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Bronx County
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Former New York high school history & English teacher can enliven history and writing for NYC students

I don't depend on text books or rigid lessons. Instead I introduce students to historical experiences through stories and dramatic examples. Then I help you learn to think and write about them. Teaching materials include movies, novels, short stories, songs, poetry and field trips. Lessons will include discussion, debate, simulations of such things as the Underground Railroad during the U.S.

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College Professor teaching Sociology and various social science subjects to College students

My teaching style is different compared to most teachers. Every student learns differently therefore I like to use various modes of learning aids to help my students learn. I try to make learning as fun as possible, for example I use the newest craze of superheroes and apply sociological theories to them, such as Karl Marx's Conflict Theory of Superman.

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World & American History Instructor/Tutor in Springfield Missouri that makes learning fun

My technique is simple in nature and depth in practice. I want to find out what makes your learning yours due to an individualized approach that benefits the individual and the class when appropriate. I have have heard from previous students that they each got something different than one another.

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Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of Colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

Connelly Springs
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Rice University Student within Psi Chi providing help in Psychology and EBIO

Began studying Psychology at a high school level within middle school, have progressed on accordingly. Tutored many of my peers for the AP Psychology exam, and have become a researcher within the field by the first semester of Freshman year at Rice University. Currently working with graduate students and a contractor for NASA on research spanning discrimination to human factors.

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The luxuria Learning Center: Where Learning is a Beautiful Experience for Everyone

My educational journey is rather unique I enrolled at Laney Community College in 1999 as a returning non-traditional student. In 2002, I was accepted into the University of California, Berkeley where I earned undergraduate degrees in Sociology, African American Studies. In 2007, I entered Cornell University in the field of Africana Studies.

Mint Hill
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Psychology Major gives lessons to middle school, juniors, and adults in Mint Hill and Matthews.

I have a BS in Psychology, a MA in Counseling, and I am currently pursuing a degree in Clinical Psychology at Walden University. I love exploring and learning and researching. I encourage my students to do the same. I am open and liberal and wish to help my students love to learn and expand their horizons.

Sinking Spring
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Making History by Traveling Through Time...Finding Adventure as we go along. We are in for a great trip.

I have taken advanced history courses in college, and have particular strengths in US History and Church History. I have a keen interest in the American Civil War, in all its glory. I believe that I am very well-read in many areas of history, and am passionate about the subject. I have earned two Masters' degrees, one in Religious Studies.

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Psychology/Sociology/Critical Thinking/ESL college instructor/tutor of 18 years- Cincinnati, Ohio- Can work by phone, email, Skype, or in person

I am a student-centered instructor who will help you in the subjects with any questions you have. I have dual master's degrees in psychology and sociology. I have an ESL certificate and teach English as well. I use Skype, online discussion chats, and teach/tutor in-person as well.

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Creative, caring, competant career teacher wants to tutor (human science, history, academic subjects, arithmetic, use of Englsis language- reading, writing, composition) near Sumter & Camden SC

In Turkey, one definition of who is a teacher, is β€œOne who leads you from the darkness to the light – the darkness of ignorance, light of understanding.” This is a poetic expression of the inner wish of every true teacher – it is my wish.

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World History Teacher Having a BA in History and having a Masters in using Adult Teaching Strategies in Missouri online

I help Students who need additional help in their studies. I am someone who graduated from a non-traditional High School then pursued a BA in History then a BS in Secondary Education in order to allow students to have the best education. I then desired to help Adults with Education in Social Studies.

Villa Hills
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Kentucky teacher with BA in Ed. and MA in Ed. that loves History

I am a teacher at the high school level. I currently supervise a computer lab in which my students are taking their course through an online program called Plato. My students are in the grade levels of 9th - 12th grade. I tried to plan according to the multiple intelligence of my students.

Jennifer a.
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Geography MA; Education BSEd and MEd, Elementary and Social Studies, Pittsburgh, PA

I am a "forty something" teacher living in the Pittsburgh, PA area with nearly 20 years experience as a teacher. I will give lessons to whoever asks if I can meet the topic content that they seek. The lesson structure may vary depending on the request. I have used various methods, with lecture being the most frequent, but visual aids, etc. are often used in conjunction.

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Bachelors degree in psychology, minor in social work; tutoring in psych, sociology, counseling, and writing/research

I have completed an associate of arts from Jefferson Community College in upstate NY, and a B.A. in Psychology, minoring in social work at Limestone College in SC.

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MSW Candidate who gives lessons on psychology and related social sciences middle and high school levels

I am an alumni of Auburn University. My degree is in psychology and I was a teaching assistant while in my undergraduate years. Currently, I am a Masters of Social Work (MSW) candidate at the University of Southern California. I really loved my time as teaching assistant and I strive to use all of the experience I gained from that to continue helping others.

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Knowledgeable & passionate Social Sciences tutor in Janesville seeking students to assist

Since middle school the Social Sciences has always been a strong interest of mine; even up through high school & into college. I love various parts of history including Civil Rights/Black History, WW2, etc. Psychology & Sociology is where some of my deepest knowledge & passions lie; even to the extent of it being my major in college.

Sugar Land
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Human science is my life! 4.0 in Masters Program... I do this!

I recently just completed my Masters of Social and Behavioral Sciences. I have taught for the public school system for over 6 years here in Texas. I am originally from Michigan where I began my teaching career. I also specialize in Special Education. I have a unique teaching style whereas I catch the attention of my students to help them successfully reach their academic goals.

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Holder of a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology based in North Texas, Also Willing to Tutor via Webcam

Depending on your education level, I will either tutor you by giving a short lecture and some questions or I will work through the questions with you, when you and I speak we can figure out a plan that works best for you.

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Think History is Boring? It's not the Subject but who's teaching it! Let Me Help You!

I am one who's not your typical geek, but just someone who loves History. I have a Bachelors of arts in History with a Minor in Women Studies. I'm also obtaining my masters in Sociology. History isn't about just learning dates and dead people, but becoming investigators and challenging the truth. Finding different Sources to validate the existence of a person or Civilization.

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Prof Bartels provides lessons in psychology, sociology and general knowledge at the college level in the Capital District NY

I am finishing my dissertation for my PhD in psychology at Capella University. I earned my Master's degree in psychology at Adelphi University and my Bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in sociology at Russell Sage College in Troy.

Los Angeles
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Develop and enhance critical thinking skills in psychology, sociology and business development through applicable case analysis and practical application.

Presently teaching online and onground class classes with UCLA and Woodbury University in psychology, business and human relations. Conducted classes in student success strategies, sociology and business development with Corethian college, CSUN and Santa Monica college. Conducted classes at high school and college level as well as counseling students in areas of academic need.

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Psych (all areas) and writing sharply-focused, smoothly-phrased papers on Psych: You CAN Ace this!!

MA Psych, a dozen specialty certificates in therapy and counseling AND the author of five recent books and regular newspaper/magazine articles. If it's fill-ins or multiple-choice, you need facts + understanding of key principles. But - your biggest challenge is writing papers, right? You don't need a psych prof and a writing tutor.

New York
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PhD student with years of academic and professional experience with the social sciences

I enjoy teaching because learning is fun! I like to make lessons fun and engaging! I like to use interactive methods, such as memorization games and songs, to engage with students. I usually start a class or session with a short lecture, followed by questions and answers, then an activity, followed by more questions and answers, and a review.

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History teacher of 10+ years in various subjects available for tutoring in Scranton area.

Bachelors degree in social studies, grades 7-12. Instructed Psychology, regular and AP, Geography, and American History. Also instructed online classes for a local onlie edication service. Creative and interactive lessons are my specialty and I enjoy individualizing each lesson to suit the student.

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Teaching with Tee. Psychology, Sociology, you and me!! Monon Bachelor's Degree

I have obtained my BACHELOR'S in Psychology, Alzheimer's and Dementia. I am currently work ikk ng towards my Masters in Counseling andctgen on y o my Ph.D. I also have my CNA and Gma, current CPR and legal.

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Primary School, Middle School and High School Psychology, Sociology, ethics, social studies and journalismTutor

I am a high school senior and will graduate this may. I will give my lessons to you in a way that you learn best. I will tutor you for as long as you need. My hours are from 9 in the morning to 9 at night.

Hamilton Township
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Psychology/General Ed tutor can meet, Skype, email or whatever is most convenient

Graduating with master's degree in psychological services in December. I am looking to help anyone who needs tutoring in psychology and general educationsubjects. I have several years experience in tutoring and I am willing to accommodate how we communicate whether it's meeting in person, emailing, over the phone, or Skype.

New Orleans
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School Counselor with Masters in Education provides assistance in Psychology and with Academic Tutoring

I am a School Counselor who has experience with both middle school and high school students. I have also taught online Psychology lessons at the Associates degree level. So, I have experience working with all age groups and in multiple formats; I can individualize my approach and my lesson format to help each student be successful.

Dr. cathy
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Innovative and Transformative Educator Equiping and Inspiring Students to Actualize Their Full Potential

Greetings! I provide interactive lessons that will assist learners in grasping core concepts in business administration, psychology, sociology. My philosophy is that learning, similar to gardening, is an active and a delicate process that revolves around the active engagement of each plant (learner).

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Busness executive and adjunct professor gives business and human services instruction combing book and practical experience

I have been teaching for over 25 years and I use a blended approach which includes theoretical and practical approaches. I feel the best way to learn is to use experience and the world around us as the teaching tool to learn and grow. I am exact in instruction and require attention to detail.

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Sociology teachers can provide in depth educational courses to students. Sociology lessons can truly open up the world as a student has never seen it before. With so many different methods of social understanding found throughout the world, the better an individual understand the world from different perspectives, the better off the world is going to be in general. Often times, misunderstandings and world problems come about because one culture does not understand the other. With these sociology lessons, students can truly have their eyes opened. Beyond just sociology lessons, students have the ability to explore civics through civil lessons, obtain a better general knowledge tutor to teach them the basics on a wide number of topics, or they can seek out individual psychology teachers and geography tutors. Civics lessons are available as well, and all of these different class forms go well together with the addition of sociology. The more educated an individual is, the better their world understanding is, which is very important in this day and age.