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Tutoring with results, specializing in ACT/SAT, LSAT, GRE, Spanish, and legal studies.

Hey scholars! I graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with a B.A. in Psychology in Spanish. I received my J.D. from the University of Arizona in May 2015. I graduated summa cum laude and was able to secure a judicial clerkship with the Arizona Supreme Court.

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College student in forensic psychology. Studied Mathmatics and criminal justice to earn a general associate degree at Youngstown State University. Offering tutoring in Spanish,Law,Mathematics,and Engl

I am "Del" I am a college student furthering my college career to obtain more degrees. I give lessons to all students ranging from pre-k to senior level high school. My method is personalized to each students need. I aim to make learning fun and more emorable. To ensure each pupil will be granted the best service I will mold my teaching to his or her required help level.

Sinking Spring
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Laying Down The Law in Berks County....Developing Scholars in the Study of Legal Theory. I teach through questions and answers; role playing etc.

I have earned an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies from Northampton Community College. I have 2 years of experience working in various aspects of the law. I have worked in an Intellectual Property Firm; one that works with Construction and Business Law; and another that deals with Legal Aid.

La Vernia
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Law Made Easy and interesting to understand and comprehend for every individual

Retired former state prosecutor specializing in criminal & civil cases, private practice litigator and former lecturer/instructor at University of San Diego and for various agencies including Dept. of Defense, US Navy, US Air Force, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and USEPA.

League City
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Five - O Law (Civil and Crimial )in Black and White ,Your thist for Knowledge will be queched in Cafe Five 0

Welcome to my page. Once you enter Café Five O, you will be treated as an Advanced student with the upmost respect. All students are capable of learning . It is my job as an educator to create a comfortable learning environment even if it is online. I can tutor you in crimina and civil law enforcement weather it be High school or College.

Overland Park
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Experienced lawyer with a very successful law school career and an LSAT in the 99%.

I was an adult learner when I studied for and aced the LSAT; I was fortunate to receive an academic scholarship which covered my entire law school education because of my steady work to do well on the LSAT. Likewise, I studied about the Socratic method in order to do well in law school, and I developed my own method to do well on the bar since I could in no way afford courses like BarBri.

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Attorney with 20 years of experience gives legal tutoring in Quincy, IL

I hold a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I practiced law for 20 years in Missouri and Iowa in all areas of the law except Bankruptcy. I have experience with the judicial system, the administrative law system and negotiation of agreements.

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Professional Interpreter giving criminal justice classes to adult and middle/highs school levels in Denver

I am a professional interpreter and will be giving lessons in law I have over 15 years of experience in the criminal justice system and have a BA in the subject The techniques and methods of instruction I use are depending on each students needs. We all do not learn the same and so cannot be taught the same.

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Retired Attorney to work in legal field with 39 years of practice of a general practice

I have worked for 39 years in Louisville, KY in a solo practice, thus I have an overall experience in the field. My concentration was in Family Law and Federal Bankruptcy but performed in many other general area. I an familiar with the Judicial system and how it work and have the experience of being involved in most area.

Marie d.
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Business Law and Public Policy -- contracts, torts, origins of law

I hold a Ph.D. and M.A. in Political Science, a JD and an MBA and I love to teach! I truly enjoy bringing students to the point where they feel confident in and excited about their subject matter. I have taught at all levels and can teach courses in Business Law, Public Policy and Law, Psychology and Law. Students MUST do all of the work prior to a session.

Diamond City
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Legally speaking

Bachelor's degree in criminal justice 2016 Achieved from Argosy University online classes. Deans list 3.

Rocky Point
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Business Educator with advanced Masters of Education M.ED gives lessons in Business and Business Law

Masters of Education M.ED Business and Marketing Education NYS Highly Quilfied Teacher Grades k-12 I teach in a structured personal model . Learning objectives are clearly started , interactive activities, and use of technology.

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Law School Tutor - Appellate Attorney with 25 years experience in federal and state courts - metro NYC

I am an appellate attorney with more than twenty five years experience in federal and state courts. While in law school I wished that I had a tutor and coach who could help me get through my classes, exams and ultimately the Bar. I offer this service to law students trying to develop a method of study and who need help understanding difficult concepts.

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Grad student willing to help, listen and teach while having fun learning.

I graduated from Trine University with A BS in Criminal Justice. My GPA was 3.6. I am now 4 months away from having my Masters in Criminal Justice. I have trained and taught classes in my past jobs. Willing to help anyone who wants to help their self.

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I teach English and various areas of the law, including international law

I am a retired attorney who has taught various areas of the law and has two separate law degrees. I also have advanced degrees in English Composition and Literature. I have specialized in African American literature while in Graduate school. I believe in a student orientation methodology in teaching.

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Experienced Attorney & Business Executive provides effective legal tutoring in South Florida

I am an experienced attorney and business executive, combining real world skills with 20 years of legal teaching experience, to make complex & difficult subjects highly understandable. Can tutor at all levels, from HS through law school to adults.

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Legal Tutor/Mentor with 20+ years experience in Finance/Real Estate. Improve study methods, test prep, substantive areas

Juris Doctor grad from ABA accredited law school with over 20 years business experience in transactional real estate, mortgage & title insurance. Delta Theta scholarship recipient 2x. Mentored law students/colleagues in law school & coached clients to business & lifestyle success. Focus is on substantive areas, reasoning skills, issue spotting, analysis & critical thinking.

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Civil practice, Torts, Commercial Law and landlord/Tenant law

I hanve 27 years of law practice in various areas of law, with various law firms. I also have business and management experience. The method of instruction will depend on the individual student and the needs of that student. It will be casual, straight forward without lecturing. I have also coached and taught football to adult men and children for 25 years and can tailor to the level needed.

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What We thought was real you have learned in school is untrue

I'm a theologian, a historian, a philosopher. I study Constitutional law, Declaration of Independence and the bill of rights. Humanity is my passion.

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Case studies, case comments or texts, essays ... Explanations, methodologies, experience, examinations,

Hello, My name is Jocelyn, I did almost all my schooling in Montpellier, I have a master 2 in public business law. So this year, I prepare the avocado competition in Paris at the Sorbonne. During my years in Montpellier, I gave private lessons to many students. Now that I'm in Paris and I do not know anyone, I thought why not this site that will allow me perhaps to have students. See you, Jocelyn.

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Need help with A-Level/ Undergrad Law? 3rd Year Uni of Liverpool Student in Manchester/Liverpool

I have all the relevant revision materials from GCSE up to second year of an Undergraduate Law degree. I will explain and provide you with frameworks for how to answer each potential question, which enabled me to achieve a high A at A-Level. I am a friendly, and encouraging person who is able to adapt to different learning styles.

Forhad ahammed
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I guarantee best teaching for my students as I feel law is all about interest & common sense.

I accomplished my LPC (Legal Practice Course) from BPP University , LLM (Master of Laws) from BPP University, LLB (Bachelor of Laws) University of London, and MBA from Northampton University, UK, Diploma in Law from the University of London.

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An experienced Tutor with major interests in Law and Research I am fully experienced in writing law essays, structuring, preparing students for exams and moots, Assisting and proof-reading coursewor

An experienced Tutor with major interests in Law and Research. I teach undergraduate students from 1st year - 3rd year of University. I am fully experienced in writing law essays, structuring, research, preparing students for exams and, Assisting and proof-reading coursework.

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Second year University of Nottingham Law undergraduate keen to tutor current/ prospective law students in London

Having just completed my second year in Law school, I now have a good grasp on studying efficiently for it. As a student in one of the most rigorous law schools in the UK, I have developed a system on how to study effectively using a combination of materials.

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I teach Criminal law, Contract law, Public law, Legal System and method, Tort law.

I accomplished LLM (Masters of Law) from BPP University, MBA (University of Northampton), LLB (Bachelor of Law) from University of London, Diploma- in-law (University of London). Now studying LPC (BPP law School). I always try my best to make sure the best result of my students. My speciality is that I teach my students exam techniques from the beginning.

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Basic and intermediate lessons of civil, constitutional, EU, public, for students in middle school, high school. It provides tutoring for students of vocational and university courses.

Mattia I have 30 years of Nuoro, a degree in Administration and Organization at the Faculty of Economics, legal and policy of the university of Cagliari. My classes are particularly suitable for students of commercial technical schools, professional but also for students of evening classes, it also offers a mentoring system in preparation for university exams.

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University of Surrey Law and Criminology Student, assisting with English, Criminology and Law online

Hello there! I am merely a couple of months away from embarking on my final year of studying Law with Criminology at the wonderful University of Surrey. I have always been very passionate about English and studied English Literature and Language at A Levels. Although I no longer study English specifically, I spend a lot of time reading books, articles and journals online.

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British Harvard Law Graduate & Qualified Solicitor - Tutoring for Law Students/Applicants and High School-level social sciences incl. History, Modern Studies, Politics

I am able to give lessons for all undergraduate/GDL law subjects, but particularly in the following areas: - Constitutional Law - Public Law - Human Rights Law - EU Law - Legal Philosophy/Jurisprudence I am also able to provide for High School student studying social sciences, including history, politics, modern studies and philosophy.

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University Law Student giving tutoring to any students or non-students looking to broaden their knowledge or learn the beginnings of Criminal law and public law.

I am looking for keen students and non-students who are interested in entering into the field of Law, or even only to learn the beginning area of law (Criminal, Public, Contracts or the English Legal System). I will be taking each person on individually, therefore I will be developing your lesson structures from what I learn about you.

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Hi, I am a patient, laid back and friendly tutor. I specialise in legal education. I gained a First Class Degree with Honours from The University of Sheffield and a Distinction in a Masters (LLM) at t

I have done some tutoring within the University of Sheffield and personally. I can assist with core modules and certain specific topics, in particular Company law, the law of restitution, Conflict of Laws, European Law amongst others. I have all of the available materials to hand and an abundance of revision and learning techniques to suit your personal style.

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With so many different forms of law, it is important to focus specifically on an individual kind of law. Each form of law is going to come with different legal proceedings and backgrounds, which is exactly why it is necessary for students seeking to educate themselves in public law to find the very best public law teachers. These teachers can set up public law lessons that properly educate students on public law while going into the ins and outs of the legal practice. As there are so many different kinds of law, a student interested in public law should only sign up and attend courses offered by a specific public law teacher. As every kind of law is different, there are going to be students who want to receive an education through different forms of law. This includes international law lessons for those who want to receive educational tutelage in this legal variation. A civil law tutor and criminal law teachers each provide insights into these forms of law, as do business law tutors.