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Ladera Ranch
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Retired IRS executive with thirty six years experience in management accounting .

B.A. Education Northeastern Illinois M.S.A. Roosevelt University M.S.B. Johns Hopkins University Enrolled Agent (E.A.) Internal Revenue Service Guest speaker at Harvard Law School on Global Finance. I have also written training material in accounting, auditing and finance for various foreign countries.

Hilton Head Island
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Accounting, Finance, and Taxes in Hilton Head Island South Carolina Low Country

I am an CPA and an Adjunct Professor Accounting and Taxes. I like to teach the basics and then build from there to the more difficult concepts. I remind my students that accounting and especially taxation are not necessarily logical, it just is what it is.

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Business, Accounting, Economics Online: Master's degree in Education with 8 years experience!

I am a licensed teacher in all subjects covered within Business and Information Technology. I have 8 years of real-world experience in accounting, finance, business law, macro- and microeconomics. I hold my Master's degree in Education and Bachelor's in Finance and Economics. I have extensive experience teaching students of all levels and ages.

Helen gigi
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Accounting/Business is easier than you think. Degreed teacher to help you succeed.

As a teacher with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Accounting, I will give lessons to help with the understanding of accounting or business. Patient and kind, I will help make it easier to understand the basic concepts of accounting.

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28 year college professor with MBA for accounting, finance, math in Atlanta

28 year college professor with MBA and 15 years' of tutoring experience in Atlanta will explain topics in accounting, finance, statistics and math in clear language with examples. College professor at 7 colleges and universities since 1988 will clarify topics and boost your knowledge.

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UConn graduate offering tutoring in math, English, and economics at all levels. I'd love to help you reach your goals!

I graduated from the University of Connecticut-Storrs with a BA in Economics in 2011. I achieved a 3.81 within my major and love helping people enhance their understanding of economic concepts. I also extensively studied math and philosophy in college. I always served as an informal tutor to my friends and classmates to great effect. My approach is individualized.

(63 reviews)
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Private Lessons - Tax Law from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE. Financial controler and consultant

Hello, Financial Controller and Consultant in everyday life, I hold a Master's degree in Finance and a D.S.C.G., and with over 4 years of experience in education, I offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

(6 reviews)

Consultant from Deloitte giving courses in accounting / taxation over Brussels and its surroundings

Hello, My name is Kevin, I'm 26 and I propose to give private lessons in accounting, taxation and also in English. I appeal to all levels from primary school to university. I am a patient and understanding, Morevoer I love to help others understand or improve in an area.

(8 reviews)
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A Accounting advice and materials from the most basic to the most complex, advice anywhere in the world

I offer my advice to accounting, taxation, in addition to math and everything related to numbers, by giving detailed examples and then apply it to the student. Through texts students can understand more clearly what we want to learn and also what the student wants to improve and classes would nights via skype or at home with an extra fee for the transfer.

(4 reviews)

Private lessons and tutoring in Maths / Economics / Finance / Accounting / Management

I offer individual and tutoring courses in Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Accounting and Business Management at all levels from high school to higher education. Affordable 15 to 30 euros depending on the level and ability of a small group. I'm moving in the Montpellier or in libraries and I can possibly get to my home.

(2 reviews)
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I tutor in mathematics and accounting and I give and domiciled individual courses

I am still a student and I give private lessons to students in high school, college, senior etc. I have the ease of understanding the tricks in the financial well being to explain in detail the incomprehensible exercises. In my experience I am professional and consistent.

Ciudad de México
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Lic Accountant gives Accounting / Finance / Tax classes for high school or undergraduate students in Mexico City

I am a graduate in accounting that offers classes directed to students who are studying the career at a technical or professional accounting level. The teaching method consists of theory and practice based on real cases and is completely personalized.

Ciudad de México
David rené
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"Student gives accounting and financial classes to high school students and university students in CDMX and EDOMEX" I am a graduate of the UNAM,

My focus is on high school students and university studets, and start-up. I work with the theory necessary to understand basic concepts, and then apply the knowledge to practical activities. I use audio-visual material, social networks, field work, case studies, etc.

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Eager and light-hearted UCL student tutoring for economics GCSE and A Level

I am a UCL university student, recently graduated from school with 5 A*'s and 2 A's in History, Economics, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Spanish and Extended Project Qualification in History.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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London or Newcastle based First year undergraduate sudent in business accounting and finance

Hello, I give lessons to anyone up to graduate level. I like to start from the basics to give a thorough and in depth understanding. I am very patient and go into detail about the subject which gives effective learning.

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25 years experience in financial services and business management. Share in my experience

I have worked in sales and marketing since I was 16. I have achieved many things in my life including 1200 clients and moved into business management 10 years ago. I have helped many people succeed. I am a qualified independent financial advisor, mortgage broker and premises supervisor.

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Graduated from ISC Paris provides project management courses and other economical subjects

Graduate of 24 years, specializing in Management of Information Systems within the Higher Institute of the Paris Commercial and young entrepreneur, my knowledge combines theory and practicality. My classes are based on the exchange, participation, combined theory and practice in order to ensure a regular and recognized learning.

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Graduate student in Mass Communications gives Management and Administrative lessons to secondary school pupils in Nigeria

I am a gentle/calm person and makes sure my students get and achieve the lessons effectively. I also makes sure my students grabs the lessons taught before leaving for their houses and some fun is usually included like curricular activities and exercises.

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Online tutor with 25 years of experience for maths,accounts, tax,costing for academic and professional courses

I provide private home and online Tutions for state board, CBSE, ICSE, K12,SATS,ACT,GCSE,ALEVEL,IGCSE,O level IV to VIII – All Subjects IX and X – Maths IV to X – COMPETATIVE EXAMS LIKE IMO, NSTSE- Maths, Olympiad,NTSE-Maths etc.

Mirza nooruddin
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I am a Choice not an opportunity cost. 8 years of experience

Well currently im studing business at university however have been learning economics for the past 8 years. what better way to learn from your fellow pears rather then professors.

Philip nevil raj
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A part-qualified charted certified accountant, with specialisation in tax and financial management, providing lessons in tax, financial management & business strategy in and around Harrow

I am known for my friendly & motivating approach and my well-proven methodology of guiding students from preliminary assessment through the content of the syllabus to past paper questions. I have also been credited for my attentiveness and patience, specially with primary school students.

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Al hafiz academy of commerce-an institution for getting quality education worldwide.


Greater Manchester
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Accounting and business tutoring, in Manchester from a recent Accounting graduate (get new insight, fresh new ways of solving those tough accounting problems)

Recent graduate from university with a first class honours degree in Accounting for management. Will take time to get to know you and understand the way in which you like to learn. If you are not sure don't worry we will definitely figure it out and soon you will be on your way to becoming super boss in accounting.

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Microeconomics marketing Applied economics Tax system Khartoum Sudan Phd economics Quiz Tutorials

I am Ayoub Taha (Sudanese )( PhD in economics ) As a tutor I will prepare Lessons in each Subject .Then I will use the lecturing , discussion , Tutorials (Quiz...etc) Also home work &online exams will be adopted .

(1 review)
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I am accountant with graduate and MBA in Finance and Controlling. I offer private lessons for higher education in accounting disciplines, adm. financial, controlling, project analysis, financial and e

Classes are developed in a dynamic way in order to identify and resolve the difficulties of the student, always in line with the profile of each in relation to the rhythm of school, amount and form of content display, available for conducting exercises and other characteristics .

Little Downham
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Hi! My name is Toby. I am an English A-Level History and Economics student and am looking to help out anyone struggling in primary level through to GCSE Maths and Economics.

. I am very strong in most aspects of Maths, but strongest in anything to do with angles and arithmetic, and I know I can be a big help to anyone struggling in this key area. In regard to GCSE Economics, I can be a big help in all areas of the spec as I personally find the subject interesting and easily teachable.

(1 review)
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A graduate in economics and law for the enterprise, as well as chartered accountant offers courses in accounting, business law, tax law and an Italian language course for foreigners. AM

My classes are designed for students of secondary schools, as well as university students, who want to fill in gaps in the following areas: accounting and budget (business administration for the accounting), tax law, commercial law. In addition, I propose an Italian course for foreigners even for single conversation.

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Economist with extensive experience offer online lessons econometrics, finance, financial mathematics online

I am an economist with postgraduate studies in statistics and finance classes and offer help in solving exercises and problems of financial mathematics, finance, statistics and econometrics.

Juan antonio
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Economist from MALAGA teachs elementary and university subjects, individually support with custom prices

Economist specializing in macroeconomics and fiscal system, student of Master of Actuary and Financial. For the development of the classes I follow a personalized methodology for each student, tailored to the needs of each one, always explained with examples and as visible as possible.

(1 review)
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Classes accounting, tax preparation and presentation, financial mathematics and billing, business matters

Classes aimed at all those interested in business management and accounting matters and finanzas.-Accounting purchases, sales, prepayments, prepaid expenses, accruals, depreciation, loans, property, plant operations, taxes, constitution of the company, etc. ..- financial mathematics: update, capitalization, discounting, rents, loans, leasing, loans etc ..

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We all have to pay tax at some point in our lives. Even so, it is a topic that is not understood by many due to its complexity. Moreover, each country has its own tax system, and this can also add to this confusion. Nonetheless, you do not have to be confused; at SuperPROF you can learn tax system. Professional tax system teachers teach our tax system lessons. The teachers can tutor anyone who is keen on learning the tax system of their country, tax return preparation, and history of taxation as well as the economics of taxes. Even so, people who want to get jobs relating to tax systems can also benefit from these lessons.There are different topics that are related to the tax system and tax system experiences. They include admission test prep for business school lessons and economics. Moreover, you can find management teachers or a finance tutor on our website, SuperPROF.