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Singing lessons by professional opera singer for all level and all styles in Crest

I am a professional opera singer for 20 years. I have a first price in cnsm de paris song award paris. I teach the traditional italian bel canto technique based on breath and optimizations resonances in respect of bodily wellness. My courses are for singers of all levels and for all musical styles (classical and contemporary music.

Rio de Janeiro
Teacher majoring in music gives piano lessons / keyboard / singing and music theory in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro

The intention is that we can make music together, no matter what level or age. The class takes place in a constant consensus between the student and the facilitator (teacher). Both expose their interests and work together toward making art.

WE ALL CAN SING! Singing lessons around London with 15 years experienced musician

Music is a tool to connect with others and ourselves. Through singing we don’t just build a bridge with an audience but with our bodies and our own emotions. Singing involves every little part of our system, from our lungs and our diaphragm to breathe and project, to our brains and our heart to express, even going to our heads to let the sound resonate.

Conservatoire of Scotland Opera Singer giving singing lessons, language coaching, teaching music theory and flute!

I have been studying classical singing at royal conservatoire of scotland for five years. I have been trained as a flautist since i was 7 before i was a singer. I have held different theme-based recitals, and performed in opera. I would like to give singing lessons for different styles, language coaching for singing in english, italian, german, french and chinese of course.

Music and French student gives vocal, violin and saxophone lessons to pupils in Guernsey and Durham

I am a first year music and french student at durham university but i spend my holidays in my home island of guernsey. I have grade 8 distinction in singing, violin and alto saxophone and have experience in tutoring 9-13 year olds in violin and saxophone.

Music student shares own lessons in music theory, singing and piano from first grade to univeristy levels online and in Southampton

Interactive teaching from a systematic approach - i seek to balance theory and practice, as well as create a strong knowledge basis that allows the student to express their creativity. Know the rules so you can break them. Learn from your mistakes to access your true potential.

Singing teacher and vocal coach in North Somerset and bristol for all abilities gives singing lessons from home.

A vibrant & welcoming vocal coach with extensive performance experience Lessons are 1 hr long Consist of a physical warm up, vocal technique and audits, song & repertoire development and relaxation techniques. Regular showcases are hosted for performance opportunities Each learner will receive a learning file, handouts and backing tracks.

Student and singer 'since 14 years) 18 gives singing lessons, music theory and flute pleased

Hello! I propose to teach you the basics of rhythm, music theory and flute with fun. I love you too would learn to sing (because yes, you have a voice and you can use it to make others happy and make you happy, yes! ), to breathe properly and to separate your voice from head and chest.

A 'neat' music teacher looking for more students for piano and singers. I teach with energy and enthusiasm and I am friendly and reliable!

I am fun dynamic teacher with almost 12 years private tuition experience. I have taught both children and adults. I am currently training as a teaching assistant and work through two music schools. I am also a professional singer and do regular concerts in the midlands area.

Guitar player from Russia with 10 years experience offers guitar- & Said lessons in Chemnitz

Have you always dreamed of playing guitar? Do you have a guitar at home, on which no one plays? Are you fond of music and want to play a musical instrument? Then i'll help you with pleasure! Whether you have taken a guitar for the first time in his hands, you already know a few chords or can you even play songs - if you need some help, i can help you.

Schoolgirl singer proposes classical singing lessons, jazz, modern and music theory for private schools or at home.

Goodmorning everyone! My name is alexandra and i am 20 years old. I'm a light lyric soprano and basically i have a classical education.

(2 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
A Prenda Música - piano and singing class in Copacabana. Modern method.

Piano and singing lessons in copacabana, rio de janeiro. Near to metro. Professor graduated from uni-rio. Classic and popular. Learn to read music and chords in a easy method. I have real acoustic piano, air-conditioned room. Learn in a few weeks.

Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
Young composer and experienced student gives music lessons Piano, Composition and Music Theory for everyone in the canton of Vaud

Student 22 years wishing to become a teacher in primary school, music is a passion for me since my childhood. I always liked to impart knowledge, either technical or creation. Having learned piano by himself for 10 years before starting the first classical studies and jazz, i have a method that changes the classical teachings in music school or conservatory.

Passionate guitarist of 18 years from 13 years sharing his current musical knowledge rather rock sound with singing and classical

I am guitarist-singer making classical guitar, acoustic, electric since 13 years. I had the opportunity to rock and classical concerts as part of my music school and now i'm doing rock concerts with my current group. I love what i do and i would love to share it around.

Concert pianist gives piano lessons any level. At home or at mid on grand piano

Pianist conertiste professional experience of 20 years gives piano lessons all levels at home or at home on baby grand piano. Rigorous but fun approach, goodwill and good humor to progress any level. I train today international artists with patience and good humor.

Guitarist and singer with 10 years of experience for giving unique lessons and tips and tricks

I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now, and one thing i realized is that the way a person is taught how to play the guitar in the first place is crucial in how he/she builds their musical career or hobby on the long term. The way i teach guitar is very simple.

Singing, Violin and Music Theory lessons available in Crosby with excellent rates

Hi there! My name is kendal. I am a crosby based classically trained musician with a 2. 1 honours degree for birmingham conservatoire.

Music Teacher - Singing, Music Theory. Birmingham-based, able to travel. DBS Enhanced. Music Graduate.

I am a music graduate based in the west midlands. I am highly experienced in teaching singing, in particular younger singers with changing voices. I have a very good knowledge of singing technique and music theory, and so i am able to help with whatever repertoire you want to learn (classical, musical theatre etc.

I offer acoustic guitar lessons, classical, electric, song for girls / boys ranging in ages from 18 to 26 years

Hello You will explain everything well, as you want to play, what interests you more to learn than others, tell me that guitar kind of experience you want to get. Based on what we want to evaluate how many hours of learning you will need to reach your goal.

(1 reviews)
Learn to play piano with your favorite music composer pianist Martin Regnier

Classical / jazz / vaudeville. Chordsheet or treble system, clef. Melodic singing, harmonic understanding, improvisation. Music games. Gold medalist classic conservatoire national supérieur de paris, and graduated from the prestigious school of jazz, american school of modern music in paris. Martin regnier is composer pianist. His world is a mixture of classical and jazz.

(14 reviews)
Paris 17e

Find your voice! Pros & beginners: place the voice! Vocal technique and interpretation on paris Formed 13 years by the famous annette charlot (who was singing teacher many stars of the french scene) i'm singing teacher and interpretation of many artists, beginners or experienced and works as varied repertoires around the french chanson, rock, pop, world music and international pop performer.

(1 reviews)
Symphonic conductor from St.Petersbourgh teaching children and adults of all levels.

Conductor st petersburg who teaches piano, singing, music theory, choir, music therapy, theory and harmony as well as children to adults of all levels. I can give classes both in english, russian and a little french. The song is based on teaching me old school italian bel canto that based on deep breathing (which is very good for health).

Teach how to read music and write music. Also teach vocals,guitar and keyboard

I am a teacher with experience of 2years+ the reason i choose to teach is because it is always good to share the knowledge you have for someone else to acquire. Hence this is the reason i teach in a very understanding and friendly manner.

Vocal Coach with 10+ years experience offering tailored singing and music theory lessons in Raynes Park, London

Hi! I am an enthusiastic singing teacher with over ten years experience coaching both children and adults. My background includes both classical and contemporary training within genres such as jazz, cabaret, musical theatre, pop and light opera. When teaching, i work with students to support their learning by tailoring lesson plans that support their individual goals.

Bristol/London based Musical Director provides Custom Backing tracks, sheet music with audition cuts or rehearsals for Auditionees.

I am a professional musical director for musical theatre and opera and a music graduate from the university of bristol, specialising in piano performance and music theory. I can create sheet music in a key of your choice, with audition cuts to make any audition process easier. I can also provide a backing track of this music, to rehearse with, or backing tracks to perform with at events/concerts.

Durham Uni Music graduate available for teaching a variety of instruments in London at affordable rates

I am a young, enthusiastic music graduate who has held prior teaching experience in an international boarding school. I have taught students from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and ages through comprehensive and well-structured lessons.

Student musician, can teach piano, voice, ukulele, music theory and musical help

I'm a gcse graded student, who's single passion is music. I start from what ever level is comfortable for the leaner. I give half an hour lessons in both instrument and theory lessons. I'm a teacher who will make sure that the student is confident in their ability as well as their instrument.

Music student at Oxford gives piano, singing, music theory and music history lessons (Cycles I-3)

My classes are intended for students of all ages who wish to advance their progress either in a conservatoire or as an amateur musician. Besides bringing my personal experience of a very good musical education, i will adapt my courses according to the needs of students to ensure their progress and satisfaction in a more personal way, depending on each person's pace.


Certified teacher singing and vocal coach prepares for the voice singing competition (and kid), new star. 1 the voice winner / winner 1 passion song 2016: (concealed information) 2nd and 3rd one day one voice 2016 and second in duo realized clip: (concealed information) Was nice in the best schools and about and bilingual english all styles, even opera. All ages. Beginners welcome.

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2 years ago

Maylin est une super prof, très attentive aux besoins individuels de l'élève, avec de grandes compétences professionnelles, donnant des explications claires. Ses exercices m'ont aidée à me relaxer et à utiliser ma voix de nouvelles manières....

(11 reviews)

Très attentive. Elève qui assimile facilement la méthode. La pratique et la régularité de l'enseignement lui permettra de développer sa voix : belles découvertes en perspective !

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Have you ever watched a singing competition and said to yourself “I wish that was me?" Do you think that you actually have the talent, but you just do not know how to improve your skills? As diamonds need to get polished, similarly, singers need practice to be perfect. Singing lessons are necessary for whoever wishes to pursue a career in the music industry and they are also important for people who just enjoy singing as a hobby. These lessons are taught by professional singing teachers with recognized experience in this field, who can set up the singing lessons according to your needs. There is a wide range of singing teachers available, covering different locations and areas of expertise. The music field is immense and we can provide all kinds of related lessons, such as percussion lessons, and professional teachers, including bagpipes teachers, trombone instructors or even a harp tutor.

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Kimberly's request

Hi Elizabeth, I'm looking for a voice teacher to help me on technique, breathing, and working on a few pieces. I'm open to taking lessons at a location convenient for both of us. I have been in a few choirs, though over the last year I have not...

1 week ago
Kings County
Professional NYC Vocalist with M.M and B.M Berklee College of Music

Luke's request

I am Luke York I have had piano lessons in my youth been in a number of bands one of which opened for Brooks and Dunn another which opened for Jerry Jeff walker. I know I have some ability but I want to perfect what I have

2 weeks ago
(4 reviews)
Cours de technique vocale et coaching chant par auteure-compositeur interprète franco/américaine, à...

Gerard's request

I am Gerard, a spanish guy from Barcelona who is a big fun of jazz classics and bright swing. I come from a family of artists, almost everyone in my family is a professional musician (classical music or jazz). I would like to improve my singing...

2 months ago
(6 reviews)
Chanteuse du jazz et musique du monde : chant/voix parlée/Respiration et posture /Interpretation/travail de...