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I'll make a professional singer of you. Professional, any discomfort in your voice, I help you to correct it.

Member of the little dreams foundation, created by phil collins. My teachers, chosen by this artist himself teach me modern song, dance, jazz flute, percussion and theater. Noticed by bruno berber on my first cast i started my career in musicals ( "il était une fois joe dassin," "avenue q",. ) . Then other events lead me to become a singer for various artists (amandine bourgeois, inna modja. ) .

Vocal coach and Singing lessons in Barcelona

Voice technique lessons, customized work plan, repertoire, song rehearsal. Solving of faq, business overview, starting point analysis, goal planning. All levels. Ro's singing lessons are suitable for all levels from amateur to pro. He's flexible and will focus in your strengths and interests as a musician to improve your skills.

Opera Singer, gives singing lessons and courses for all levels of interpretation in Annecy

I teach classical singing for 15 years and my teaching is based on my experience of opera singer over 30 years. I still practice today my singing career alongside that of teacher. I teach students of all ages (except children because the voice is not yet consolidated), and all levels (from beginners wishing to please them selves to the professional singer who comes to prepare roles or auditions.

Paris 10e
Opera singer and vocal coach gives singing lessons in Paris

I offer singing lessons for all levels. Having acquired a solid professional experience abroad, i will allow you to develop your voice and improve your technique using contemporary methods of work on the body and breathing that are tailored to the student's needs.

Experienced professional musician gives over traditional percussion in Nice (06. Alpes Maritimes)

Course pace west african (djembe, dununs, karignan), afro-brazilian (atabaques, agogo etc. . ) afro-caribbean (congas, claves, bells etc. ) oriental (darbuka). Pedagogy adapted to the european public but based on african and caribbean bases. Authentic work polyrhythms & malinke songs and yoruba. Working from first principles. Work of improvisation. Training from beginner to professional.

Master student in the High School of Music in Lausanne HEMU offers individual singing lessons.

I attach great importance to the vocal technique: posture, breathing and development of breath support, resonance and development. They are the pillars of the general technical work. And and musicality primarily and music theory. All these elements are always in the service of interpretation.

Vocal Coach & Fixer. Estill Voice Training Certified Master Teacher

During the first lesson, a work plan is set, that is, The work that needs to be done first is determined by taking into account the current vocal situation, the aspects that need improvement and the things that are already working. Some issues can be fixed almost immediately, others need time and perseverance. These lessons take place in zaragoza, but they can also be arranged online.

Singing lessons, electric and acoustic guitar and electric bass in Leioa (Bizkaia)

Kinds of modern singing, guitar and electric bass in leioa (bizkaia). Extensive experience from 2001 to the present, as a professional musician and teacher. Classes are individually charged 20 € s time, or monthly, 60 € / 4 hours per month (with a discount of € 5 per class with this option). Dispose amplifier and tools so you can practice.

Lyrical singing, learning the technical , the vocal coaching and the stress

Wladimir bouckaert young french tenor of 24 years, following its first three years of training in opera at the national regional conservatory radiation marseille, then at the conservatory of aix-en-provence in the class of mr tiberius raffali.

Opera Singer, gives singing lessons and courses for all levels in Geneva

I teach classical singing for 15 years and teaching is based on my experience of opera singer over 30 years. I still practice today my singing career alongside that of teacher. I teach students of all ages (except children because the voice is not yet consolidated), from beginners wishing to please themselves, to the professional singers who come to prepare roles or auditions.

São Leopoldo
Professor of Popular Guitar, Singing, Electric Bass and Music Theory (including initiation).

I am studying for bachelor in music and technical course in saxophone in est college. I would like to offer classes for all people who want to learn music and / or instruments for liking, or wanting to learn more of them. My classes always have, as the student's interest, theoretical and practical content, including theory exercises, as well as of the instrument, or voice.

Professional singer gives singing and music theory lessons for all levels

Would you like to sing but the idea of ​​singing in front of someone scares you? I would like to help you in gaining confidence in your voice and yourself. Professional singer, graduated with a master degree in jazz singing at the royal conservatory of brussels gives classes in jazz singing, pop, soul and salsa for all levels, beginners, advanced or confirmed.

Vocal Student at RNCM offers singing lessons in and around Manchester area.

A lesson would include: Vocal exercises, technique and repertoire work. Beginners to advanced, and all ages welcome. Any genre can be taught. I am a friendly but structured teacher who can get the best of out people.

Singing class in the North (59)

For all levels for all type of voice vocal technic (breathing, posture. ) interpretation phonetic language all styles: classic (the opera arias, lieder, french art songs, contemporary music. ), jazz, variety (pop, french chanson, kpop. ), korean traditional music.

Paris 2e
Professional Opera Singer of French-American descent gives English and Voice lessons

Raised in america to french parents i grew up in a bilingual environment giving me a unique perspective into both languages and cultures. I received my bachelors from the world-renowned conservatory, manhattan school of music, in vocal performance. I sing in operas and concerts internationally.

Didgeridoo lessons and Tuvan overtone singing or Khoomei in Barcelona!

After several years studying australian didgeridoo and overtone singing with various masters i offer to teach both. My purpose is to teach students two fascinating and unique techniques: circular breathing, which allows blow indefinitely didgeridoo and amplification of harmonics, which allows two or more notes sounding simultaneously who sings.

Voice lessons: modern and jazz music. Vocal technique. Improvisation. Musical language. Children and adults. Bilingual.

My name is andrea crespo, i'm from madrid and i'm 26 years old. I am currently studying títol superior de jazz i música moderna in conservatorui del liceu. My classes are aimed at all levels, children or adults, in english or spanish.

Individual Intensive Course in central Madrid, 10 sessions 150 €, modern vocal technique.

Hi, i'm from argentina. I've spent years combining three activities: singer, singing teacher and english teacher. My classes: Vocal technique as demande the repertoire you want to sing, and your preferences. There are many ways to make your voice come out, that´s why i personalize individual classes We´ll work on postural correction, relaxation, breathing, voice placement and tuning.

Theoretical Music lessons / practice in general for beginner, intermediate and advanced including piano, guitar, singing and more, in Ipanema-MG city with Professor Carlos_Junior Contact Co

Want to learn something really good for your life? Something that makes you happy? I can help you! My name is carlos junior and i teach music 'the secret of happy life, choose your musical instrument touch and start a new phase of your life, learn to sing like professionals. (anyone can join) simple method for children and adults.

Singing lessons and vocal coaching of the spoken voice and singing voice in contemporary music for all those who wish to explore, work their voice and develop their creativity while respecting

Sung part: -techniques preparation vocals - breathing technic - support, installation of voice - consonants, vowels - the colors of sound - the volume, attack, accuracy - rhythm - interpretation (vocal games, emotions). Spoken part: - installation of voice - work around the stamp, heights, intention, flow).

Rosa maria
Ventas (Madrid)
Teaching singer

Old style music

Online Multi-instrument teacher of Cello, Violin, Viola, Piano and Voice via Skype

Teaching (boston area, southern brazil) - four year olds, school-age students, senior amateurs. - group lessons, string ensembles, mini-orchestra. - alexander technique application to performance. - suzuki, traditional and intuitive methods. - student sight-reading. - piano accompaniment. Individualized approach to teaching. Apply the student´s own learning method.

Singer and songwritter at the National Music School gives singing lessons in Lyon

Student at villeurbanne national music school curriculum song, i also studied singing at the conservatory of grenoble (3rd validated cycle). I also play the piano, guitar and compose and write texts in french and english. I give music singing lessons, the lessons will rely technical demands of the student, i also work on the management of breathing and stress.

Training Musician (20 years at the conservatory) gives Piano lessons and Voice Coaching

You would like to learn to sing and play the piano or guitar at the same time? You want to learn to play the piano but you also would like to finish the course on a short introduction to singing? This course is for you! All levels accepted: people who have never played an instument to people who do not think out sing. All ages welcome.

VOCAL COACH graduate and professional singer who moves to centre town Nice

My classes are for all who want to learn to sing or improve their vocal technique. A vocal coach is someone who helps students on a professionalization process using all the breathing techniques of facial expression, and vocalism.

Music School Musical Productions and Art: Prof. Music - Wagner Vanzeler Loureiro

Music school art and music productions - m. Prof. Wagner vanzeler loureiro 27 98805-0462 (whastapp) other 99756-4215 email: (concealed information) sites: (concealed information) (concealed information).

Singing, Violin and Music Theory lessons available in Crosby with excellent rates

Hi there! My name is kendal. I am a crosby based classically trained musician with a 2. 1 honours degree for birmingham conservatoire.

(6 reviews)
Paris 10e
Singer pro, dynamic gives voice lessons and music appreciation at home in the center of Paris

We will discuss together: * breath work and breath management * knowledge of corp and postures to adopt * voice * technique of interpretation * master's voice and head voice to chest * stage presence * improvisation work * composition work pieces of your choice my courses are in accordance with the needs and expectations of the student, in joy and good humor.

(4 reviews)
Guitar Lessons (Chant also possible) in Bordeaux for beginners. We will leave to your needs and take into account your tastes and wishes. the courses are individual.

Guitarist singer since i am around 15 years and i work as an animator sociocultural my account. About learning, i am self-taught but i took a lot of tutoring for rhythmic music theory and technique. My classes are for children but also for adults who want to start learning the guitar. I can also give singing tips for those who wish to be accompanied.

Paris 12e
Courses for professional singing and vocal technique in paris (english, french, german)

I am a professional vocalist offering singing courses for all levels, starting at age 6, for various styles, regarding your tastes and needs.

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2 years ago

Maylin est une super prof, très attentive aux besoins individuels de l'élève, avec de grandes compétences professionnelles, donnant des explications claires. Ses exercices m'ont aidée à me relaxer et à utiliser ma voix de nouvelles manières....

(11 reviews)

Très attentive. Elève qui assimile facilement la méthode. La pratique et la régularité de l'enseignement lui permettra de développer sa voix : belles découvertes en perspective !

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Have you ever watched a singing competition and said to yourself “I wish that was me?" Do you think that you actually have the talent, but you just do not know how to improve your skills? As diamonds need to get polished, similarly, singers need practice to be perfect. Singing lessons are necessary for whoever wishes to pursue a career in the music industry and they are also important for people who just enjoy singing as a hobby. These lessons are taught by professional singing teachers with recognized experience in this field, who can set up the singing lessons according to your needs. There is a wide range of singing teachers available, covering different locations and areas of expertise. The music field is immense and we can provide all kinds of related lessons, such as percussion lessons, and professional teachers, including bagpipes teachers, trombone instructors or even a harp tutor.

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Aaron's request

Hello Maylin, I am looking for vocal lessons in the Parisian area. I've searched for this area on superprof and you were showing up. I liked your description and profile and would like to ask If you are giving vocal lessons in Paris? I will be...

1 year ago
(4 reviews)
Paris 18e
Cours de technique vocale et coaching chant par auteure-compositeur interprète franco/américaine, à...

Fernando's request

Hello, I am looking for a teacher that is familiar with musical theater technic because that is the style I would like to explore. I've taken some singing classes a couple years ago and then stopped due to my job but I would like to continue...

1 year ago
(1 reviews)
Chanteuse Professionnelle Franco-Americaine (BILINGUE) pour cours particuliers- TOUT NIVEAU et TOUT STYLE.

Haytham's request

Hi, my name is Haytham, I am a lead guitarist and a vocalist, I am from Syria and I am on vacation in paris for 2 weeks. I was hoping I can take a couple of classes during my stay in order to enhance my skill as I do intend to pursue music and...

1 year ago
(1 reviews)
Chanteuse pro formee a l'atla donne cours de technique vocale / chant sur paris