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Expert math and software tutor in Carrollton, Texas, with three university math degrees.

I have 26+ years experience teaching and tutoring math students and am fluent and proficient in explaining concepts in a variety of ways. I have three university degrees from respected schools and much experience tutoring and teaching to accommodate different needs, abilities, and learning styles.

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Indian Trail
Patient educator helps to see math as man's way of describing the relationships that exist in our universe

1983 master's in chemical engineering, 20 years in paper industry r&d, 2005 master's in math education, 2005 through 2008 high school math teacher, since 2008 adjunct math instructor in charlotte, nc area colleges. I teach those with a desire to discover the relationships that exist in our universe and have been called "the david copperfield of math".

Christianne marie
(2 reviews)
Mathematics major giving Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, and Geometry Lessons to students in Primary School and Junior High School

I have been taking up bs mathematics for 3 years but had to put my studies on hold due to relocation. In my hometown, i was exposed to tutoring students within the university. I start teaching students the step by step process of each equation and after explaining, i ask them which parts they don't understand.

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Baton Rouge
Middle, high School, & freshman level math. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Certified Teacher

I'm a hands-on tutor. My teaching perspective is to build on what the student already knows and help her/him make connections between what he knows. Mathematics is best approached holistically, therefore, i aim to help my tutees see mathematics as one body of knowledge instead of pigeon-hole information. I stress understanding rather than performance of mechanical procedures.

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Great Neck
Certified Teacher -Math/Science- PreK to College- Long Island, Queens,Brooklyn,NYC,Westchester and online/email/in- person

Customized sessions: i would develop different approaches for any age That are designed to fulfill the needs of individual students. Experience tutoring: i would develop and teach customized classes to Students who could not be served by the regular school format. This includes technical strategies for different types of Learners (add,adhd,gifted).

Kings County
Adult studies instructor with a specialty in Mathematics from Brooklyn travelling through all of New York City

I work multiple jobs mostly in education and tutoring. My experience with teaching made me realize how much merit there is to helping other students succeed with their academic endeavors. Personally, i know how it is to struggle with difficult subjects and having no one to assist in understanding the concepts better and i want to make sure nobody else falls in that predicament.

Math Tutor *Kind Effective Math Tutoring with Credentialed Teacher **Special Education Welcome

Math tutor *kind, effective math tutoring *common core too! My name is teresa romero and i provide math tutoring, teaching, and test preparation in my quiet sebastopol office, by appointment.

College student in mathematics gives math and physics lessons all levels in kalamazoo and portage

I am a junior at western michigan university, my major is secondary mathematics with a minor in physics. I have experience in calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and general physics. I plan to be a math teacher in the future and am using this to gain experience and practice what i have learned.

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Math made easy. If A = B and B = C, than A must equal C. Southern IN/Louisville KY area.

I have a bachelors of science degree in mathematics with a minor in chemistry. I attended indiana university southeast and graduated with a 3. 9 gpa. What makes mathematics so great is that there is always a solution, even if the solution is that the answer does not exist.

Physics teacher teaches the most practical and fastest way to solve problems for high-middle school level in Columbus, Ohio

I am a person who likes discovering the world through experience as much as i read. I dont like questions stuck in my mind and therefore i am in love with physics and teaching it through which i can explain events happening around me. My teaching is for middle and high school level.

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Learn from Mr. VdV, math teacher and author of "Einstein's Riddle" (5M views on TED-Ed)

I am a math teacher who has taught and tutored secondary students (grades 7-12) and collegiate scholars. I have experience with 1-1 instruction in person and online, small group instruction, and whole class instruction. I bring my secondary educational background to my lessons which utilizes white boards and encouraging the student to participate.

College graduate in mechanical engineering who gives math lessons in the Westchester and New York City area

As a tutor, i would usually let the student try to solve the problem that she or he is struggling with on his own, and then if he is stuck or gives up, then i would do the problem myself and ask questions to make sure that the solution to the question has been understood.

Sugar Land
I offer middle (pre-algebra) to high school(upto Calculus) tutoring online and at my center

I am a masters in math with 20+ years of experience teaching and tutoring math at all levels, mainly middle and high school courses from pre-algebra to calculus. Being a tech savvy i can tutor online using webcam and/or skype, helping not just local but distant students proving best tutoring in any math courses that i offer.

Falls Church
Warmly motivated and experienced Tutor in providing professional tutoring services to students with miscellaneous subjects and standards.

As a warmly motivated and experienced tutor with a strong circumstantial in providing professional tutoring services to students with miscellaneous subjects and standards, i have gained ability to exceed your prospects as a tutor. I am confident that my desire to help students achieve their goals will go a long way in providing satisfying services to your organization.

Mount Pleasant
Any Mathematical subject to needs from CMU Teaching Assistant, Mount Pleasant. I'm an understanding dude in short

I have always been able to appreciate the beauty in the ocean of mathematics, so my passion for teaching mathematics is my personal single line description. Since i have studied major branches of mathematics mandatorily with a good interest, my grip of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry is at a good satisfactory level for up to 400 level courses in college.

Dr. arthur
Former Math Prof Excellent Results in Algebra and Statistics for High School

I taught math and statistics at clemson. I have a ph. d . In statistics and operations research. I love to tutor. I teach the 'how and when to do it method'. Try to make every lesson fun and interesting and relevant to the student. I have had excellent success, raising d level students to high bs or as.

Purdue engineering graduate provides tutoring in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Physics for middle and high school students in Hendricks and surrounding counties.

As a purdue graduate mechanical engineer, i have a lifelong love of math and physics, and have applied my skills in these areas in the field of applied engineering. I am skilled in identifying known information, clearly identifying the end result desired, and following the appropriate path for achieving the correct solution.

UIUC college of engineering graduate tutors high school and college level math and science

I am a math and science tutor at the huntington learning center in chicago, illinois. I also tutor college algebra, statistics, and calculus at triton college in river forest, illinois. I graduated from the university of illinois at urbana-champaign in 2013 with a b. s . In nuclear engineering. My gpa was 3. 65.

San Jose
Civil Engineering student giving trigonometry, algebra, physics, mathematics and engineering lessons in San Jose, California

I am jonalisa and i studied civil engineering for 3 years. I give lessons to those who have difficulty in understanding physics, trigonometry, algebra, geometry and even some engineering subjects. I usually teach the short methods in solving problems but i teach first the long methods so that it will be easier for the students to understand the subject matter.

MS in Math, BA in Math, Former Math PhD Student, Former Actuary gives math lessons in Philadelphia

I received a ba in math at nyu, ms in math at uc irvine, and worked as an actuarial analyst at mercer llc in new york having passed the first two actuarial exams (probability and financial math). I'm patient, and i ask questions to help students to arrive at the answer themselves.

College graduated in engineering givesmath lessons to elementary, middle and high school levels in Hialeah

I have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering. I graduated in cuba. My methods of instruction are different for each student but very efficient. I'm very patient and i think everyone has a potential and my work is to find it.

Ph.D. Educated and Widely Experienced Physics and Math Educator : Albuquerque, NM

I earned my bachelor of science in physics and applied math from the university of new mexico in 2011, and my ph. d . In physics from the university of california, riverside in 2016. I am passionate about science and math, and i can help anyone who wants to understand more about these topics, although most of my students are from high school or college.

(1 reviews)
Math lover and wiz to help you ace your tests with ease!!

Lucinda porter is from philadelphia, pa that has a undergraduate degree in finance and masters in business administration with a concentration of entrepreneurship from lasalle university. She has specialized experience in marketing whereas she did project management for dental facilities around the philadelphia area.

Experienced Math and Engineering Tutor with 15 years of experience seeking students

Education High school Scotia-glenville high school scotia, new york Undergraduate college Union college schenectady, new york Major field of study: electrical engineering and mathematics Graduate school Rennselaer polytechnic institute troy, new york Major field of study: electric power engineering - merit scholarship plus stipend

(1 reviews)
San Rafael
A Traveling Tutor with ten years experience teaches tantalizing math skills to students K-12

An energetic and enthusiastic tutor with a bachelor of science degree successfully raised four daughters. When not on the tennis court i enjoy teaching math lessons to students at all levels. My parental experience allows me great insight into the broadening minds of young students.

Algebra, Arithmetic, and Biology tutoring with experienced Princeton grad tutor for elementary, middle, and high school in DC area

I'm a recent graduate from princeton with a degree in economic policy. My lessons are tailored to helping you master the basics of using numbers and formulas for algebra, calculus, or elementary-level arithmetic. I strive to make my students the top of their class, and make sure to work with them at their own pace.

College graduate with Bachelor of Mathematics gives lessons math lessons at the basic level to some areas of calculus in Philadelphia or via online.

Lesson structure includes taking a look at what information is needed for the mathematics to be solved. Areas include algebra, pre-calculus and trigonometry, and calculus. Lessons can be based on the subject matter of the mathematics in question. So any mathematics up to the calculus level can be taught. Methodology includes a systematic rundown of information needed to solve the problem.

PhD Math help Desk: Math Tutoring in Rolla MO by PhD of Mathemtics

I am a 4th year phd student of mathematics and an undergraduate and graduate math lecturer. Nowadays the majority of my time is devoted to a research project that had been started since sep 2016. I believe in visualizing abstract ideas and illustrating deep concepts by making use of daily life examples.

Ph.D. in mathematics education wants to help you learn to love mathematics!

I first learned to love mathematics as a remedial math student. I was afraid of math until an excellent teacher taught me to think about what the mathematics meant, instead of focusing on "the rules. " i emphasize knowing why as a means to understand how.

I have completed Masters in Engineering and have 5 years of teaching experiences gives MATH and PHYSICS Lessons for all grades, SAT math and ACT Math Test Prep

I have done my bachelors and masters in mechanical engineering stream. I give lessons to middle and higher level maths. I can also train students for sat math and act math test prep. I always try to understand what is my student requires and adapt the teaching methodology in a way they are comfortable to grasp the concepts. I am a very patient, kind and passionate teacher.

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