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Masters in Inorganic with years of tutoring in Chemistry, Physics and Math

I have been tutoring for the last 20 years at the University of Delaware helping students build a solid base in the sciences and math whether premed "A" students or theatre majors needing to pass the math and science requirement.

Cynthia's Practical information

I teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, organic chemistry. Lessons are available for the following levels: junior, senior, college, adult education

I give lessons exclusively by webcam.

Cynthia's Experience

As a full tutor for the pass 10 years and part time for more than 20 more I have worked with hundreds of students; several have thanked me when they went on to graduate school or out into the real world.

Cynthia's resume

MS Inorganic Chemistry University California at Davis (UCD) 1983
BS Chemistry (UCR) 1977

Substitute teaching 1983-1990
Lab Work 1990-1992
Tutoring at UD as well as library work 1992-present

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