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Fountain Valley
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Beginner / Advanced Make-up Helper - Help With Shopping And Advice Over Products

I've been working in the make-up/cosmetic world, individually, for the last four years to help branch out my knowledge. I can help with helping to find items that fit you and your needs, and help you understand more about the products you may be interested in. I also help with knowing when discounts and sales are going on as well.

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Want to not only feel your best but look your best on the go?

My name is Jada. I am going to start makeup blogging and youtube videos very soon on how to look the best as you can no matter where you are. I have taught people of all ages how to contour, make that perfect eyebrow arch, and how to decide which brand works best for them.

Elizabeth City
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The door will always be unlocked because FASHION is the key!

Hello! My name is Bionca Hathaway, I am 25 years old. I am from North Carolina, but my lifestyle says "New York". As of right ight now I am majoring in Theology, but my true passion is fashion. I haven't been to school for fashion designing yet because I wanted to focus more on BIBLE, but I design clothes on the side. I do most of my work on a popular website by the name of Polyvore.

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Professional Make-Up Artistry Lessons By Shae Mac artist

I have been doing make up for 7 years ! I went to Make Up Designory and received my certification .

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Experienced Floral Designer Gives Lessons in The Art Of Floral Design-Hamilton, MT

Floral design lessons for all ages-learn to make wedding flowers, artful arrangements using natural products found in our community. I have a certificate in floral design followed by 15 years of practice! Learn by doing projects you choose. Color, texture, and overall design structure will be taught to support a well rounded experience.

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Be Christian Dior anytime you want!

Seasoned fashion designer who has worked in USA and Europe, graduated from Parsons, FIT and St. Martin. Understand all the nuances and elements in design and arts and can help determine if this is the field you should be exploring or to merely get you over the hump of a difficult situation.

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Girly Girl to the Rescue... I love anything to make you feel pretty and confident!

Cosmetology school attendee who keeps up with latest styles by following online specialist, books, magazines and professionals. I have apprentice under liscened beauticians and makeup specialists.

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College student studying Media make up giving make up lessons in Manchester or at home.

I am a college student who is currently studying Media Make up as it is something I am rather passionate about! I hope to enthusiastically teach anyone whether it be a beginner, intermediate to professional or someone who finds enjoyment in make up any useful tips and tactics I can offer. I have plenty of knowlege in all things make up and the industry which i can share as an aim to help others.

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Makeup Advisor through emailed photographs - Helping with simple makeup skills and artistic skills

Email me with your concerns or quereies (including pictures in necessary) and i will reply with detailed advice including suggested products, discount codes, pictures and videos on how to improve your skills. This can be anything from everyday makeup to specific looks.

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Makeup Tutorial in Paris: Skincare and Makeup Coaching. FB and Instagram @BeautybyPhet

DressYourFace certified in makeup artistry (Tamanna Roashan is a US pro celebrity makeup artist and educator). Book a 3-hour Skincare and Beauty coaching with me and you will not only learn makeup techniques but also how to take care of your skin daily (I am inspired by rituals and products from Asia).

Paris 12e
Jean frédéric
(1 review)
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Diploma Fashion Design School gives during Style, Scale Models, Makeovers and SuiteAdobe

Hello, I call Juan, I am 23 years old My job is primarily to teach you to develop your creativity and do not be afraid to externalize it on paper. Sort ideas, make mood boards, and eventually learn to create a collection. Learn to analyze trends, different styles.

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Image consultant/ stylist and model, great experience in fashion and style - coaching and training with consultations in image and fashion / beauty

Most people are aware of the value of looking their best, the challenge is to find the time, resources and energy to invest in yourself and acquire the right knowledge.

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A stylist lives in Manchester has a Fashion Diploma and A Master's degree in Fashion and Luxury, gives lessons in any subject related to Fashion and styling.

I am a Stylist living in Manchester, UK. I have a B.Sc in Commerce, a Fashion Diploma from Italy and MA in Fashion retail and Luxury Management from London School of Business and finance. I am also the founder of "Pearl Style" an Image and Fashion consulting services company. I offer personal styling, personal shopping, full makeovers, color analysis and more.

Baña (La)
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MAKEUP basic and advanced classes, all you need to know, skin preparation, tips and more

I currently work trading the elf brand cosmetics in my country, so I could immerse myself in the pros and cons of the brand so I have advanced knowledge about it, so the same I love makeup and what to do with it.

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Make Up Classes for Beginners or Advanced level in Barcelona, ​​all ages

I am a professional make-up artist, I have a very complete program to offer my students, in which they develop different make-up techniques. We started with natural makeup, social, brides and weddings, artistic, contouring, special make-up techniques. In addition, in each class we will talk about ways of cleaning and skin care.

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Everyone needs to shop, especially for everyday items like groceries, foodstuff and other household products. Shopping for clothes is a different story. Generally speaking, men don't like to do it while women love what they justify as retail therapy which they can do for hours and very frequently. However, frequency and long shopping trips for shoes and accessories does not always mean a great look. Some people put down a lot of money for items they saw on a website, a friend or a model which does not suit their body type. Having a personal shopper can help people avoid costly wrong purchases. A lot of boutiques and department stores have personal shoppers who help customers choose what suits them. If you have a passion for fashion, you can make good money as a personal shopper. Apart from good taste though, you also need other skills like people skills so you can deal with all kinds of customers. You can learn these skills through private personal shopping lessons from personal shopping teachers. You can find a listing of such teachers in your area on SuperPROF. SuperPROF is a US online directory with a database of 100,000 qualified teachers offering private lessons in 250 areas. You can also find a poker tutor, Belote teachers, an engraving teacher and take private dog education lessons through SuperPROF. Find a tutor in your area and start your personal shopping career.