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Recent Biomedical Engineering Grad giving tutoring and homework help in high , middle, and elementary school math and science in Snellville,GA

I have a m. s . And b. s . From the university of miami in biomedical engineering. I am giving tutoring/homework help for elementary, middle, and high school student for science and math classes. I can also do u. s . And world history for students in the student level. I can also tutor c++ programming for collegiate students.

Expert math and software tutor in Carrollton, Texas, with three university math degrees.

I have 26+ years experience teaching and tutoring math students and am fluent and proficient in explaining concepts in a variety of ways. I have three university degrees from respected schools and much experience tutoring and teaching to accommodate different needs, abilities, and learning styles.

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Math loving teacher with more than 10 year of experience gives lessons

I show my students the beauty of math. I find out what my students have missed in learning math at school and make it very easy to catch up. I work one on one and spend as much time as my students need. I would spend as much time as the student needs to learn. My lessons are not measured in time but in the results achieved.

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Science, math, and test prep (ACT/SAT, MCAT/DAT, etc.) tutor with 9+ years of professional tutoring experience in Milwaukee or online (skype, google hangouts, etc). Master's student with BS in Microbi

I have a bachelors of science in microbiology and am in my final year of my master's. I started tutoring because i know the material, but have compassion to understand that not everyone understands right away. I have a passion for tutoring/teaching and it shows in my meticulous preparation. Most tutors or tutoring companies try the same approach over and over and it doesn't work.

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Hope Mills
Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Caring, Fun, Loving, and Energetic Math, Economics & Science Tutor!

I am an east carolina university graduate with a bachelors degree in biology and chemistry within my 4 years. I have been tutoring since i was in high school. I started at my church tutoring for the community after school. I like to relate the work to the student in a way that makes since to them. I create a calm, relaxed, open, yet hardworking environment so that no one feels uncomfortable.

NEWTONIAN AND LAGRANGIAN ENGINEERING PHYSICS PRINCETON CALTECH MIT bound students should look here for the right mentor/consultant

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College graduate seeking to give lessons in Math and Science of any level in the Marietta/Woodstock/Roswell area.

I am a college graduate from kennesaw state university, earning a bachelor's in exercise science. I have taken a multitude of math and science classes that prepared me for applying to medical schools in the united states. I will be attending emory medical school to earn my master's in anesthesiology in june 2017.

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Indian Trail
Patient educator helps to see math as man's way of describing the relationships that exist in our universe

1983 master's in chemical engineering, 20 years in paper industry r&d, 2005 master's in math education, 2005 through 2008 high school math teacher, since 2008 adjunct math instructor in charlotte, nc area colleges. I teach those with a desire to discover the relationships that exist in our universe and have been called "the david copperfield of math".

Christianne marie
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Mathematics major giving Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, and Geometry Lessons to students in Primary School and Junior High School

I have been taking up bs mathematics for 3 years but had to put my studies on hold due to relocation. In my hometown, i was exposed to tutoring students within the university. I start teaching students the step by step process of each equation and after explaining, i ask them which parts they don't understand.

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Baton Rouge
Middle, high School, & freshman level math. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Certified Teacher

I'm a hands-on tutor. My teaching perspective is to build on what the student already knows and help her/him make connections between what he knows. Mathematics is best approached holistically, therefore, i aim to help my tutees see mathematics as one body of knowledge instead of pigeon-hole information. I stress understanding rather than performance of mechanical procedures.

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Kings County
7 years of experienced engineering tutor giving lessons of Math and Science from primary school to middle school levels in Brooklyn NY

High school diploma (2008-2010) - army public school Pre- engineering - college degree (2008-2010) - army public college Geo-informatics engineering - bachelors degree (2010-2014) - national university of sciences and technology Masters in geographic information systems - masters degree (2014-2016) - lehman college cuny Have strong engineering background with mathematics, environmental...

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Multivariable Calculus III, I have experience teaching at community colleges and university level.

Master's degree in mathematics from stony brook university, i am a retired engineering consultant with 16 years experience teaching as an adjunct instructor at several community colleges and the university of connecticut. My field of interest is vector differential calculus, line and surface integrals.

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Sciences and maths international tutor experienced in both British and American standards

I have a masters degree from portsmouth university, united kingdom in quality management. I had a first degree in geology. I also teach international quality, safety and environmental management systems vocationally around the world.

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San Pablo
College student in Math who tutors prealgebra all the way to calculus in San Pablo

I'm currently a student in contra costa college, who will transfer to csu east bay as a math major. I have 2 years of experience of tutoring math in the college, and i am able to tutor from basic algebra to calculus. I purpose of teaching math is to help you to break the barrier and to get to know a little bit more about math, and to explore it.

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Silver Spring
Lecturing laboratory science, statistics, Economics, Quality Managment system, accreditation, advance microsoft program

I`m following simply and interactive ways of teaching technique for students to grasp it the main body of study. My educational level is master degree in both laboratory science and economics and got it in ethiopia.

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Quartz Hill
Receive math and Spanish tutoring from someone you'd least expect: a professional rock bassist. Available in the Antelope Valley, Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Caustic.

Hello, my name is ray biggerstaff. I primarily tutor high school and college students in any level of math or spanish. I use a white board when i tutor so the student can see the examples as they are worked out. I am very passionate about and fascinated by mathematics and spanish, as i believe any tutor/teacher should be with the subject that they tutor/teach.

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Experienced teacher helps middle and high school students with math, physics and chemisrtry.

Concentrates on feedback from students. Keeps good relation with the students. Strong interpersonal abilities, with the ability to communicate and work with personnel from a wide verity of professional disciplines and nationalities. Retired (bs engineering) with over 5 years experience teaching middle and high school students.

College graduate in math gives math and statistics lessons to middle and high school levels in Philadelphia

I am a recent graduate from swarthmore college with a ba in mathematics and economics. I tutor students ranging from middle school to college aged in primarily mathematics courses but i also have experience working in subjects such as english, science, and history.

"PhD in Physics gives math and physics lessons to middle and high school levels in Dallas"

I have a phd in physics and can teach physics and mathematics. My approach to teaching is interactive and i like for learning to be a conversation. Above and beyond the subject, i want to teach how to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Farmington Hills
Retired Mathematics Instructor with over 20 years experience in tutoring all levels of Mathematics

My goal in education is to provide a comfortable learning experience for my students and identify their strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve their abilities in learning.

Kings County
Adult studies instructor with a specialty in Mathematics from Brooklyn travelling through all of New York City

I work multiple jobs mostly in education and tutoring. My experience with teaching made me realize how much merit there is to helping other students succeed with their academic endeavors. Personally, i know how it is to struggle with difficult subjects and having no one to assist in understanding the concepts better and i want to make sure nobody else falls in that predicament.

New York
I am a science, English, and Science Tutor from elementary to college level.

I attended brown university and graduated with a degree in neuroscience. I design a plan of study targeted to accomplish the student's goal. I accommodate my teaching to effectively meet the needs of each student.

Algebra I and II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Statistics tutor for High School and College Students, Greater Memphis Metropolitan Area

I have taught algebra, trigonometry, and statistics to high school and college students. I acknowledge that there are many students that need to shore up the math and/or stats foundations that are assumed known for a current course. When this occurs, i will take some time to explain the unknown parts which have been assumed for all who need.

Very Experienced Mathematics Tutor near Lexington, Mass. - Middle School through College

I have a phd in mathematics from west virginia university. It took me a while. I do like two things about mathematics. 1) working on truly unsolved problems! 2) helping other students learn and be able to do solve their own math problems, usually in a 1-1 setting. When helping others, i find it saves time if i have a copy of or access to the assignment first.

Twenty year veteran High School and College Mathematics Professor, Teacher, Educator, and tutor

My teaching abilities have been developed through first-hand classroom experiences, twenty years of business experience in the engineering industry prior to teaching, and through extensive world travel. I have taught in both public and private high school sectors.

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Social Sciences - M.S. Degree in Educational Psychology - Live in Tennessee

I am an honor graduate from high school. I possess a bachelors degree and a masters degree in the social science field. I have written and published one book, and am completing a second, currently. I teach at all levels.

Math Tutor *Kind Effective Math Tutoring with Credentialed Teacher **Special Education Welcome

Math tutor *kind, effective math tutoring *common core too! My name is teresa romero and i provide math tutoring, teaching, and test preparation in my quiet sebastopol office, by appointment.

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Duke University graduate with a Bachelors in Chemistry who gives lessons in chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to middle school, high school, and college level students in the Snellville, GA

I graduated from duke university in may 2016 with a chemistry major and psychology minor. I have great interpersonal skills, and i strive to help my students understand material so they can apply it to everyday life. I have worked as a peer tutor and teacher assistant for the past 4 years for college and high school students.

Math and English, k-11, first or second language, let me help you get ahead

b . A (education), h. e . D (higher education diploma), m. Div. , d. Min I am qualified to teach english (first and second language up to twelfth grade), math (arithmetic, geometry, algebra, basic trig - up to 10th grade). I teach using methods that best suits the student, the student strengths and build new skills.

College student in mathematics gives math and physics lessons all levels in kalamazoo and portage

I am a junior at western michigan university, my major is secondary mathematics with a minor in physics. I have experience in calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and general physics. I plan to be a math teacher in the future and am using this to gain experience and practice what i have learned.

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In some shape and form, math is able to explain just about everything in life. For some people, math is truly one of the greatest subjects to learn. It holds the answer to so many questions, so learning as much as possible about math can lead to a grasp of information that is not owned and obtained by many people. However, to others, math is just another subject that can prove incredibly tricky, as if a certain formula is not completely and accurately understood, everything else around it can prove devastating, both to the student and to their grade. That is exactly why, should a student struggle with any form of math, they need to seek out the help of mathematics private teachers. These private teachers create very specific private lessons for each student. This way, a student know what they need to study and work on in order to not only catch up with the class, but eventually surpass the other students. All sorts of different topics are related to math and the mathematics private lessons. Some of these classes include physics private lessons, chemistry private lessons, biology private lessons, plus engineering private teachers can help with statistics private lessons as well.

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Ruben's request

Hello Sridivya, I am enrolled in a construction management program and am having some difficulty with some of the coursework. I noticed you graduated top of your class in your CM program so I am glad I found you online. Finding a tutor in CM is a...

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Top ranked Master's post graduate gives science lessons to middle and high school levels in Richardson

Slawa's request

Hello, I am looking for a math tutor for my son - Max. He is in a high-level math class (junior in high-school) and would like to improve his skills. Max is a fast learner and a really good student. So far everything in terms of school was easy for...

1 week ago
Master Math Teacher will teach Algebra I &II, Geometry, Trigonometry and PreCalculus in Indianapolis and...

Louis's request

Bonjour je suis étudiant, et je dois rendre un travail en economie. Ce travail consiste en la lecture de textes (en anglais, et les textes varient entre 5-12 pages), et a la réponse d'une question unique par texte (et par raport a ce texte) qui...

2 years ago
Ingénieur de gestion, à Tubize, propose son aide en mathématiques, physique et économie.