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Soccer Coach/Trainer/Teacher From Brazil. I grew up playing soccer, I currently play soccer, and have a passion for teaching techniques to improve soccer strategy and skills.

I grew up mainly in Brazil but always travelling to many countries and places, luckily, there were always soccer games in whatever country I was in at the time. I was mostly homeschooled and graduated high school from Broadfording Christian Academy, in Hagerstown, Maryland in 2012. I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration: International Business, from Liberty University.

Santa Monica
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High Quality Individualized Soccer Training from 2x Olympian and World Cup Player

I believe sports is a wonderful tool to teach life skills and develop leadership. As a professional athlete for 10 years and working in the sports industry for over 25 years, I've helped to develop youth athletes on and off the playing field. Even though training can be hard work it should also have an element of fun included while pushing and developing your skills.

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Training for all Sports, kids teenagers are welcome come join and have fun

My name is Andrew who went to Maple grove High school and Keuka college. I have my BA in sports Management, i would like to train all kids in different sports like soccer, hockey, baseball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and the list goes on. I'm willing to train kids and teenagers Boys and girls of all ages.

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Play sports, soccer, basket ball, table tennis, Children games, teach computer technology

I am an MBA graduate. I have CA. teaching credentials to teach computer technology, business management and office occupation at community colleges in San Diego, CA. I have over ten years of one-on-one and classroom teaching career. I play and teach sports - Soccer, Basket ball, Table tennis and other children games. I am a season technology instructor and sport instructor.

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Collegiate Soccer Player Located in Houston available for lessons of all levels

I've played soccer since I was 9 years old, and the highest level I've achieved is semi-professional. I played in college as well, and hold a USSF F Coaching License. I build my training sessions around the specific individuals and their weaknesses.

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Amateur athlete with over 20 years of experience of coaching and officating looking to teach the the fundamentals of youth sports.

I grew up playing soccer, baseball and basketball. I played both basketball and soccer in high school continuing to play after graduating from high school. I also played men's and coed softball working as the coach for the team setting the line-up and working as a base coach.

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Health and physical educator looking to enhance the body and mind of children for better overall health and wellness in everyday life and toward their futures.

Health and physical educator with a master's in sport management looking aide children with their endeavors in athletics, overall fitness, and well-being. I have the ability to teach children from grades K though 12 and use hands on activity to help them gain the knowledge they need to better their body and mind.

Elk River
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College Graduate-10+ Years experience playing soccer ,gives lessons on skills/technique and game rules and positions.

Hello! I am a recent college graduate with my Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and I minored in Art! One of my greatest passions growing up was playing soccer, I even wrote my college entrance paper on Soccer! I played from the time I was 8 years old until I was 18 years old and continue to play it on a recreational level.

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Athletic coach licensed in many sports including in CPR and EAD 1

I am a high school athletic coach. I specialized in cross country, running, swimming and andurance sports. I have coached since 2012. I can write training programs but prefers weekly communications to make sure customers are performing well and seeing weekly results.

Las Vegas
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Collegiate athlete and lifelong soccer player gives instruction on the mechanics of ball striking and control.

I am Todd, a former collegiate soccer player and lifelong avid outdoor and indoor soccer player. My lessons are designed for players of any age, from beginner to advanced, who are looking to improve their ball striking mechanics for more accurate and powerful shots, better passing control and range, and more confident dribbling and ball control.

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Soccer and Swimming Coach available for any age, ability, gender, or experience

BSc in Athletic Training (Bethel University) MSc in Human Movement (Concordia University) Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF) Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM) Human Kinetic Coaching Registry for Soccer and Swimming Registered Swim Instructor. I have worked with kids and adults in the past of different goals.

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Sports coach and /or music instructor to help people succeed in life

high school diploma, Hudson's bay high school, class of 1977, graduated with honors with graduating class bachelors degree in music/ education, northwest Nazarene university, graduated 1982 accounting diploma, western business college, graduated 1991 looking to help people be all that they can be

Flower Mound
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Learn amazing techniques and qualities to use both on and off the field!

Through my education I have gained knowledge in various different sports, including Taekwondo, soccer, volleyball, parkour and of course beyond general fitness. When you come on with me you will learn a lot of amazing techniques and learn how to grow towards your goals.

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Soccer Tutor. Psychically and mentally get prepared. Beginner, intermediate, and advance. Not only a tutor also a friend.

I am an engineer who love soccer. It is my hobby and I would like to share my experience with others. I love kids and spend time with them. Stars playing soccer since when I was a kid. I played against professionals. Technically, mentally, and physically educated.

Costa Mesa
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Soccer Coach, Drama, Voice, Social Skills, English. I can help international students with their english

I have played Soccer my whole life. I went to College at Concordia College In Bronxville, NY. I am familiar with all positions. I graduated high school in 2014. My expertise are in Drama, Choir, aka the arts and English. I can help younglings with their core work as well.

Los Angeles
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College athlete giving sports (soccer) lessons and leadership skill lessons on how to work together and as a team in order to succeed

I am a former Division I college athlete who played soccer at the Univ. of Florida. in Gainesville, FL. I have been coaching for the last 6 years on/off, as well as working for a kids program that teaches soccer through team building activities, sportsmanship, etc. I have worked for a university, as well as a professional team in Orlando, FL.

Los Angeles
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French and soccer tutor from los angeles

hello i am s 22 yo soccer player and french tutor i used to be soccer french player i used to play for marseille ,i know how to do soccer freestyle , so i can teach you soccer . also since i get here in LA , i have been tutoring basic french for americans who want to visit france or just learn how to get by in french .

Mount pleasant
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Award winning coach, with over 400 career coaching victories, gives European tips for success in soccer including for goalkeepers, coaches, tehcnical and tactical aspects.

Learn what the top teams in Europe and the US teach their top players. Use training tools that are used by only the best. Get beyond the average training and the average results. Practical exercises and strategic experiences designed for your benefit.

New York
Pascal devigny
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My specialities :grammar,vocabulary spelling.I live at Manhattan new york have associate devree.

I started elementry school at Paris (France).Graduated in high school(Lycee jules ferry) and went to national school of insurance of paris.I also played professionel soccer in uap team (union des assurances de paris).Moved to New york in 1977.worked at nypd traffic officer and teached arround my area.I'm a winner.

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Get undiluted knowledge at ease and stand out amidst your peers

My Educational approach is simple and straight forward. Pragmatism and Socratics principles are my main approach towards impacting my knowledge into the mind of the pupil, making them see things from a positive mind set toward been Educated aright.

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Teach the gift of sports

I am a simple teacher to one student or a group.

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I am a socccer coach for Lone star academy and I ahve been doing this for almost 5 years and I also major in kinesiology and communications.

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Los Angeles
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College graduate teaching soccer lessons for pre-k on to high school!

A college graduate with over 15+ years of experience in soccer, and sports related activities, I enjoy teaching those in need of lessons! Focused in Pre-k through High School, I can focus and tailor my training sessions on exactly what your child, or you may need.

Blue Bell
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Marathon Finisher and ATP Junior Tennis Coach. More than 10 years of experience

I have recently relocated to this area from Barcelona, where I was the Global Sales and Marketing Director for Mecalux Warehouse solutions. I am trying to understand the local job market to determine where and how my skill set will fit in in addition we want to make coach lessons of Tennis / Soccer / Fitness and other sport contents.

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Masters of sport psychology student gives sport lessons to different age groups

I am a former collegiate athlete, and I am currently getting my masters in sport psychology. Therefore, the techniques I use have psychological components, to help with the mental aspect of sports, without neglecting the physical aspect of the sport.

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Certified Health & Physical Education Teacher, 11 Years Athletic Coaching Experience

Peter O'Brien; 1. Arizona State University Graduate, MA - Education, BS - Physical Education, BA - History 2. Certified School Teacher, # 1128996, Health, Physical Education, History, ESL 3.11 Years Teaching Experience, Health & Physical Education, (Fountain Hills Unified School District) 4.

Huntington Beach
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Vietnamese sports coach in kid-activity, soccer, badminton, table-tennis and self-defense.

I am able to coach kid-activity, soccer, badminton, table-tennis and self-defense. In the past, I was a field commissioner for the Vietnamese Boyscouts. I also occasionally participated in these sports but not recently due to my working and going to school. I have no teaching certificate nor paid experience.

West Monroe
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Soccer, basketball,volleyball, and many other sports give you things to do when you're bored and have nothing to do.

my name is Kayla Williams i am almost 17 years old. when i was in 4 years old my parents thought it would be a good idea to join me in a soccer club with my friends from school. from then and on to my junior year of high school i have played soccer i played JV soccer my 8th grade and my first year of high school was moved up to varsity soccer and started.

Rio Hondo
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To be a soccer coach as a carrier in my life .

I am a intelligent soccer ex soccer player looking to become a soccer coach and later a maneger, I have a high school deplorable and cna, rotc,cpr certificate. I work on the methodology of fc Barcelona soccer team.

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Experienced Soccer and Fitness Tutor

I am a highly experienced and Qualified Soccer Coach who is looking for students wanting to excel or improve in soccer.

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Some of today's biggest soccer stars started really young. For instance, many football greats who come from small African villages are today playing in major European teams in the big leagues. For most of them the dream started with someone spotting their talent. Sometimes, it was a teacher and coach of a school football team who noticed the talent and other times it was a parent. The point is that even the greatest natural talent needs to be nurtured. If you are in the US and you or someone you know shows promise in the way their handle a football, getting them training can help them make the most of the talent. If finding a private tutor is the problem, consider it taken care of by SuperPROF. SuperPROF is a US website that has a listing of no less than 100,000 qualified teachers offering lessons in 250 areas including soccer. On SuperPROF, you can find soccer teachers offering private soccer lessons in your area. You can also find tutors offering private table tennis lessons, volleyball teachers and karate teachers. You can also find other sports instructors depending on the sport you are interested in. Get that soccer coach in your area and score big with your talent.