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Friendly and patient Math and Science tutor - Chemistry and Biology are my specialties, based in Brookline Village and serving the greater Boston area.

I'm Kevin Daly - I teach math and science specializing in chemistry and biology to high school and college students. I find that when students understand the underlying concepts and with a little practice, that these subjects are not so hard. I pride my self on being friendly and patient, tailoring my lessons to a student's needs.

Wendy k
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Aspiring chemists! Learn from an industry professional! Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Cancer Research Experience! Shoreline, WA area

I have a BS degree in Biology (with a chemistry emphasis) I have 25 years of experience as a chemist and teacher in various industrial settings including environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and cancer research chemistry I have advanced education and training in hazardous materials chemistry

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Graduate in Nutrition gives biology ,anatomy ,physiology and bio-chemistry to primary and middle school levels in Frederick, Maryland

Being a Graduate in Nutrition ,I would love to teach and share my knowledge in Life science to the students and thereby help them to learn ,aspire and achieve their goals in Biology and Biochemistry. I also help them to understand the facts and interpret in a simple and effective method.

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An industrial chemist with 3 years of college teaching experience. English/ Chinese

Master of Science in Chemistry. Synthetic organic chemist with actual research experience and publication. A responsible, positive and fun teacher. Bilingual: English/ Mandarin Chinese.

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Student Majoring in Biochemistry Available to Tutor for Chemistry in Plano, TX

Named a Distinguished College Scholar at the University of Texas at Austin, I am a rising senior who is double majoring in biochemistry and psychology. As someone who has also conducted extensive scientific research, I have developed a strong background in math and science. I am excited to teach anyone interested in any field within biology or chemistry.

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Professional Chemist with 3 years of chemistry teaching experience at the University level

I have earned PhD in chemistry from Howard University. I have been privileged to teaching general chemistry and analytical chemistry as a Teaching Assistant and Chemistry Instructor at the University.

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A Chemist provides math and chemistry tutoring service up to undergraduate level.

I confidently believe that I am a great tutor, who can help students to improve their knowledge and test-taking skills. Nonetheless, an important thing, which many tutors don’t pay attention to, is that students sometimes have struggles because of their mental problem including stresses, oppression, and ugly memories with subjects, etc.

San Diego
Dr. alan
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Individual Online & Face-to-Face Expert College-level Tutoring in GenChem, OrgChem, BioChem & MCAT Preparation, San Diego

Online individual tutoring is provided by using interactive Skype with screen-sharing. The screen-sharing feature permits chemical structures and reaction mechanisms to be drawn in real time during tutorial sessions. All visual materials thereby generated are saved as jpg files and then are sent to students at the conclusion of each session.

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Organic chemist with solid technical skills in teaching, problem solving, and data analysis. I gained experience in teaching complex organic reactions and mechanisms as well as a broad knowledge in or

I'm finishing my masters in Chemistry (organic) this coming May 2017. During the past 2 years, I was awarded TA of the semester 3 times. I am fascinated for the learning process. I enjoy getting involved with students and helping them understanding organic chemistry.

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Experienced Chemistry, Biology, and Math Tutor in Monterey, CA Area with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and experience tutoring high school and undergraduate students

I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and I am very enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge to help students succeed. I am committed to tailoring instruction to the needs of students. My approach is to identify areas in which a student needs improvement and work to build the student's understanding of material through interactive lessons.

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College Graduate with BS in Biochemistry gives lessons in chemistry, organic chemistry, math and biology in Rocklin/ Loomis/ Roseville area

I am a former student from Sacramento State. I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry in 2015. I have tutored freshman college students in chemistry and biology. I can help any level from high school to undergraduate students. My methods are simple but effective I let the students do their work and find where they are struggling and focus on the mechanisms they are struggling on.

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Doctor Science and Math PhD Teaches it All with Creative Fun Facts

I received a BS in chemistry from Albany State University in Albay Georgia in 1979. My highest degree is a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Iowa State University in 1984. I have several post graduate certificates in science and business.

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Struggling with Chemistry or science subjects? I am here to HELP ace the subject !!

I am a Chemistry professional working as a Scientist. I have taught college level chemistry for 5 years which included General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. I have tutored High School students for their AP classes and prepare for competitive exams as well.

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Former university professor teaches math, science, engineering, and business - Spanish and guitar too

I attended college for 11 years and obtained 3 degrees: BA Chemistry Cornell College MS Chemical Engineering Texas A&M University MBA University of St. Thomas, Houston I am very good at math, chemistry, physics, engineering, economics, finance, and banking. I also give lessons in Spanish and guitar.

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Graduate Hydrogeologist/Environmental Scientist - Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics - Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA

I am able to give lessons to people at all levels and have a specialty in geology and earth sciences. I recognize the difficulties that can arise from learning new material and can breakdown topics in a meaningful and easy to understand manner.

Jersey City
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College graduate in Neuroscience and Music provides affordable physics, biology, chemistry, and general science/academic lessons in Jersey City for all ages

I am a creative and engaging tutor offering lessons in all the sciences and other general academic subjects. I recently received my Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Music from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. I specialize in private one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring.

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University science tutor gives biology and chemistry tutoring to middle school, high school, and college level students in Edmond/OKC

Bachelors in Biology with minor in chemistry. Previous head science tutor at the University of Central Oklahoma As head science tutor at UCO, I not only took in university-level clients for one-on-one tutoring sessions but also instructed my fellow science tutors on ways to better help their clients as well.

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Chemistry doctor loving college and high school teaching, help you for you next educational level

I am a Chemistry doctor and I would love to help you any chemistry course questions. I had my undergrad degree in China. Mandarin is my native. My hobbies are theatre performance, dancing and literature. It is my pleasure to help you grow to be Chemical related professional.

New York
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Chemistry Teacher with 8 years of teaching experience with Masters of Arts

The reasons I would like to be a teacher because I want to provide my students with training to blend self-examination, critical thinking, relationship building, and affirmation, learning and teaching with practical skill development in order to succeed and move on to the next grade.

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Ph.D in Chemistry gives chemistry and math lessons to high school and college levels in Sayre, PA area

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry M.S. in Organic Chemistry B.S. in Chemistry Taught General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry courses and laboratories in U.S. colleges for three years. Taught undergraduate chemistry laboratories for five years. Earned Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award at Iowa State University.

Boca Raton
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College graduate located in Boca Raton with a bachelors degree in biological science and experienced tutor

I graduated for FAU with a bachelors in biological science. I tutor students ranging from Elementary to college students. I believe that everyone learns differently and that no two people can be tutored using the same method. Very flexible schedule and love to help others succeed.

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Chemistry tutor, Kahului, HI. Bachelor of Science graduate in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry.

I have a Bachelor's degree in biology with emphasis in cell and molecular biology, chemistry minor, and an Associate of Arts degree with emphasis in Fine Art/Studio Art. I have tutored middle school through college senior levels. My teaching method is not "one size fits all.

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Graduate with a BS in Biology/pre-health will tutor any level from high school to college in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics online

I've been tutoring students for three years now; typically, these students are college-level, but I have experience tutoring students ranging from 8th grade all the way through high school.

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Licensed teacher to give lessons on basic math up to algebra and any science up to undergraduate sciences in Pahrump, Nevada area

I use sample problems so you can see how problems are solved, powerpoints to explain topics including pictures. Activities for hands-on learning. I currently teach sciences at Pahrump Valley High School and I have taught college classes in the past both online and in the classroom.

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Bachelor of Science in Majors Biology and Pre-Medicine and minor in Chemistry

Both my undergraduate and graduate studies were done in Ball State University. My Bachelor of Science degree consisted of double majors and double minors. My majors were in Biology and Pre-Medicine, while my minors were in Chemistry and Business. Such diverse course of study allowed for my cross discipline knowledge base.

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Medical student gives science related lessons to any level regarding biology, chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry or math.

My name is Jeremy Swisher and I am a biochemical neuroscience major and exercise and sports science minor. I was a college basketball player who is now a medical student. I will assist you in learning how to master science and to really enjoy the process.

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Competent College and High School Chemistry Tutor in Miami, available for online or in-person tutoring

I graduated in Chemistry from the University of Havana and was recognized as the top Teaching Assistant from my Class. I have experience in teaching and tutoring in Chemistry at the High School and College levels , and have always tried to motivate the students into learning science in new and challenging ways every day.

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UT at Austin Biochemistry student interested in teaching biology, chemistry, and biochemistry to students of all ages

Hey there! I am currently a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in biochemistry and a certificate in pre-health professions. I was a hospital corpsman/ surgical assistant in the United States Navy for 4.5 years. I have mentored students of all ages, and truly love helping people learn and reach their goals (as well as exceed their own expectations). I had a 4.

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Knowledgeable Tutor Who Is Ready To Help You Master Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Physics

I am a senior majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology. I have experience working as a tutor and helping students one-on-one with learning material in the pre-medical sciences.

Chapel Hill
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Organic chemist offering high school and college chemistry and physics lessons in research triangle area

I am offering in person and skype tutoring sessions for the following courses: High School/AP Chemistry High School/AP Physics General College Chemistry Organic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry General College Physics Lesson structure will be tailored to individual student needs.

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Perfect! Barry is incredibly knowledgeable and able to explain a depth of scientific material--whether it is organic chemistry, biochemistry or general chemistry. Even if he hasn't seen a particular concept in awhile, he's always able to reason through a...

Victoria, student
2 weeks ago

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Chemistry is a rather fascinating form of science that helps explain the chemical makeup of the world and also what happens when different kinds of chemicals interact with one another. Organic chemistry focuses more on natural elements in the world and how these elements come together naturally. While there are other principles studied in these sort of a course, this is the basic outline. Of course, knowing the elements, understanding specific formulas and diving further into the Periodic Table is essential. Should a student struggle with this sort of a topic, it is time to bring in the private teachers who can provide organic chemistry private lessons. These chemistry private lessons might not always have all of the direct hands on experiments of a classroom, but the organic chemistry private teachers can work with a student in order to determine what they are struggling with and then create lesson plans for each individual. After all, every single student is going to learn in a different way, it might just take the physics private teachers to find the best way to instruct the student and improve their overall understanding of the subject matter.

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Victoria, found their organic chemistry tutor

Hi Barry, I'm currently in the process of studying for my MCAT exam and I am looking for someone to discuss concepts with. I've taken quite a few practice exams, and I'm finding that I have quite a few content gaps I need to fill--specifically in...

1 month ago