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Certified Reading Specialist, Special Ed. Teacher and Elementary Teacher Available to Tutor!

Are you struggling in reading or math? I have a BA and Masters in Special Education and a Reading Specialist Certification. I also am a certified Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant. I take the time to assess each student to find their strengths and weaknesses.

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Syracuse University Student Assistance for Homework Help, After-school pick-up, and Academic Tutoring

Enhancing a student's growth by working with them at their own pace. Available 24/7. Positive, patient, and educated in math, history, English, and more.

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RSP High School Teacher (retired) in Merced, CA with with Conferred Highly Qualified Teacher Certificate in U.S. Hist., World Hist., Government, Econ. and Geography.

Hi, as a recently retired High School, Resource Specialist (RSP) teacher the ability to deliver lessons, specifically tailored to meet the various learning styles of students, allowing for an environment of successful learning . As a direct result of students' accomplishments, learning became achievable and, more importantly, fun! The subject areas I taught included: U.S.

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Associate Professor provides lessons and feedback on English fundamentals, composition, Business Communication as well as Academic writing and research

Hi! Call me Mr. T. I can help you with one-on-one tutoring that can help you learn how to write more clearly, with greater skill and organization and with style. Writing is thinking, so you will also be enhancing your critical thinking skills and learning how to determine and deliver what your reader expects from your words.

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Eccentric College Professor Wants to Help YOU Write More Effectively with Ease

I am not your usual Ph.D. I am eccentric and base all my help on real world experience. It's not just your grammar or methodology we'll discuss. Let's learn about how to develop your best tools to move your education and/or career forward with humor, fun, and dignity. If I had to describe my own educational philosophy it would be this: Education is about discovery, not drudgery.

Wake Forest
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College Student in Biochemistry tutoring lessons in Human Biology/Immunology/Neuroscience/O&G Chemistry online or in person around Raleigh, NC

My name is Jason Lind. I'm a 3rd year student attending Elon University. I currently do research on simulating Lymphocyte Trafficking. I'm extremely proficient in General/Organic Chemistry, Neuroscience, Human Biology, Calculus/Differential Equations, and Physics.

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High School graduate gives help with homework to middle school levels in George County

I am able to give tutor lessons in multiple fields: english, math, science, and history. I am a 2017 graduate from George County High School. My lesson plans will differ for each student depending on how he/she learns effectively. It's a goal of mine to make sure he/she shows growth.

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College student great at all sciences, arts, and test prep in Roseburg.

Hello! I am attending a 2 year college to pursue an Associates degree in Psychology then later want to get my Bachelors. I'm friendly and am willing to teach anyone who needs help, though math I am limited on since I definitely struggle with that subject once I hit the algebra part. I am big on note taking, analogies, and pictures.

Queens County
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Teacher with 10 years plus experience gives lessons that have proven successful in ELA , Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Francesca Sportella 40-15 67th Street Woodside, NY 11377 (concealed information) (concealed information) “...exceptionally energetic and enthusiastic teacher...projects a charisma that captures the imagination of demonstrated excellent classroom management skill...

Moreno Valley
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TEFL certified teacher who teaches English to primary and secondary school aged kids as well as senior and juniors in high school in the Moreno Valley California area

I am TEFL certified and can teach struggling English language learners how to better speak, read, write English. My lessons a consiced, easy to follow, and straight to the point. In my lessons there is a lot of "talk time" in which you the students will be able to practice your speech as much as possible in one lesson. I love to involve my students in as much of the lesson as possible.

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Graduate student-level science tutor that specializes in almost all biology courses and up to/including general chemistry

I'm an experienced industrial and academic scientist who has 9+ years of experience in the field and tutoring at the university level - including Uconn, Eastern Connecticut State University and Central Connecticut State University. I specialize in biology and chemistry, and excel at explaining things at an understandable level typically through visuals or analogies.

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College Professor with Phd's expertise is academics at all levels, in HenryCo.

Private Tutoring for Pre-Kinder through College I listen, focus, and plan for each student’s individual success. By building a strong relationship with every student, I align our work with your family’s needs and their school requirements.

Fort Mill
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I am a local South Carolina attorney who has 10 + years of Tutoring; gives lessons in Greater Charlotte Area in most subject areas. No one is too young or old to learn anything!

I have my undergraduate degree in both Communications and Psychology with a minor in Art History. I have my J.D.C. and am licensed to practice in both Carolinas. I believe the key to understanding something is know how you learn things best.

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Tutor for English,Maths,Science,social studies,computer science for all class (location artesia,california),mba nd bsc degree holder

I am experienced as a tutor for last 8 yers and teaching to all the classes from 1st to 10th my qualification is • Bachelor in Science with First Division (67%) • Master in Business Administration with 65% • Diploma holder in Computer Application with 75% Teching is my passsion and as a part of my job i beleive in excellence and give the students comfortable environmrnt to grow and...

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Need to pass a class? Have no clue how to study? Learn best methods here!

I am originally from northwest Indiana where I earned a Bachelor's of Science degree at Indiana University Northwest. At IUN I was a tutor and eventually taught my own lab class. I can give helpful study tips and will help any student I can who is willing to learn.

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Physics and Astronomy major in Northampton MA wants to help students understand Mathematics. Will teach you all the shortcuts!

Hey you! My name is Silvia and I'm about to get my bachelor's in Physics and Astronomy. I have yet to take my GRE which is unfortunate but that's where you come in! I'll constantly be studying my mathematics and what's better than helping you along the way? I'll take whichever subject you're on and we'll study it together.

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College student in sciences to assist with Middle School and High School homework.

•Studying Bachelor of Geosciences, Senior Standing. •Associate of Science, Everett Community College. •AS9100 Internal Auditor. •Worked in aerospace and manufacturing environments. •Courses taken in language arts, writing, mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, biology, geography, social studies, religion and history at a college level.

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Teacher with 20 years experience in higher education, secondary school with variety of subjects and individualized instruction

I am an experienced special education with expertise in aligning student needs with curriculum. I make sure that all students learn what they need to know in a manner they are comfortable. I have two Master Degrees in education and PhD coursework in psychology.

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Oxford and columbia university phd graduate teaches professionally in english and english literature to converse or pass exams

I am a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Oxford University and Columbia University. I teach English and English Literature at all levels. I share tools and methods for writing papers and essays; and for approaching the answering of exam questions. I do detailed analysis of text and structure of literary works and essays with students.

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Private tutor in Chicago, IL I have a BA in Music Education. I tutored 2nd through 5th grade students. I have worked with Sylvan Learning Systems for Grammar and High School students.

I help students with their memorization by setting it to music, other times simple repetition helps. Giving praise helps too. I believe in showing students that they can do it in small bits, rather than all at once, so that they can learn to believe in themselves.

Spring Valley
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Credentialed Teacher with 18 years experience. Loves reading, writing and familiar with GED exam.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies, minor in Teacher Education. Also completed the coursework for Reading Intervention, and Technology Integration. Lessons are usually tailored to student need, find weak skills and build them. I am creative & love to inspire learning.

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School students give their maths and science homewoke and get eassy solutions

I was capable of solving tough or tricky problems with in few seconds or minute . in just a shortest way . I mostly use tricks in questions and brief solution with full explanation as according to your wish.

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Master's Degree recipient provides academic support, tutoring and planning in Greensboro and surrounding areas - ONLINE option available.

About me: Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology, extensive experience teaching and tutoring (including learning strategies, test-taking techniques, and memorization skills). I provide the experience and advantages necessary to distinguish students academically at the junior-high, high school, collegiate, and adult-learner levels of education.

Woodbridge Township
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Experienced in engineering giving successful, friendly math and physics lessons in NJ

Ananda, from India; a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. Experienced in one - one or group teaching. Progressive lessons include diverse examples from real life; surprise tests to check for the progress of the students. Review before the start of classes.

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Best Academic Tutor for Primary,Middle and Junior High School (Maths & Sciences),Online Tutor,Houston, Texas

I am a Proficient Graduate from India with 15 yrs of experience in academic teaching. To my credit : I have pulled the D grade level students to E+ levels. Maths and Science are my subjects. Primary to High School students are most welcome to experience the depth and fun with the subjects.

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Strategies for success for any grade level delivered by a College Professor of Humanities

I use a plethora of various methods to enhance my pedagogy style. I like to look at the student holistically when developing their independent strategy for success. Strategies for success is not a one size fits all approach. It is a custom tailored program developed for the optimum success of the student.

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Using the human operating system, language in your search for truth, happiness and understanding offered on the internet by a published MA, author in southern Ohio

No matter what your education, training or background I can help you search for truth, happiness and understanding. We'll start with the human operating system, language, and progress where you want and need! I have an MA in Philosophy. I am a published author.

Dr. carla
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Interveiwing:Professional, Performance Based, Telephone, Multimedia, Academic, Panel; Curriculum Vitae, SAT/ACT Test Prep

I am currently an Adjunct Professor teaching Speech Communications at the City Colleges of Chicago. In 2011, I began as teaching in the Communications Department as a Teaching Assistant. In August of 2012, I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Communication and Training and have been continuously employed with the institution since that time.

Boca Raton
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Tutoring for all subjects and ages. Boca Raton. Educated with a master's degree in psychology

I love teaching. I am patient, helpful, and I make learning fun! I have experience teaching various subjects and at multiple levels. I have 3 years of experience teaching college level psychology and biology, as well as 2 years experience teaching foreign language to children 3-6 grade.

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Recent College Graduate Gives Elementary & Middle School English Tutoring Sessions in the Ohio Valley

I am a recent graduate of Paul Smiths College, located in Upstate New York. I finished my Associate's degree in Baking and Pastry Arts in December 2016. I am very passionate about the baking business, but I'm also passionate about the importance of today's youth learning the English language at the Elementary and Middle School levels.

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Methodology is important for all students as it maps out a clear path for understanding certain topics and ideas. There is always a method for learning, but for many students, it can prove difficult to obtain this and to follow the information the teacher is providing. That is exactly why it is so necessary for a student to seek outside help when they struggle to grasp the particular methodology of a particular subject. In general, a teacher is going to provide one way for a class to follow through with the methodology. However, this is not always the best way for every single student. Due to this, private teachers can come in and fill in the gaps and give students who are struggling the ability to learn and stay on par with the other students (if not completely move past them). The school support private teachers create private lessons for each and every student, based on the methodology they are struggling with. The methodology private lessons can then, from there, give students a new way to look at the course material. This way, the methodology private teachers can ensure the very best academic tutoring private lessons service.

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Muriel, found their methodology tutor

Bonjour, Je recherche un Professeur particulier pour mon fils qui est âgé de 15 ans et qui est en classe de Première STMG. Mon fils à des difficultés en methodologie et à s ' organiser. De plus, passant son BAC de Français cette année, je...

4 years ago