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Learning Mongolian can be a difficult and frustrating process for any learner because it is difficult to access quality tutors and materials. There are less than 10 million people in the world who speak Mongolian. Therefore, students who choose to learn this language can be exposed to great opportunities. The best teachers would be native Mongolian speakers. Students struggling with both grammar and vocabulary in class can seek help from private Mongolian teachers. Private Mongolian lessons are available for students who want to quickly grasp the language and learn the Mongolian culture. Private teachers often decluster the language into smaller units to allow the student to comprehend each topic with ease. The lesson plans are also uniquely designed to help the student understand the language at their own pace. There are also private tutors who offer lessons in languages that are hardly spoken. Students can find private Romanian teachers, Marathi tutors or Afrikaans tutor. Private Albanian lessons are also available for interested students.