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(2 reviews)
Véronique Lortal Trainer, Coach vocal artist and musician songwriter

I'm singing teacher and vocal coach for over 25 years, stage songwriter wife and i played, sung all over the world alone or with a souchon, j. Birkin, mr. Schultz, the great orchestra splendid, coluche, f. Chopel, etc. The scents group i have 2 albums and 3 singles for polydor, island record, east west. I am fascinated by the human voice.

(2 reviews)
Learn PIANO & SINGING like YOU like with great pleasure, fun and respect

Independent teacher for 15 years with its unique integrated approach through his personality, his innate pedagogy, musical training, tools such as music therapy, nlp, the dolce method for people with autism and difficulties, his willingness to share the love of music in piano and voice for beings from 5 years to 70 years old. During all year from monday to saturday.

(1 reviews)
Guitar teacher, graduate of DUMI, I give guitar and music lessons, well-adapted to each personality and capacities.

Guitar teacher for nine years, graduated of dumi and musicology license. I propose guitar lessons and vocal working suitable for each personnality and possibilities. I also propose specific music workshops, for young children, elderly or all persons with any disabilities.

(6 reviews)
Singing courses with a Persian jazz and world music singer: singing technique / spoken voice / Breathing and posture / Interpretation and performing

I am a professional singer( jazz and world musique), musician and vocal coach (singing and spoken). I started music at the age of 6; i studied in the american school of modern music paris (i also attended many workshops :improvisation, performing, technic,. Etc); i was trained as a professor with jasmin martorell (a very well know international voice teacher / baritone / comedian / director ).

(4 reviews)
Courses & SINGING VOICE - Coaching - Lille (working voice / body / emotion) + Recording Studio

Hello! The voice is exciting, and my approach is very much alive: the whole body connected to our emotions is the instrument of the voice. I'd be happy to accompany you in your discovery, in all its dimensions. We can work on materials (vocals, spoken text, oral) you have chosen.

(1 reviews)
Singer graduated from the jazz and improvised music conservatory and currently Master of improvised music, gives singing lessons for all levels.

Singer graduated with a master of hochschule basel and a dem of the strasbourg conservatory in improvised music, gives singing lessons, from beginner to advanced, from young to senior and adapts to your favorite universe, jazz, song, gospel, rnb, soul, hip-hop, world, classical, musical, american variety.

Vocal coach and pianist gives singing lessons and / or piano in contemporary music (Gallieni metro line 3)

Outside paris, gallieni metro (l3), come yourself and learn to sing with a vocal coach! All accompanied on piano by me or by a karaoke backing track! Like to sing? You want to advance quickly? Making you happy especially? One address! Studio mn metro gallieni (line 3) 40 € the course.

San Sebastián de los Reyes
The passion for the piano, enjoy music through classes and creativity moments

I am mihaela duma and piano classes i teach are intended for all those who want to learn and enjoy piano and music. 1 . Children: through a customized education to each of you quality and methodology, different categories of classes are established. Children / as of 4 to 6 years included, introduction to piano with musical language. 2 . Initiation.

Professional singing teacher with 10 years of experience gives singing lessons (pop/jazz/folk/rock/soul music) in Montpellier, Lattes or online.

A qualified singing teacher gives voice & music lessons in english/french/polish to adults and children, professionals and amateurs, groups & individuals.

Current student singer Music gives current Parisian area (Yvelines) Graduated from

Young student in music singer 18 years has motivated and passionate singing lessons for children under 16 years, vocal technique classes for adults, notions of theatrical expression and development work of the musical ear. Beginner and medium level. Current music: jazz, rock, soul, pop.

Professor certified TCM TCM gives singing lessons and jazz / scat in Nantes and Skype

Teacher certified to teach the modern technique singer (tcm). I teach singing and tcm courses focused jazz / scat, online via skype, and face to face nantes. I also speak at home in 44 intensive (minimum 3 hours).

Pascal henri
Paris 9e
Professional musician gives piano lessons and singing, harpsichord, organ and composition

Dynamic, educator and listening, i provides instruction for all levels of awakening piano at expert level. I am also a pianist and harpsichordist and organist, and have acquired expertise in baroque music as romantic on these three instruments. I articulate my courses on fun and sharing while taking into account the constant development of the student's expectations.

Singing Course in Nantes Staff profesisonnel graduated Music Academy International

Location: nantes (44), france instrument: singing for professional musician and teacher graduated from the conservatory and singing staff of the prestigious music academy international of nancy (2001), numerous scenic experiences, a former backup singer tenor at the opera, offers lessons singing, whatever your age, your level and your favorite style (classical, variety, rock, gospel, hip hop,...

Get personalised singing lessons at home with your own teacher ! (Beginners to intermediate)

Graduate curriculum professionalizing songwriter-performer of the factory at saint-antoine bastille, i offer singing lessons for contemporary music for adults to teenagers who want to advance in their vocal practice by preparatory exercises and the preparation of a song. My teaching focuses on the will of the student. I also propose recordings and self analysis to realize the progress.

Paris 11e
Voice lessons by TCM-certified vocal coach in Paris, Val d'Oise or via Skype

Tcm is an evidence-based approach to vocal health and singing, created by british voice researcher and teacher allan wright. A certified tcm vocal coach, i teach beginning and advanced singers, occasional and pro. I teach principles of healthy, balanced phonation using the tcm approach.

Lyon 9e
Professional Singer / Singing Teacher / Coach / Give singing yard. Ability to save models

Voice teacher (7 years of training in singing), professional singer, i offer singing lessons and vocal techniques tailored to your needs. I make music with passion and love sharing with my students, counseled, pushed for him to take confidence.

Singing lessons (folk, pop-rock) and musical accompaniment with guitar and / or piano

I am a student passionate about music since childhood and having a conventional basic training for the piano received at the academy of waterloo (7 years) with a theory education (6 years). I redirected to the folk world that seduced me enormously and that pushed me to learn guitar and inspired me to sing while playing guitar or piano.

Singing lessons in pop and jazz / pop and jazz vocal lessons

Professional singer and teacher for pop and jazz music, i graduated from the conservatory of leuven. Lessons are for beginners and confirmed singers. During the lessons i play the piano and vocal approach the technical, the interpretation and the appearance internship. The lessons take place in schaerbeek for € 25 / h in english or french. Please contact me for any questions.

"Bring out the artist within you playing and singing your favorite songs"

This project stems from my conviction that everyone can play guitar and sing. It does not take a genius, or be born with a special talent, on the contrary, sing and play can open doors to discover your talent. Learn music like the great soneros in cuba, the bluesmen in the united states or the savage tribes in africa.

Student gives lessons in piano / music theory beginner weekend, Val d'Oise / Paris

A science student, i practice piano since 8 years, having now 17, so for almost 10 years. I studied at the music school for 3 years, so i know quite well the theory. I offer classes on friday between 15h and 18h ​​and on weekends. (exceptional cases the rest of the week after 18h). The courses will be adapted to all ages and levels.

(1 reviews)
Sant Fost de Campsentelles
Musically active pianist offers classes in piano, harmony, musical language, singing and percussion at different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) in Barcelona and surroundings. professiona

I am a pianist, arranger, composer, director, singer and percussionist of various projects and my classes are aimed at anyone who wants to have a first contact with music (baseline), reinforce knowledge (intermediate) or improve study techniques (advanced ); students whom i offer ranges from children, adolescents and adults.

Pianist gives piano lessons, music theory, etc. at home any age.

My name is saray, i am a girl of 20 years. I take music lessons from 6 y. O and started with the piano around the age of 7/8. Currently i am studying fine arts at the urjc and modern music and music production at the creative school of music in madrid. I teach piano, music theory, musical language, intonation, etc. Since 2012 i teach anyone, whatever their age.

Singing lessons in Malaga and Costa del Sol, spanish or english, all styles of music.

Song graduated from the conservatory manuel carra, malaga and graduated in dramatic art specializing in musical interpretation by the school of dramatic art in malaga. I currently combine my work as a teacher with the singer and actress in various companies on the national scene.

Professional singer gives voice lessons in Paris 9th. Technical, let go and interpretation.

Singing teacher for 3 years and a professional singer for 10 years. I graduated from the school atla (current music). - breathing techniques and articulation - working the accuracy and rhythmic placement - interpretation and letting go are the heart of my work with you and for you. My role: do you good first! Music is a way to break free and get to know more.

SINGING LESSONS with a passionate professor and opera singer career ON IT !!!!!!

Heloise koempgen-bramy france (see website) to define methodological etc with the student. Opera singer career i am passionate pedagogy and i myself started singing in some other way that the lyrics. I love children and i especially love to share. Back in paris after several contracts abroad, i would again experience happiness to teach motivated people whatever their level.

Student in Music and Musicology license gives courses in music theory, guitar and vocals

I am a student in music and musicology and i want to share my knowledge by teaching music theory, guitar and singing for beginners and intermediates. My methods vary according to individual needs and are defined on a case by case basis.

Professor of lyrical singing, contemporary music / variety and choral singing

Singing teacher and choral singing for 15 years in different associations and music school, i work on the song of the basic techniques by relying on the integration of music in each of the body. I work much with beginners who wish to discover their instrument for experienced singers wishing to develop their practices and capabilities.

Active musician / Guitar Teacher: Course guitar / vocals (Study of the handle scales and chords) Study of a varied repertoire all styles (Instrumental artists) Pop / Rock /

Study of the handle by the study ranges harmony by solfège rhythmic pieces study all styles chosen by the agreements amounted to his request (pop / rock / reggae / ska / jazz / funk etc.

Carlos ignacio
Cuautitlán Izcalli
Songwriter with Berklee Statement of Accomplishment offers private lessons: of composition, singing, and bass. Cuautitlan Izcalli.

Welcome, musician! I am a songwriter and arranger from fermatta (in those good ole' days when toussaint was the principal! ) and berklee college of music. I look forward to working with people like you, who are passionate about music, eager to learn what's taught in music college but without the time to pursue a full-time bachelor.

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2 years ago

Maylin est une super prof, très attentive aux besoins individuels de l'élève, avec de grandes compétences professionnelles, donnant des explications claires. Ses exercices m'ont aidée à me relaxer et à utiliser ma voix de nouvelles manières....

(11 reviews)

Très attentive. Elève qui assimile facilement la méthode. La pratique et la régularité de l'enseignement lui permettra de développer sa voix : belles découvertes en perspective !

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Have you ever watched a singing competition and said to yourself “I wish that was me?" Do you think that you actually have the talent, but you just do not know how to improve your skills? As diamonds need to get polished, similarly, singers need practice to be perfect. Singing lessons are necessary for whoever wishes to pursue a career in the music industry and they are also important for people who just enjoy singing as a hobby. These lessons are taught by professional singing teachers with recognized experience in this field, who can set up the singing lessons according to your needs. There is a wide range of singing teachers available, covering different locations and areas of expertise. The music field is immense and we can provide all kinds of related lessons, such as percussion lessons, and professional teachers, including bagpipes teachers, trombone instructors or even a harp tutor.

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Aaron's request

Hello Maylin, I am looking for vocal lessons in the Parisian area. I've searched for this area on superprof and you were showing up. I liked your description and profile and would like to ask If you are giving vocal lessons in Paris? I will be...

1 year ago
(4 reviews)
Paris 18e
Cours de technique vocale et coaching chant par auteure-compositeur interprète franco/américaine, à...

Fernando's request

Hello, I am looking for a teacher that is familiar with musical theater technic because that is the style I would like to explore. I've taken some singing classes a couple years ago and then stopped due to my job but I would like to continue...

1 year ago
(1 reviews)
Chanteuse Professionnelle Franco-Americaine (BILINGUE) pour cours particuliers- TOUT NIVEAU et TOUT STYLE.

Haytham's request

Hi, my name is Haytham, I am a lead guitarist and a vocalist, I am from Syria and I am on vacation in paris for 2 weeks. I was hoping I can take a couple of classes during my stay in order to enhance my skill as I do intend to pursue music and...

1 year ago
(1 reviews)
Chanteuse pro formee a l'atla donne cours de technique vocale / chant sur paris