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Former NSA translator 24 missions to former Yugoslavia during civil war war zone

Graduate Defense Language Institue BA and MGA Georgia State University I use intensive one on ine drilling to master subject matter My classes are small so students rsceve maximum one on one attention I emphasize conversation skills in my classes above all I also make sure students understand grammar

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LFrench,Italian, serbo-croatin. Master degree University of Belgrade. I Live in Houst Usa.

I am professor of French language and literature I have been teaching French since 1975. I have MD and I also used to teach Latin and Italian. Teaching method: step by step. Grammar, pronunciation and exercises. I am a patient and sociable person. I am always trying to create a friendly atmosphere wich is very important, from my point of view and from my experience.

Shaker Heights
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French Tutor and Current Teacher in Cleveland, OH. Excellent One on One.

BFA from Ohio State University I am great on on one with students K - 10. I listen and make sure that the student is well prepared in French. I look for areas where the student is having difficulty I work with the student to improve speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

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Polyglot training for starters: learn multiple languages at once (Russian, French, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian)

Former U.S. Army interrogator, trained in French & Spanish by traditional public schooling & university, followed by world-wide travel, then trained in Russian by the Defense Language Institute for interrogation purposes, THEN trained in Serbo-Croatian and sent to Bosnia for 12 months, where the native speakers did not believe I was not a native speaker.

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Professor FLE 11 years in Croatia, as TEFL, teaching English 10 years in Croatia, located in Guingamp

I am a French and Russian teacher and I am the holder of Certificate in Advanced English and TEFL. I taught French as a foreign language to students from 10 to 18 years old in schools and at home in Croatia and I also taught English to students from 7 to 14 years old. My courses are tailored to each student depending on his level and his way of working. I also introduce playful methods.

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Everything you need to know, and translate from serbian, i have been learning english for 10 years

I`m translating subtitles for movies, there is not specific topic. If you need to learn Serbian language, or just need to have something translated i am the right choice. Serbian is mz native language, i have been learning English for 10 years.

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Law student gives language courses ENGLISH / GERMAN / SERBIAN / CROATIAN remotely

Hello, You do not have time to take language classes, but you would gain knowledge of English, German, or Serbian / Croatian? Test the classes in languages ​​with me at a distance and your pace. Looking someone available to academic support / preparation for the Baccalaureate your child's primary school in Terminal? I also offers home study courses 1-2 times a week.

Paris 20e
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Courses of Croatian language and FLE ( French as a foreign language) proposed by experienced language teacher

A native Croatian speaker, accomplished, qualified and experienced language teacher provides group and individual language classes in Croatian and FLE ( French as a foreign language), tailored according to various students' needs. Objectives: -to provide language training in Croatian and FLE (French as a foreign language) to a diverse array of students of varying ages and abilities.

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Canadian bilingual gives English courses in Aix en Provence, for all levels.

Hello, I was born in Toronto (Canada) and spent 12 years there, I eventually had to move to Tunisia, where I learned the French Lycée Gustave Flaubert, and my graduate studies I chose Aix -en-Provence in France to the right. Concerning teaching techniques, I like to talk with my student to get comfortable with the English language. I tested the foundations of students such as grammar, vocabulary .

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Teacher of foreign languages ​​(English, French, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian) in Belgium (Brussels and surroundings)

Macedonian by origin, I give Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, English and French lessons for beginners and intermediates in French and in English and all levels for Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian. My lessons last 1 or 2 hours, depending on the choice of the student. I use the materials of interest to the students, so it is very personalized and customized, in addition to books and other tools.

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Learn or improve English or Serbo-Croatian with a qualified and experienced teacher!

With a university degree in teaching the English language and Anglo-American literature (obtained in Bosnia and Herzegovina and recognized by the ENIC NARIC France) I invite you to discover or improve your English or Serbo-Croatian language skills. Currently working as an English coach, I offer you personalised telephone or online (via Skype) lessons.

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I teach in French, English and Serbo-croite (foreign languages ​​and media school)

Former French teacher in Serbia for all ages, I have two courses in international business and HR. I have work experience in companies in Serbia and France. I live in France since 2011. I teach in private. At the moment I don't work, and therefore, I am available all the time. I give courses - exercise through Skype. I have different methods of learning French (books, workbooks and CDs).

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Experienced English and Serbo-Croatian (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and montengrin) teacher, translator and interpreter

Hello, I am a teacher and translator experienced English and Serbo-Croatian and guide and agent tourist reception with a Master of English, French and Montenegrin nationality, recognized handicapped worker, of Montenegrin origin, awaiting decision become expert for judicial English and Serbo-Croatian in France and recognized sworn court interpreter for English and French in Montenegro.

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Italian private lessons (from basic to advanced), Serbian (from basic to advanced) and English (basic and intermediate) in Barcelona

I am a dynamic, creative and funny girl. Last year I finished my studies of translation and languages ​​(English and Serbian) University studies of Bari "Aldo Moro". My classes are adapted to the students, but mainly I think the game is the best way to learn. I also give great importance to the conversation and cultural aspects of a language.

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Serbian or English courses in Montpellier cheap! English classes for everyone :)

Hi! My name is Luka and I'm a student in Montpellier who is looking forward to use His English knowledge to help you with issues you-have about this beautiful language! My technical learning is through talking and Useful methods in life INSTEAD of just plain rules. Of course I am more than willing to help with homeworks you-have for me. My classes are 2 hours long gold Either 1h.

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Hungarian student, with mother tongue German, Hungarian and Croatian gives tutoring in German, Hungarian and Croatian

I am a student of Hungarian, Russian and Philosophy in Vienna, Austria. I do a year abroad right now, here in Paris. I'm in the third year of my Bachelor. I would like to share my German (yes, we speak German in Austria), Hungarian and Croatian knowledge with people who are interested. For everyone who is in school or university to speak or to make grammar exercises, but also for literature.

Paris 17e
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Graduated from the Paris School of Business (Bac+5), speaking 4 languages ​​fluently (French, English, German & Serbo-Croatian). Available to give l

I just finished my studies and I graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion in Paris. I currently completed a 3 month internship at the OECD and am available to provide tutoring and academic upgrading to any student saw them in need. I am a teacher, patient, and listen to others, and I am above all there for you to advance and transmit the taste of success, and the desire to learn.

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Qualifed teacher with BA and Trinity College Certificate in TESOL, gives online EFL, Russian and Croatian lessons.

Qualified teacher with BA in English and Russian Literature gives EFL, Russian and Croatian online lessons. Trinity Certificate in TESOL, Certificate in Online Teaching. Fluent Dutch, basic French. Reliable, friendly and responsible. Adult learners. General and conversation lessons.

Paris 11e
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During Serbian, Paris 11th, Professor (master 2) Serbian language, Faculty of Philology in Belgrade

PROFESSOR OF SERBIAN very experienced (MASTER 2); University degree in the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Serbian language, fluently bilingual offers courses in Serbian constructed and effective for all levels. By combining multiple methods I get the best results.

Paris 8e
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Student in master language and French and Spanish literature gives tutoring Serbo-Croatian, English, Spanish and French (FLE) in Paris

Spanish-French bilingual teacher, master 2, 2 years experience in language schools. I offer tutoring and / or small group (max 5) at home and / or Skype (webcam and sound).

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Graduate teacher gives private English and Italian lessons, all levels, in Toulouse

Professor graduate having 4 years of teaching experience, tutored English and Italian. I hold TEFL certificate in Teaching English and Master 2 in Education and Training in Italian. I offer individualized tutoring tailored to best suit your needs.

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24 hours to become bilingual thanks to a professional coaching by a polyglot

(automatic translation) Do you want to learn a language to speak it or to have classes your whole life? In 7 years, I learned eight languages. Today, being now 30 years old, I speak a dozen. After a career in IT, for a around 2 years, I made my passion for languages my new job. With my partner, also a polyglot, we founded our school: Toulingua.

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Serbo-Croatian is a pluricentric language spoken in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Each country has their own mutually intelligible standard variety and language is also characterized by two writing systems. If that’s too confusing, then simply put it is a language with approximately 20 million native speakers in 4 neighboring countries. Western Balkans had a turbulent history, owing a huge part of their cultural heritage to the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. What makes learning this language so interesting is the simultaneous disclosure of culture behind it that reveals itself through various expressions and words. On SuperPROF, any student can find Serbo-Croatian lessons given by Serbo-Croatian teachers. These lessons will be organized systematically, according to the student’s capabilities. Students taking private Serbo-Croatian lessons will surely be satisfied with their teachers and methods of learning. In addition to Serbo-Croatian teachers, students can also find Polish teachers or study Persian with an experienced Persian tutor on SuperPROF. For those interested in learning Sanskrit there are plenty of possibilities available and Japanese lessons are at hand as well.

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Hayley, found their serbo-croatian tutor

Hello! My name is Hayley and I'm very interested in learning Croatian. Much of my family is in Croatia and I am planning to travel there next summer. The only thing holding me back is that I'd like to be able to converse with my family and strangers...

3 months ago