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"Bring out the artist within you playing and singing your favorite songs"

This project stems from my conviction that everyone can play guitar and sing. It does not take a genius, or be born with a special talent, on the contrary, sing and play can open doors to discover your talent. Learn music like the great soneros in cuba, the bluesmen in the united states or the savage tribes in africa.

Professor of lyrical singing, contemporary music / variety and choral singing

Singing teacher and choral singing for 15 years in different associations and music school, i work on the song of the basic techniques by relying on the integration of music in each of the body. I work much with beginners who wish to discover their instrument for experienced singers wishing to develop their practices and capabilities.

Acoustic guitar lesson in Campinas SP - play music in just 3 classes

You can see my stuff through my youtube channel: (concealed information) and my facebook page: education (concealed information) playing and singing mostly pop / rock and mpb. I possess knowledge both theoretical and practical music. Fitting the student define what your goals are with the classes, and on top of that we set up the script to be followed.

Singing lessons. Technique and repertoire. Flamenco specialty. Multilevel. Titulada en la Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya

I am entitled to the superior school of music, professor at several schools in barcelona, ​​my classes are aimed at students of all levels and all nivesles. My specialty is flamenco but i have training in jazz and classical singing.

Maria del mar
Ciudad de México
Classes at home or individuals Music, singing and composition at CDMX Beginers

Contemporary singing technique ,sing your favorite songs with just apply the right technique also learn to make your own songs, there are no limits on musical genres and styles. What are you waiting for? Music is for everyone. Try something new.

VOCAL COACH INTEGRAL. fully express yourself, find your own style, singing, public speaking, shyness

I'm singer & actress, integrative vocal coach, integral singing lessons. For all ages and levels. I work with anyone who simply wants to work their expressiveness and / or voice. I define my classes as "integrative", i think we are mind, spirit and body, and therefore embrace only one of these is insufficient.

(1 reviews)
Singing class & summer camps, with Eugénie O'Mey (The Voice) - Delémont district

Singing class : Individual or group lessons | in my house or with skype | all levels, ages, styles | joy and considerable progress insured! Course objectives : 1 . Voice mastery (vibrato, vibes, head/chest voice,. ) 2 . Interpretation (emotion,. ) 3 . Confidence (getting rid of shyness and stress,. ) 4 .

Music Lessons for Beginners - Singing, Guitar and Piano classes in Curitiba-PR

You can learn music through the practice as you want! I will take into account the individual needs of each student. Classes are held in a context totally focused in musical practice.

La Bastide-de-Sérou
Professional guitar, vocals, compositions, bass and Mao teaches to increase your musicality

Singer, guitarist, composer and sound engineer rich in lots of different musical styles: jazz, reggae, rock, traditional, folk, pop. I studie music and vocal in a jazz private school in belgium. Years of experience in teaching and transmission of music for all ages and all levels.

Violin and Music Classes - Children and Adults - Beginner - Intermediate

Brazilian doctoral student (30 years) and also charged of the classes of lecture de repertoire, commentaire découtes and history of music at the university of poitiers; violin teacher - children and beginner and intermediate adult - suzuki method work possibility classical repertoire and / or popular

Tres Cantos
Vocal Coach certified in New York and specialized in demanding styles: Rock, Metal, Music, Gospel, Soul ... one to one classes, Skype. Voice Rehab with LAX VOX.

Learn to sing at gema vau’s vocal lab, a leading madrid singing teacher offering adult singing lessons for all abilities: with beginners, improvers and advanced levels. We can focus on different genres including: jazz & soul, rock & metal, blues & gospel and pop& musical theatre.

Composer and song writer proposes to help you produce your album and learn music

My name gotam sen. I learned self-taught music at the age of 16. I started with percussion and guitar and finally piano that allows me to deal with digital instruments). I have also trained indian classical music (tabla and sitar). I went to india to study music with one of the best tabla players (kumar bose) for fifteen i use mao programs (computer music) to record my compositions.

Get personalised singing lessons at home with your own teacher ! (Beginners to intermediate)

Graduate curriculum professionalizing songwriter-performer of the factory at saint-antoine bastille, i offer singing lessons for contemporary music for adults to teenagers who want to advance in their vocal practice by preparatory exercises and the preparation of a song. My teaching focuses on the will of the student. I also propose recordings and self analysis to realize the progress.

Modern singing lessons: rock, pop, gospel, blues, jazz, soul, rnb, musicals, opera...

Hello, "coach vocal paris" offers modern singing lessons : - via skype, facetime or google hangouts.

Singing lessons - jazz,modern, tango, brazilian music, meditation through the voice

Hello, i offer singing lessons in paris area or on skype. Author, composer, professional singer, i explored many musical styles; i teach jazz, modern singing and vocal improvisation. I also give lessons of brazilian music and tango argentino, of which i know a wide repertoire.

Alcalá de Henares
Professor of Modern Singing in Alcala de Henares gives private lessons at all levels

My name is sibyl, i'm singing teacher with 7 years of experience teaching classes and workshops. I am a professional singer of jazz and modern music with more than 20 years of experience in the music scene.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Music teacher, initiation, piano, music theory, singing, improvisation, etc. Santa Cruz. It offers degree.

Practical classes, well-sequenced, enjoyable. Intuitive and quick learning. All styles. Methodology based on multiple materials and systems. Classical system, yamaha, abrsm system. Prepare evidence for access to conservatory, elementary and professional level. Individualized and specialized training for students in initiation, elementary education or professional degree.

Willingness to learn singing, piano, music theory or even? I teach in an effective and pleasant way in Brussels (17, graduated from music theory and I did the piano academy of my 5 to 10 years,

I am a 17 year old music lover since my 4 years. I teach effectively, fast but above all enjoyable. I adapt very well to the requirements and methods needed to conduct the course.

Graduated from music school (Pre-academic conservatory) Voice / children's choir director, Imola- lessons at your home

I'm a girl just graduated from the liceo musicale of forlì. My lessons are aimed at an age group between 4 and 16 years old. My desire is to introduce the child / teenager to what is the music and what is singing, making them closer and closer to an art that can become also very constructive for the person himself.

Voice lessons: modern and jazz music. Vocal technique. Improvisation. Musical language. Children and adults. Bilingual.

My name is andrea crespo, i'm from madrid and i'm 26 years old. I am currently studying títol superior de jazz i música moderna in conservatorui del liceu. My classes are aimed at all levels, children or adults, in english or spanish.


Pedagogy is a motivation for me in itself. See the evolution of the game of a student is a real personal enrichment. You learn a lot to teach, that the student is a beginner, good amateur or advanced level, the role of the teacher is that his student excels week by week, the view will group turns integrate and groove. My specialty is the contemporary music.

A graduate of the conservatory and the Voice talent gives voice lessons in all styles (opera, contemporary music)

Diploma conservatory in opera and early music, i am now a singer and composer of pop / jazz. My classes are for students of all levels and any style seeking to build a technical or prepare specific events (competitions, concerts, auditions. ) . I attach great importance to breathing and interpretation. I especially uses techniques of speech pathologist dr amy of breteque.

Awesome singing lessons in Paris and/or online - hurray for TCM !

I am leeroy, a young voice teacher training with allan wright, creator of the brilliant tcm method. This method is for singers of all levels and from all backgrounds. Whether you're from lyric, pop, jazz or musicals singing; whether your goal is to sing in the shower, in your car, for your friends or for a hundred thousand people in endless touring, tcm welcomes you with open arms.

Paris 17e
After the student Toulouse, provides tutoring and English language courses for primary and college

Hello, i teach children in primary have some gaps or uncertainties before entering college. My classes are also used for students who are in college, highschool or adults. The goal is simple: to provide a strong and effective methodology to enable them to progress throughout their school years without notoriously difficult. My abilities are in all subjects, especially english i speak fluently.

Healthy vocal
Professional singing teacher, all levels and styles, initial free interview, all ages

For over 20 years i'd trained in all the new singing techniques that had appeared (specially with speech level singing and estill voice certified teachers), studying different styles, included pop, jazz, rock, metal, opera or musical theater.

Pro or not, control your voice thanks to the coaching of a Professional singer

For more than 30 years music takes a prominent place in my life. First as an auditor and then quickly as a singer. Too much want to give and receive, share. From jazz clubs to piano bar and recording studios, my life has turned naturally and quickly to music, in france and abroad. Singing, music, is arts.

Training Musician (20 years at the conservatory) gives Piano lessons and Voice Coaching

You would like to learn to sing and play the piano or guitar at the same time? You want to learn to play the piano but you also would like to finish the course on a short introduction to singing? This course is for you! All levels accepted: people who have never played an instument to people who do not think out sing. All ages welcome.

Pianist gives piano lessons, music theory, etc. at home any age.

My name is saray, i am a girl of 20 years. I take music lessons from 6 y. O and started with the piano around the age of 7/8. Currently i am studying fine arts at the urjc and modern music and music production at the creative school of music in madrid. I teach piano, music theory, musical language, intonation, etc. Since 2012 i teach anyone, whatever their age.

Paris. Rock singer / guitarist (3 albums, numerous collaborations, international tours) to help you write, play, sing and record your first rock album.

I am a professional singer/guitarist/songwriter. My native language is american. I'm fluent in both french & english. I've written hundreds of songs. I am the frontman of a rock band. We've toured around the world. (usa, europe. Etc). I've played with internationally renowned musicians and my last album (2013) was engineered in los angeles by a famous producer.

Professional Singer Songwriter and Composer provides vocal coaching and songwiting tips in Paris.

As a singer songwriter for 10 years i had the chance to work as a composer and especially as a vocal coach in movies as much as in plays, fashion, and of course the music industry. My teaching is based on the practice of simple exercises for a better understanding of the complexity of the sung gesture.

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2 years ago

Maylin est une super prof, très attentive aux besoins individuels de l'élève, avec de grandes compétences professionnelles, donnant des explications claires. Ses exercices m'ont aidée à me relaxer et à utiliser ma voix de nouvelles manières....

(11 reviews)

Très attentive. Elève qui assimile facilement la méthode. La pratique et la régularité de l'enseignement lui permettra de développer sa voix : belles découvertes en perspective !

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Have you ever watched a singing competition and said to yourself “I wish that was me?" Do you think that you actually have the talent, but you just do not know how to improve your skills? As diamonds need to get polished, similarly, singers need practice to be perfect. Singing lessons are necessary for whoever wishes to pursue a career in the music industry and they are also important for people who just enjoy singing as a hobby. These lessons are taught by professional singing teachers with recognized experience in this field, who can set up the singing lessons according to your needs. There is a wide range of singing teachers available, covering different locations and areas of expertise. The music field is immense and we can provide all kinds of related lessons, such as percussion lessons, and professional teachers, including bagpipes teachers, trombone instructors or even a harp tutor.

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Aaron's request

Hello Maylin, I am looking for vocal lessons in the Parisian area. I've searched for this area on superprof and you were showing up. I liked your description and profile and would like to ask If you are giving vocal lessons in Paris? I will be...

2 years ago
(4 reviews)
Paris 18e
Cours de technique vocale et coaching chant par auteure-compositeur interprète franco/américaine, à...

Fernando's request

Hello, I am looking for a teacher that is familiar with musical theater technic because that is the style I would like to explore. I've taken some singing classes a couple years ago and then stopped due to my job but I would like to continue...

2 years ago
(2 reviews)
Chanteuse Professionnelle Franco-Americaine (BILINGUE) pour cours particuliers- TOUT NIVEAU et TOUT STYLE.

Haytham's request

Hi, my name is Haytham, I am a lead guitarist and a vocalist, I am from Syria and I am on vacation in paris for 2 weeks. I was hoping I can take a couple of classes during my stay in order to enhance my skill as I do intend to pursue music and...

2 years ago
(1 reviews)
Chanteuse pro formee a l'atla donne cours de technique vocale / chant sur paris