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Violin&Viola, orchestra& choral conducting, complete music theory, composition, arrangement, lessons and Music tutoring.

Professional Music high School, Two Master's Degrees in Orchestra& Choral Conducting, Music theory and Strings instruments, 10 Master Specialization in Europe.

Flower Mound
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Soon-to-be college student offering lessons for piano, viola, and general music theory

I've been playing instruments since I was nine years old, starting with the piano. I'm a very patient teacher who's very passionate about music and eager to help those that want to learn. I can teach piano and music theory at beginner to intermediate levels, and viola at a beginner level.

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Fourth-year UC Berkeley student gives violin and music theory lessons in North Berkeley

I am a fourth-year engineering student at Cal with a passion for music and violin (10+ years experience)! At Berkeley, I am a course instructor for "Music 198: Chamber Music for Fun", and have played violin with the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra as well as in smaller groups such as the University Baroque Ensemble and string quartets/quintets.

Kansas City
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Violin lessons by the First violinist of the Grammy Nominated St. Petersburg Quartet

EDUCATION 1985 - 1988 St. Petersburg Conservatory. St. Petersburg, Russia Masters Degree/PhD 1980-1985 St. Petersburg Conservatory St.

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Viola lessons for young and older students (for beginner and intermediate levels)

Studied at Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. Lessons start with scales/arpeggios, then etude and solo piece. Scales are emphasized greatly. Students are encouraged to text outside of class for any questions, comments or problems they encounter during home practice.

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8 Years of Playing Strings That I Want To Teach Your Child

I have been around many kids of all ages and I have great patience to help them learn to play string instruments. It has been a passion of mine since 4th grade.

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Viola, Piano, Violin, Theory and Hebrew lessons in south Miami. FIU Graduate.

I'm Graduating (2017) from FIU School of Music under the guidance of Michael Klotz and Kemal Gekic. I have taught lessons at a variety of organizations. I got certified in the O'Connor Method, and like to supplement its the Suzuki method as well.

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Violist and Violinist with over 9 years of teaching experience and a BM in Viola Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music, currently a Master's student and Graduate Assistant at Northwestern

Having made a career for myself as a music educator, performer, and collaborative artist, I teach a wide range of students. For young beginners, I use the Suzuki method in which I was trained as a student myself.

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Current Peabody Student Teacher Looking for New Violin/Viola Students; Beginner to Intermediate Level

Hi there! I'm a current student of the Peabody Conservatory and I would love to give you a lesson. If you're reading this, you must be interested in lessons, or your child is. I have had many years experience working with kids of all ages in a classroom setting and have 16 years experience as a concertized violinist. I am also glad to teach viola but don't recommend it for small children.

Union City
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Affordable and Accessible Music Lessons including the Violin, Viola, Cello, Music Theory

Classically trained violist/violinist - studied under Jeff Fox, Tonya Ford, Diane Berger, Donna Cain Oklahoma City University Principal Violist 2002-2004, including for the China Tour of 2004 Performed with Oklahoma City University Symphony Orchestra, Oklahoma City University Opera and Music Theater, University of Central Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra

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Musical literacy through violin and piano. Teachers with Masters degrees and decades of experience welcome all ages. Interviews are free.

Instructors have Masters degrees in Music ( Florida State University School of Music, U of Illinois, Peabody, Tennessee Tech.) and participate in various local and national organizations such as American String Teachers Association, Piano Guild, Nashville Area Piano Teachers, American Federation of Music.

Paris 19e
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Violin lessons for children and adults: beginners / intermediates / advanced students

Hi ! I propose musical lessons : violin and theory for children, adolescents and adults: beginners, intermediates, advanced students and viola lessons for beginners. I'll adapt to needs and goals of each one, thereby varying the method and style. If you do not have a violin, I can offer to you an instrument in class. I also speak spanish, french and also a bit of german.

São Mamede de Infesta
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Guitar private lessons in the area of ​​Porto (CCStop) and São Mamede de Infesta (Centre)

private lessons in electric and classical guitar, through styles such as rock, hard rock, heavy, blues, jazz, funk. Practical guidance, theory and improvisation. Individual classes and custom tailored to the student's level (basic, intermediate and advanced). It is not necessary to bring instrument to class. Alternative classes via skype and other promotions.

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Guitar lessons Acoustic/Electric in Lisbon - all styles from Pop to Jazz!

I give guitar lessons (electrical and/or acoustic) in Lisbon. Classes of all styles from Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and accept students of all levels and all tastes/objectives. It is also possible to carry out the lessons at home.

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Fun and professional violin & piano teacher with seven years experience & first class degree

I am a self employed violinist living and working in London, having graduated from the Royal College of Music with a first class degree in 2015.

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College Student with 8 years of experience gives lessons on Music Theory, Violin and Viola

Hi! I give exciting enriching lessons on how to read Music Theory, Violin and Viola playing for Beginners and Intermediate players (Music Theory goes up to Grade 5, Violin teaching up to Grade 5 and Viola up to Grade 4). This can be done through: A video call where I can show you different playing techniques and correct on performance.

Rio de Janeiro
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Violinist who teaches violin and viola / Violinist teaches violin and viola domiciles

I am a Portuguese violinist who lives in Rio de Janeiro. I got my degree on Aveiro University. I can also give classes in English of violin and viola. I'm Portuguese and I live in Rio de Janeiro. I am a graduate of the University of Aveiro and teach at the home of Violino and Viola.

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Lessons: Violin, Viola, Mental and Physical Relaxation When Playing the Instrument

* Students are taught to play the violin or viola, making them think and anticipate in their minds the things that they are going to do after in their instrument, so they will be relaxed and not tense up while they are playing.

Pop violin
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Pop Violin: adult classes to learn how to play all the tubes !!

For adults only: All ages and levels are accepted , welcome to beginners !! Choose your favorite tunes, all type of styles (classical, rock, pop, dance, fim music, jazz, Klemer etc ...) I adapt the sheet music to your level and your progress to already start playing and have fun! Learn the basics of music theory in a logical and easy way at the same time that the instrument.

Greater London
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Music Theory and Violin and Viola lessons in London, Graduate of the Music Conservatory Hermanos Berzosa

I have been mostly taught via the Russian Violin School methodology. I later experienced other teaching styles like the German School (I also studied music in Germany several months) and the French School. I have had masterclasses with performers like Frederieke Saeijs, and renowned teachers like Olga Vilkomirskaia, Anna Baget and others.

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Intensive or regular clarinet / saxophone lessons - achieve your full potential!

I can offer intensive (or regular) courses adapted to your specific needs and interests, no matter what your level. Perhaps weekly lessons are not convenient for you and you would like a crash-course to get started, or you would like to establish a method that could allow you to be a self-sufficient learner.

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Violin and Viola Lessons for Children and Adults, all levels

Master student teaching, I offer violin lessons at home or alto children as well as adults, beginners and advanced. My method is customized according to the needs and tastes of my students. I offer a wide variety of musical styles: Classical Music Jazz Eastern traditional music I organize égueulement auditions for my students can rock their songs to other musicians and to their families.

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Graduated with honors at KCB Brussels. Violin lessons. Initiation to improvisation and "Chops"

Due to my background I can offer you 3 types of classes (all for all ages and all levels): First a classical violin learning, working the techinque and classical repertoire. Or an introduction (and more) to improvisation technique "chops" (beatings bows that combine rhythm and harmony), use of a "looper" (electronic device used to record sound loops) ...

Rio de Janeiro
Luiz garcia
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Clases de violín y viola la cara o en línea - maestro capacitado, con experiencia de más de 25 años en Brasil y en el extranjero

Professor Luiz Garcia violin lessons online or in-person. Fiddle as a professional. If you want to play the violin as well as a professional without posture vices, soon, technique and sound, come study with Professor Luiz Garcia.

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Young graduate and concert performer - PROFESSOR in the center of Bordeaux in 2016

The course content is defined by you and depends on three things: your desires, your practice time, and finally the duration of the course itself.

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Performer and teacher. Violin, viola, chamber music, music theory, music history. Bordeaux.

Creative, energetic, joyful and passionate music making are at the core of my approach to teaching and performance. Whether on stage or in my studio,I provide a fully immersive, interactive, student-centered, cross-cultural, and holistic environment that explores a wide gamut of styles, aesthetics, idioms, eras, and provenance.

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Violin lessons and music theory for entry-level and mid-level for all ages

I finished top with a huge passion for music. I have knowledge of postural techniques such as Alexander Technique, knowledge of study related to meditation and concentration to be mentally prepared. I do yoga and how to work with the body in order to get a good posture.

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Hi! I offer private music lessons of guitar and / or piano.

Hello, My name is Nacho and I offer to teach guitar and piano, I am a student of the Conservatory of Music of Murcia and took more than 10 years in music (bands, events, conservatory, weddings, processions, etc.) and over 3 years of experience teaching, with good results and satisfied people.

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Student at the CRR in Lyon, gives courses Violin, Music theory or Alto home

I play violin for 10 years and viola for 3 years. To fully live my musical studies, I decided since last year to enroll in the CNED (National Centre for Distance Education) to pass my literary ferry, music option. I would like to convey the art and the love of music that my teachers themselves have given to me.

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A bowed string instrument slightly bigger than the violin, the viola is a standard member of the violin family, serving as the middle voice. Occasionally, violas have a major role in orchestral music, with composer Paul Hindemith having contributed a generous amount of music for viola. Lovers of this instrument will definitely seek to learn it at some point in their life. Contrary to the popular belief, though, one is never too old to learn how to play an instrument (viola included!). Although playing the viola requires somewhat different bowing techniques from the violin, SuperPROF has hired teachers whose professionalism will help students to lean more intensely on the strings. Viola lessons are given by professional viola teachers who offer individual approach and lots of experience to share with future students. Students are free to ask for lessons in other instruments as well, and perhaps, a violin tutor might help them expand their knowledge on bowed string instruments. Piano lessons by experienced piano teachers are essential for any serious musician and anyone interested in flute or saxophone can request flute or saxophone lessons.