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I am an Outstanding Tutor with Proven Results From Elementary through High Schools

I am a Bachelor Degree earming History Major with Secondary Ed Minor. I can handle most subject matter from Grades K-12, as well as many college level courses Also, I am a CLU, ChFC, earning from American College in Philadelphia, PA.

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Who else would like to learn gold & silver metal leaf gilding taught by an expert metal leaf gilder located in the greater Chicago land area with 20 years experience?

Dear Prospective Students, Hello! J. W. here. I am an expert gilder located in Chicago, IL. U.S.A. My professional experience involves serving as a master gilder for Lyon & Healy Harps, as well as Venus Harps, W&W Musical Instrument Company also located in Chicago, IL. for over twenty years.

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Firearms/Rifle Instructor

I am William Cain, former Marine, SWAT team leader for 12 years, firearms/rifle/close quarter combat instructor. Teach from beginners to elite groups, from small as 5 to as large as 60. Also can teach at the individual level. Positive motivation is my teaching method. I teach as a hands on class with power point to assist in communicating detailed information. Shooting skills can always be rifined.

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Successful Honey Bee Keeping in your own backyard for little cost to you

I have attended several honey bee conferences here in Georgia. I will be taking my next exam at the honey Bee Conference in Young Harris this spring to get additional certificates. These test are very hands on as well as making sure I know the knowledge.

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Tutoring teach children of all ages especially preschool, kindergarten and elementary students

I have a high school diploma, 4 years of college, I have taught students for over 35 years. I love teaching. I am a teacher that loves to teach. My method is hands-on. I love to see work in progress. My experience is with the younger students; kindergarten and elementary school. I love to see the progress of the students and watch them succeed in each of their subjects.

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I taught biology,chemistry physics and all branches of mathematics

I am a math and biology degrees holder. I make lectures brief and involve the students in class activities. I manage class by first giving rules to obey and enforce the rules. I memorize students' names to help me in class management.

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Spanish is a beautiful language, from mundane, to the utmost importance in life, try it out!

Fully proficient Spanish speaker willing to assist person's of any background and age, with their specific needs to understand the use of the language. Able to adapt different teaching methods according to individuals needs writing and speaking or reading and understanding.

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Card Manipulation courses in Paris, Beginner to Expert, Advanced Techniques of cheating and card magic

I invite you to share my passion for the card manipulations which is an art of rare elegance and technical virtuosity.

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CEMEA director of holiday camps with 5 years of experience, gives courses for managers, or camp leaders, or animator in multi-activity management and animation, Neuchâtel region, Switzerland

Courses according to participatory group or individualized methods. Languages ​​spoken French, Italian, German, English. Fields in sports, culture, arts and leisure. Educational, technical and managerial support paper and USB key. Active materials and workshops. Tools for self-evaluation of training. Hospitality logistics in camp or in a open center.

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Principles/Uses/Tactics of Marketing and Media within a Buisness setting for promotion and sales

I teach through a variety of unambiguous, fun, simple and constructive methods. 1) Visual imperative: Using photos/images/diagrams relevant to the core subject/task, I use a multitude of pictures to explain the meaning/point of the photo in relation to the objective at hand in the simplest, most effective way.

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A graduate of law, history and English gives lessons to primary and secondary pupils, college students and adults in Aberdeen

My academic background includes LL.B with German Language and BA in teaching History and English. I am a qualified teacher registered with GTCS, and currently, I am a self-employed Court Interpreter. My lesson structure is uniquely drafted to specific needs of a pupil.

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Astro-Planetology in the Province of Como methodically Copyright CRIPTOGRAMMA® and PROSOPOSCOPIA® 1993-2023

The lectures are preceded by the Natal Chart of each participant. The Chart is worked out upon the Horoscope, precisely on the day, month, year, hour and place of his/her birth. I teach the symbolism of each Planet Archetype, its dominance on the signs. At the end of the course I give each one its CRIPTOGRAMMA® Personal Profile. This methodology was conceived in the 1990s.

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Learn the magic and close-up at home in Paris and Ile-de-France. Y

You always dream to learn the arts of magic and conjuring, then this course is for you. Know entertain and amuse your friends and family with simple tricks to perform, while not knowing handle and with very visual effects! If by-cons you want to learn the basics of magic, putting more time there, no "problem", but it will take you more time.

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Teaches beginners and advanced juggling, circus arts, fire arts and break dance.

Teaches beginners and advanced juggling, circus arts, arts of fire and acrobatic dance. - Juggling ball and skittles / torches. - Fire Arts poi, staff, buugeng, ropes and juggling balls (fire) - Hip-Hop, Breakdance and Capoeira.

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