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Young witch teaches tarot, herbal magic and divination in Selma, Cibolo, New Braunfels area.

Welcome friends, and blessed be. I'm eager to teach you the ways of tarot and other magic. My education has come from relatives, friends and my own personal research. I'm always learning new ways to interpret, therefore learning new ways to teach. Your intuition and an open mind is all you need.

1st lesson offered free !

Advanced and Intuitive Tarot Teacher and Reader, gives tarot lessons to students intersted in enhancing their skill and understanding

For anyone interested in using Tarot cards the hardest part initially is interpreting them. Most web sites giving "definitions" or "meanings" tend to have just a few lines and quite frankly that's not very helpful; particularly to a beginner.

Las Vegas
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Learn the Divination of Cards and what they have to offer with regard to insight into you, your relationships, and the possible future!

Self-employed in the Art of Card Divination. Have taught it using Waite's traditional deck, regular playing cards for about nine years now.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Learn How to Read The Tarot in the Roanoke Valley by 30+ Year Reader

I have been reading the tarot for over 30 years with great success. Learn about the history and mysteries connected with the tarot. I have read for hundreds of people in Virginia and North Carolina. I have read with traditional and modern versions of tarot cards. I can tutor beginners to proficient readers. My style is unique and tends to focus on a psychology based understanding of the tarot.

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TarotClaireLamont I can help you to find your best own method work.

I have lifelong experience of readings to all walks of life and circumstances. If you are in need of guidance or an out of the box perceptive on an issue, I can help to show you indications and choices.

Rio de Janeiro
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Tarot reader with over twenty years of experience Tarot Deck classes and Gypsy (LeNormand)

I have over 20 years of experience giving courses to groups as well as individual lessons, for those interested in learning to interpret the Tarot cards and the so called Gypsy cards (LeNormand). I graduated in Psychology in USA which helped me to better understand each client not only as a unique individual, but also as a person influenced by society and the environment.

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The Transformational Truth of Tarot - Learn How To Live The Rhythm of Life.

Tiffany Crosara has been professionally assisting others to clearly identify their blocks and work through them for over twelve years. Her first book, ‘The Transformational Truth of Tarot’ won the Best Spiritual Book Award of 2012. In her first year of TV work Tiffany was awarded Best Newcomer TV Intuitive of 2013.

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Initial FREE The Transformational Truth of Tarot Consultation - Learn How To Live The Rhythm of Life - - online and Birmingham, England

I provide life guidance via a holistic tarot card reading service. I was 11 when our school Headmistress caught us playing with tarot cards and banned them. She inadvertently helped to raise my curiosity! I started reading cards for myself and others when I was 15 which grew into reading at parties, charity fundraisers and corporate events.

Paris 17e
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Numerologist graduated AIN (Connaissance School of Numberology of Royston, UK) teaches Tarot Reading and Esoteric Numerology

We study the esoteric numerology through the numbers formed by the date of birth, the numbers from the letters that form the full name (first and last). We learn to develop intuition by calculating cosmic numbers and analysis of personal periods. We link numerology with the symbols of the major arcanas of the Tarot of Marseilles.

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There's something truly fascinating about wondering about the future. Every single person on the planet has wondered what would come of them as they age and go through life. While nothing is ever for certain, there are still those who like to try and use potential signs on the body as signs for what might come. Tarot readings is one such way that has been used for hundreds of years. Now, in order to properly perform tarot card readings, it is necessary to seek out tarot lessons from experienced tarot teachers. These professionals can help students understand the process and how to properly tell someone's fortune. Now, tarot reading is not going to be for everyone. In fact, there are going to be some who are completely against it. That is why there are other classes available. Some of these other classes include chair repair and engraving lessons, not to mention tapestry teachers for the more artistic individuals and a chiromancy teacher can offer up valuable lessons as well.