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Culver City
Social Psychology Ph.D. offers psychology tutoring for students of all ages and levels!

Hello! I earned my ph. d . In psychology and social behavior from uc irvine and my b. s . In cognitive science from ucla. I flexibly adapt my teaching style to suit the learning styles and curricula of my students. I believe in treating each student as an individual and using a student's values and interests as a way to choose discussion topics and examples that make the material more engaging.

Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

MSW Candidate who gives lessons on psychology and related social sciences middle and high school levels

I am an alumni of auburn university. My degree is in psychology and i was a teaching assistant while in my undergraduate years. Currently, i am a masters of social work (msw) candidate at the university of southern california. I really loved my time as teaching assistant and i strive to use all of the experience i gained from that to continue helping others.

Knowledgeable & passionate Social Sciences tutor in Janesville seeking students to assist

Since middle school the social sciences has always been a strong interest of mine; even up through high school & into college. I love various parts of history including civil rights/black history, ww2, etc. Psychology & sociology is where some of my deepest knowledge & passions lie; even to the extent of it being my major in college.

Nerdy Cognitive Scientist for Over 15 Years Gives Lessons in Behavioral Science and Military History

I have a ph. d . In cognitive science, and i provide instruction at the college level for students interested in cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, psychology & law, and research methods. For students interested in military history, i also provide courses related to strategic problem solving and leadership during the u. s . Civil war.

All areas of Psychology. Critical Thinking and Logic. Ethics and Statistics for the Social Sciences

I am a ph. d . c . And teach on the undergraduate and graduate level and like to teach via the web by using zoom. This way i am able to give personal and up front lessons that make it much more easily understood. I teach all areas of psychology. I also teach critical thinking and logic as well as statistics for the social sciences. I also enjoy teaching creative writing.

Sugar Land
Human science is my life! 4.0 in Masters Program... I do this!

I recently just completed my masters of social and behavioral sciences. I have taught for the public school system for over 6 years here in texas. I am originally from michigan where i began my teaching career. I also specialize in special education. I have a unique teaching style whereas i catch the attention of my students to help them successfully reach their academic goals.

College Professor tutorig in Sociology, Psychology, Writing, and US History in Novi

I am an adjunct college professor with more than ten years of experience who has taught psychology, sociology, social problems and is well read in us history. Apa formatting is often a challenge and i am familiar with apa formatting and am able to help students who are writing papers and need to use that format. I am also an excellent editor in general for college level papers.

Math, Reading, Psychology, Sociology, English, Academic, and General knowledge, for Primary, juniors, seniors

1 . I finished my graduate core courses in public and community services from cpcs at university of massachusetts, boston, ma. 2 . I graduated as an accountant from the college of management at university of massachusetts, boston, mass. 3 . Before the aboves, i graduated with associate degree from bunker hill community college, boston, ma.

Experienced Teacher Ready To Give One On One Support To Middle and High School Students

Hello. I'm an innovative teacher who has been teaching at the middle and high school level for the past 20 years. I have a passion for supporting students and helping them reach their academic goals. My experience allows me to tailor my support to what my students need to be successful.

Queens County
Writing, Reading, Modern Society, and Humanities

I'm a very active teacher in order to be efficient ,my philosophy is engagement to ensure active learning. I've honed in my teaching skills by learning from my teachers. With extensive knowledge in cognitive behavioral psychology, teaching isn't an easy task. But i enjoyed it when i utilize the best methods to get the most stubborn student to enjoy learning. In return i learn from them.

Atlantic City
Hobby Coaching Beyond the standard bookish definitions Learn something New

Well, as said in my title, i have an approach to think beyond the book and subjects - call it as an exploratory knowledge sharing session.

South Point
Psychology help in Huntington WV. Master's level degree. Currently teaching undergrad classes

I am a married mom of one. I work in a college setting and currently teach undergraduate classes in a social science field. I will tailor our lessons to a structure and methodology that works best for you.

Understanding the Science of Human Behavior, Ph.D. graduate professor and State Board Certified Behavior Analyst w/ over 10 years of teaching experience

Bachelors in psychology, masters and doctorate in behavior analysis, state board certified behavior analyst a the doctorate level I teach to each individuals strengths with methods that will be fun and exciting but also ensure that you thoroughly comprehend the subject matter

College student in psychology gives psychology and sociology lessons to middle school and high school levels in Philadelphia.

I am a recent high school graduate, i graduated second in my class, and i have always had a love for learning and teaching. I teach to students all the way from middle school to high school. Every person is unique in the way they learn and i so i teach in whatever way is best for the student. I enjoy making the whole experience fun at the same time.

Young Professional offering lessons in the human sciences in St. Louis

I am a young professional with degrees in business management and marketing as well as a masters degree in sociology. I have a theory background in psychology as well. I am a very hands on instructor who provides real life examples to make the material relevant.

(11 reviews)
Dr. Biology and professor of psychology gives special science courses

I mainly teach science (math, statistics, biology, physics and chemistry, psychology, cognitive ethology, neuroscience). Doctor of psychology, holds a master degree in biology and in science communication, i also offer help to write dissertations and doctoral theses. My classes are for college level students, and high school and the students at the beginning, middle or end of study (up to 8 tray).

São Paulo
TCC guidance online for MBAs, Post-graduate specialization in the field of Humanities Prof. Dr.

Lesson and guidance tcc aimed at students of graduate humanities area. The lessons and guidelines are focused on research topic, purpose, hypothesis, methodology, results, discussion, conclusions and bibliography according to abnt. Professor dr. In the area of ​​human sciences with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

(5 reviews)
PhD imparts repetitions humanities, social and philosophical for school and college students. Consultancy in the drafting of dissertation

Phd in philosophy (graduated with honors with 110) imparts repetitions for all the humanities, social sciences and humanities from primary school level up to university education. Consultancy for the preparation of university exams, graduation thesis or doctoral. Teaching a method of effective study and calibrated on the subject. Multimedia teaching (slide, etc.

(5 reviews)
Provides tuition and / or collective Astrology and Transpersonal Humanist to Vulbens (74520)

I propose an approach to non-fatalistic astrology, but registering as a determinant among other factors of our character, destiny, etc. On the opposite of an astrology recipe, a certain philosophy seems necessary to understand the meaning of astrological symbols and their interactions, in conjunction with elements of psychology, anthropology,.

Teacher (Master 2) certified English and psychology student gives courses psychology, communication

Teacher for 15 years in college (primary + experience, high school) in english and psychology student m1. Many internships and hospitals.

Courses Psychology, and Nursing contest preparation. A graduate of DEUG psycholgie in Bordeaux

My name is camille i'm 22, i have a literary bac with honors and a deug of psychology. I am very patient and educator and my watchword is rigor. There by providing real work that gets results, but we can do it in a fun way.

Native English teacher with over six years teaching classes in Barcelona. I have a TESOL certificate and a doctorate in Social Psychology.

I have taught english to adults of all levels in groups and in individual tutoring. I have many years of professional training as a english teacher and we will create the class in the form and approach you want. To increase your english skills it is important to spend time each week studying so i will give you interesting tasks such as videos and music that you can complete for the following class.

Private tuition for Humanities: Philosophy, Ethics, History, Music, Art History, Spanish, Literature

I teach for students of high school, can respond to the necessary methodology depending of the type of the speciality or support you need. I´m specializated in teaching subjects related to the humanities and social sciences.

Lyon 5e
Teacher in political science and communication at Lyon III and Catho gives courses in political science, philosophy, eco,

Teacher in political science and communication at lyon iii and catho, gives courses in political science, philosophy, economics, sociology. Preparing for political science studies (two students received last year), can help for dissertation and to write memoirs.

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For anyone who is interested in learning Psychology, now is the perfect time to start. Psychology is not something that is instantly understood, as there are many different theories and means of the study of the mind. However, for those who are interested in psychology and this particular study, they are able to sign up for psychology lessons through experienced, professional psychology teachers. These teachers are able to help assist with the learning of this important medium. No matter what the subject matter is or the style of theory, there are different teachers who are able to assist interested students. So the next time a student is interested in this sort of knowledge, all they need to do is sign up for the services. There are also other educational options available to students interested in expanding their knowledge base. This includes political sciences lessons, history and other educational assistance from civics teachers or a professional sociology tutor. All of this can prove extremely helpful in gaining new knowledge.