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Wesley Chapel
Ukrainian and Russian language lessons online from native speaker. Tampa FL ( MBA )

I studied for 8 year to get my degree. I have masters degree in accounting. I graduated in ukraine. I finished english school in kiev ukraine too. So feel free to contact me and i will give you perfect lessons. Our lesson willtake 60 min.

(2 reviews)
Native English Speaking College Student Offers Help and Tutoring to Those Learning the English Language

Hello! My name is christine and i am a college student with a newfound interest in language learning, with my first and current challenge being russian. As someone who understands how hard it is to learn a new language, my native proficiency in english and willingness to help others has inspired me to work with those learning the english language.

(2 reviews)
Professional philologist gives Russian language lessons for different language levels students at home online

Journalist`s degree; advertising and public relations; 5. 00 of 5max 2010 – 2015 participation in conferences at the science week at the university annually. Awarded by the dean of the faculty for the best student internship specialization of public relations. Diploma with honors.

(1 reviews)
Professional Russian language tutor for all ages in Friendswood, TX (10 years of teaching experience)

I am a native russian educator with ma in english and german from omsk state teachers training university. I have taught all of my 3 children bilingually. I am proficient in both russian and english. I am a professional english-russian translator/interpreter for 23 years. I believe the best way to learn a language is to use it - every day.

Teacher with 23 years of experience gives ESL, Russian and Ukrainian classes online.

Hi) my name's olena/helen. I am an esl instructor who is living and teaching english in the usa. I am a native speaker of russian and ukrainian. It will be great pleasure for me to create classes of english, russian or ukrainian to fit your needs. I am a teacher methodologist who can help students of all ages to achieve their aims in a short time. Our classes will be cognitive and fun.

Russian language help for everyone who needs it! Grammar, verbal skills, slang

Hi my name is ilariia kubrak. I am an international student from russia, saint-petersburg, at middle tennessee state university. I'm junior and my major is criminal justice. I can speak fluently both languages (russian/english). If you need help with reviewing some papers, documents etc. Just hmu! Also, i can help with business russian. I'll help you improve your verbal and writing skills.

New York
Russian tutor available for beginning students of all ages, focus on grammar

Tutor available for beginning russian students of all ages. I am a professional classical singer and writer with a minor in russian language and literature, and experience with a wide range of other languages. Subsequent study of russian after college has been on my own.

Los Angeles
Russian/American Writer Gives Russian & English Lessons (Writing, Grammar, Translation, Speech, Vocabulary)

I'm eager to teach my native tongue: russian, because i believe that learning another culture's language is incredibly important in today's world; foreign language skills are key in not only communication and professional relationships, but also one's broader understanding of our linguistically diverse world.

Mountain View
A professional with MA in Linguistics. Teaching Russian, English (ESL) and beginner Italian.

Hi all, My name is gala. I was born and raised in russia, studied and lived in russia, united kingdom, israel and the united states. I have a ba and ma in linguistics, teaching and translation and a ba in communications. I'm teaching russian, english and italian for beginners. I have been teaching now and then for about 6 years now my methods of teaching vary depending on students needs.

Former NSA translator 24 missions to former Yugoslavia during civil war war zone

Graduate defense language institue Ba and mga georgia state university I use intensive one on ine drilling to master subject matter My classes are small so students rsceve maximum one on one attention I emphasize conversation skills in my classes above all I also make sure students understand grammar

Private tutor of Russian as a foreign language. A professional teacher with a University degree and 15 years of teaching experience. Located in Russia. Individual approach to every student according

I am a professional teacher of russian and english languages with bachelor's university degree. I graduated from minsk state linguistics university. Afterwards i got some special both local and foreign training. I have been tutoring for 15 years now. My students are from all over the world and from different age groups.


Hello! My name is natalia, i'm 27. I give lessons to adult students who are interested in learning russian. I graduated from moscow teachers' training university in 2012, as teacher of history. I have been teaching for more than 7 years, 6 of them- foreign languages, including russian. In 2016 i got another qualification in teaching russian as a foreign language in moscow state university (mgu).

Native speaker gives Russian online classes, individual program for every student, you'll see that Russian is not that difficult:)

I'm a project manager in it company, yoga lover and traveler and i seek the flexibility of tutoring for work-life balance. I graduated in 2004 from saint petersburg state university in russia as economist & teacher of economics. My native language is russian and i fluently speak spanish. I moved to usa 3 years ago.

College-educated foreign language and math instructor in Baltimore gives lessons via Skype and in person

Trained in communicative methodology and having studied/lived in three different countries, i have trained highly ambitious individuals (adolescents to adults) to help them reach their goals. Often, my students are seeking intensive training to hit their targets quickly. I can supply references.

Challenge your brain learning Russian with a native speaker! Professional needs /cultural hobby

My ideal student is a young and motivated professional, typically, i work with adults in correction of what they had studied and fossilized in a certain way.

San Francisco
Law student gives Russian language lessons beginners/elementary, middle or high school or college levels in san francisco.

I currently live in san francisco and i can give russian language lesson. Russian isn't my mother tongue, but i'm i bilingual and i'm a native speaker. From childhood i used to read in russian or translate some books form russian to georgian.

Little Falls
Russian language , Little Falls,NY, degree from Moscow Univ., method is basic and advanced conversational on skype

As a teacher, i am patient, understanding and knowledgeable and teach in a traditional manner. Taught university level literature and languages with an emphasis on journalistic writing. Received special awards for training distinguished students for the diplomatic corps. Worked in weimar, germany teaching russian language.

(1 reviews)
New York
A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English, Italian and Russian! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and i am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, i got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

Contact the Best tutor of Russian language on the platform today !

I am a math, programming and a foreign language teacher. I teach ukraınıan and russian. I have taught russıan in the usa and in poland and have been giving private lessons to englısh speakers learning russian and then started online tutoring in 2015.

Proven techniques to learn foreign languages faster with a multilingual professional, who has 3 graduate degrees obtained in the United States and Georgia and has worked as a professional translator/i

Learner-tailored lesson structures, depending on the person's learning style/s, objectives, and time frame. Provide a learning toolkit that can help learners sharpen their language skills independently. Motivation, hard work, attention to detail, and fun are some of the important components of success.

Tutoring in Physics, Electricity, and Technology in Houston (TX) area.

I am a recent physics professor worked at the university of houston. I give lessons to middle and high school students in physics and physical science. My method is based on exploring the subject and engaging the students starting with basics and expanding to broader and deeper levels of knowledge to achieve maximum comprehension of the subject by the student.

Native Russian speaker linguist gives Russian language and literature lessons in Philadelphia (South, downtown)

I have a ba degree in linguistics - practice and theory of translation My techniques and methods of instruction include but are not limited to: - being extremly patient - create an interactive classroom environment - sustain quality teacher-parent relationships - compassion - effective discipline - innovative teaching methods

Russian tutor, Pittsburgh, PA. Russian as a foreign language, native speaker

I am a native russian speaker, and i can give lessons to any english speaking students who wish to learn to speak, read and write russian. I take students of all ages. Educated at herzen state pedagogical university, st. Petersburg, russia (studied russian an russian literature).

Los Angeles
Russian engineering college student gives lessons in sciences, English, and Russian language

Hi! My name is lidia maslova. I'm a 24 year old engineering college student. My schedule is very flexible. I've been a tutor most of my life, especially in teaching the russian language. I teach physics, math, and language. I am very passionate about my studies and setting a goal for my client to achieve together. I'm available every day except friday evening to saturday evening.

Los Angeles
Online Russian native teacher and tutor - progress for children and adults

Russian is my native language. I use it every day - speak it, write it, think it, teach it! Washington state university - course of american studies, 2002 Chernihiv state institute of economics and management - finance, 2004 I've also taken several other courses.

The student of philosophy faculty in Ukraine teaches you Russian or Ukrainian

I am native of russian and ukrainian, i study philosophy at the kharkiv national university. I able to give lessons to whom wants to practice a launguage much more than study a grammar (i also like speaking much more). Often it's a begginer or intermediate level. Also, i do not prepare you for any tests, i prepare to talk to another people.

(2 reviews)
Professional russian language classes with native speaker and experienced tutor! Intensive course!

Hello, students! I`m a qualified (ma in linguistics) and experienced russian language tutor (native speaker) I would be delighted to offer one-to-one russian language tuition to determined learners, who are eager to build up their current knowledge or to start from scratch, and who are committed to achieving a certain level in a very short time, from beginner level to extensive.

Master degree professional in russian and uzbek/tatar languages in ann arbor area.

Master degree diploma. Proficient in russian language and literature. Had been worked as a journalist in different mass-media and as a language instructor for foreign students. Fluent in other slavic languages as ukrainian and belarus and uzbek and tatar.

Russian teacher or a tutor online or Houston, MBA, many years of experince

mba/gm project management and instructional design the art institute of phoenix phoenix, arizona Associate of applied science degree in web site administration and instructional design brooklyn college brooklyn, new york bachelor of arts, major: computer science and communications

Russian Language Teacher and Interpreter in the Maryland area giving Russian language lessons for any level of proficiency.

I am a certified russian language instructor with experience teaching adult students of varying skill levels. I believe that lessons should involve all the primary proficiency skills; listening, reading and speaking russian. Each student is unique and requires a unique approach.

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Learning a foreign language is a long-term venture. Surely, it takes a lot of time, effort and patience, but the end result is priceless. A new language opens doors to new friends, new jobs and new experiences; that is, if you stick with it. Learning Russian, however, is amazing is several ways: for someone passionate about Russian classical literature, reading classics in the original would certainly expand their views. Moreover, travelers would enjoy conversing with native speakers in Russian and those more business oriented will be inclined to learn it for establishing business relationships all over Russia. Private Russian teachers create specific lessons for their students, focusing on their weaknesses that need to be improved. That way, a students knows what to pay attention to and what to work on. Eventually, their ultimate goal will be reached and they'll become independent speakers, able to communicate in Russian freely. Some topics are related to learning Russian and Russian private lessons. Several of them are Polish lessons, Sanskrit lessons with Sanskrit teachers and you can also learn Catalan and Spanish with a Spanish tutor.

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Kseniya's request

Руслан, добрый день. Меня зовут Ксения, я помощник-ассистент и помогаю своему руководителю подобрать частного преподавателя русского...

1 month ago
Speak Russian or German on the first class

Eric's request

Hello Yana, Your introduction piqued my interest. I'm curious about learning Russian. Always liked the translations of nineteenth century Russian literature and figured it might be worth trying. (Casual learner though. I teach kindergarten so I'm...

4 months ago
(2 reviews)
Professional russian language classes with native speaker and experienced tutor! Intensive course!