the logic necessary - is repetition and encouragement. I practice the Socratic method.

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The name "logic" makes a course sound rather easy. After all, everyone has logic, so everyone should be able to compete the course without much of a problem. They just need to use their head to deterring what is logical and not. However, this could not be any further from the truth. Logic draws heavily on statistics and other forms of mathematics, so a child who already struggles with math formulas is going to find logic that much more complex and difficult to understand. It also can become incredibly frustrating for a student when they try and try, but simply are not able to grasp the logic concepts. Whether this has already happened or a child is just starting to struggle, it is necessary to bring in private teachers who are able to provide logic private lessons and even statistics private lessons. With the help of these logic private teachers, each and every lesson plan is tailor made to meet the needs of each student. This way, what they do not understand is covered until they grasp the concept. The logic private teachers can even help with test prep tutoring private lessons, if a student is studying for a particular test.