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West Chester
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Computer Science professor and public school teacher building our understanding of programming one line at a time.

My lessons are focused upon the core foundations of computer science from the novice student to the graduate student. I am fluent in more than 20 programming languages including JAVA, Python, PHP, C/C++, LISP, ML, APL, and Prolog just to name a few.

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Business, management, finance, accounting, marketing, operations, leadership, production, technology, Information, Systems,

I have a doctorate in finance and a doctorate in information systems. A masters in Management Information Systems. 2005 Nova Southeastern University Davie, Florida Doctor of Business Administration - Finance 2000 Florida Institute of Technology Professional Master of Business Administration - Management Information Systems.

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Computer Science tutoring , can help school, undergraduates as well,please contact me

I am doing my Phd in computer science at Texas Tech University

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Computer Essentials and Skills West Coast Oregon Seven College Degrees 2 Masters

I have 7 College Degrees 2 Masters, MBA and Therapeutic Recreation, A Bach. of Science Recreation administration, Assoc. of Arts in Science, Computer Information Systems, Health Infomatics and Clinical Infomatics and Recreation Phys Ed. and Health.

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College graduate teaching computer skills and electronics technology in the Newport area

I am an electrical engineer offering lessons in computer skills and electronics technology

Old Bridge Township
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Computer training Basic and advance classes

I have been a network and desktop support tech for more than 25 years. I have trained employees at my old jobs in computers and network systems.

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Former Apple specialist teaches introduction to iPhone, iPad, and MacBook in Paris

You have just purchased your first Apple device and you do not know how to use? You have an iPhone or iPad since a long time but you feel like you're not using your device at its maximum? Take an introductory course to Apple devices and learn to master today's technology! The courses are intended for new buyers of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple TV etc ...) of all ages.

(10 reviews)
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Civil Engineer course gives IT ● Programming (Python, C #, C ++, JAVA) ● ● AutoCad Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) ● home Arduino on Brussels

● Secondary: During my high school curriculum, in the renowned Royal Athenaeum Jean Absil, I always excelled in mathematics and the exact sciences. This led me to choose math-science option with mathematical 8am. At the end of high school I became interested in computers and I followed a training in C #.

(6 reviews)
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Need to discover or tell a similar digital tools? To improve themselves?

* - * - * - * - * Idea for an original gift and always appreciated * - * - * - * - * There are new very friendly tools today. Tame them, do not be afraid. I can help. Learn at your own speed, without stress.

(8 reviews)

Expert in Microsoft Excel and computer beginners ramp-up. Adapt course from the basics to the advanced.

If you are looking for a ramp-up course to develop your talents in Microsft Excel and learn the tricks and tips, you will find this course very valuable. Able to provide the course in English as a U.S citizen the keyborad can be adapted to "QWERTY" or "AZERTY" type.

(3 reviews)
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Franco-American course gives Microsoft Excel - VBA programming - French & English

French-American provides Microsoft Excel - VBA programming, Macro in French or in English. Implementation of formulas (VLOOKUP; HLOOKUP; etc ..). Very suitable for monthly and accounting reports. Situated in Paris 1st arrondissement rue Saint-Honoré. I will be glad to demonstrate the possibilities of Microsoft Excel in a one hour wrap-up.

Paris 10e
(16 reviews)

Engineer / experienced teacher dual expertise Computers and Electronics teaches privately in Paris and surroundings

I'm an engineer software development (R & D), I offer special courses in computer science, programming and electronics. I also help you to realize your projects. 1-Introduction to computers Office: Learning how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Internet: navigation, search tips, .. PC Maintenance: formatting, installing Windows dual boot, etc ..

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Community Manager specializes in social networks gives introductory courses to computers and web 2.0

I am a Freelance Community Manager with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Communication with specialization in digital. I can introduce you to computers, Ms office, social networks (administer pages, develop them etc.) and most of the main tools of the modern internet.

(12 reviews)
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Word/Excel/PowerPoin tutoring /classes by an IT engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à TECOM Nancy, école ingénieurs Mines Telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles Maths SUP/maths SPE. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

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Professor of Education to help you understand computers and demystify its terms

Professor of National Education for the past 7 years, I offer my experience and knowledge of teaching to help you succeed in your desired areas. IT is at the heart of our practice and I propose to accompany you both of initiation on web development to create your own site and be present on the canvas.

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Computer Science - the easiest way to learn is through constructive discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider student's motivation and skills in order to optimise his success.

(6 reviews)

During personalized and interactive computer - All levels -Technicien than Herblay

I am self entrepreneur in the field of IT services since 2013. My classes are for all age groups, all computer software and hardware. My teaching approach is based on the practice, I propose a didactic and interactive accompaniment. IT is not an exact science and it is the computer that adapts to man ...

Rio das Ostras
(2 reviews)
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Excel from basic to advanced programming in VBA, Dashboards and Data Analytics, all over Brazil.

I use reading-based learning techniques and teaching, individual studies, case studies, real life examples. And when there is specific interest of the student, I can direct the examples according to their personal and professional interests. Basically we will study in MS-Excel 2016, using Skype and ShowMyPC, in some cases LogMeIn.

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Student 42, computer science from beginner to advanced | Programmer C, Arduino, etc.

I am a second year student at Higher School of Programming 42 (Born2Code). I can initiate, and train in basic and complex computing whether on Windows, Linux or OSX (Mac). I can also teach the C programming language, using the GIT version manager (+ GitHub). I will start learning with an assessment of what you can do or not. And I will adapt my training to suit you.

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Diploma of Bachelor's Degree gives courses in the surroundings of Chateauneuf la Forret

Wanting to be up to date with new technologies? I teach computer courses for beginners and initiates. After seeing the student's expectations, we will then work thoroughly so that the student has a thorough knowledge of the field of computer science.

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Introduction to the office and the internet world on Biscarrosse Bordeaux and the metropolis

My name is Eva, I'm 18 and I offer courses on these topic in groups or alone to learn the basics of desktop and Internet Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint Internet Initiation Creating website social networking Creates a mail Montage Video

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I am an expert in education and technologiy. I have experience teaching K to adults students.

I am passionate about innovation, teaching with creativity and especially in a very practical way, I always make sure that my students understand 100% what I teach them, because I understand the context and age in which they are.

Ribeirão Preto
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Make Excel work for you. Excel classes with focus on where you want to get. Classes for Ribeirão Preto and Region.

My classes are dynamic and totally geared towards your personal or professional purpose. I teach you to clearly understand the logic behind the formulas and functions of Excel so that you can develop and have autonomy in your day to day. Guaranteed learning or your money back.

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Microsoft Office Specialist certified at your service! You train Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) at home and in 3 days only.

I am a Masters student in Management and Finance and I have a Microsoft Office Specialist certification since 2015. My immersion in the professional world during my academic internship allowed me to touch the finger of the realities of this environment and Thus identifying the skills that any serious candidate should necessarily have. These are skills in computer tools.

Belo Horizonte
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HTML5 WebApps Development with a Multimedia Designer with +25 years of experience

COMPLETELY PRACTICAL lessons with a POWERFUL FREE TOOL, Scirra Construct 2/3, which has EXCELLENT RESOURCES for elaboration of DIGITAL GAMES and WEBAPPS compatibles with DESKTOP and MOBILE devices of all operating systems (Win, MacOS, Android, IOS, WinPhone) .

Foz do Iguaçu
Rodrigo luiz
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Excel classes for executives and professionals - Tutor in Foz do Iguaçu

Teaches the specific needs and meets tailored to the student, developing fast and with high retention of learning. Teacher with equipment and own method, where identifies the needs and builds the way. Uses exercises and line of reasoning geared to businesses and practical results.

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Computer classes in Bilbao, Word, Excel, Access, Windows, Internet, social networking and e-marketing, blogs and websites, troubleshooting, databases creation . Experience and professional touch.

Computer classes and products with practical guidance for professionals, small businesses or individuals. Prepare classes depending on customer needs providing files to make practical, printed materials, manuals and programs needed. I databases, systems spreadsheets or Word templates to address specific needs and teach students to modify or enhance applications or utilities during class and use.

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Student in literary teminal gives computer courses on Internet and on Epinal

I'm literary terminal but also an IT passionate. The computer courses are primarily for people uncomfortable with a computer and wants to learn to use. I can intervene as needed each ranging from simple office simple troubleshooting.

São Paulo
1st lesson offered free !

Student of Information Systems teaches basic Excel for teens and adults in São Paulo and ABC

I am a programmer and passionate about computer science. Excel is intended for those with basic knowledge of Windows, but if you don't have it, we may negotiate so that it is also taught. Classes are given in front of the computer, always following theory with lots of practice and homework.

(2 reviews)

Computer engineer teaches C ++, Java and Matlab for pupils and young students

1- My courses cater to students aspiring to improve their level in IT, as well as young graduates wanting development skills to find a job more quickly. 2- I offers interactive courses in the form of practical work inspired by everyday life for better understanding. 3- in my classes there is a lot of fun, innovative ideas and interesting perspectives.

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Many people struggle with subjects simply because they do not have good experienced teachers qualified to guide them through the learning process. Others struggle because they may not have the proper lessons to study and material at the proper learning level. Our lessons, office automation teachers and students are matched through an office database and involve private lessons between the databases teachers and the student. For example, a student may sign up for an electronics course, be sent a basic electronics teacher through the office automation system, and be given basic telecommunications lessons. The student may also be assigned a basic computer tutor. Taking office automation lessons in one subject may be enhanced by taking a course in a second subject, for example having a good understanding of mathematics with help in understanding electronics. Private lessons allow for a low (one on one) teacher student ratio, and higher than normal success rates! Other classes available in a wide variety of exciting subjects - sign up now!