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Jersey City
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Music for everybody

Hi Everyone. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist.

If you're a beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate piano student, I would love to work with you. I also enjoy teaching beginner and intermediate guitar students. In addition to standard piano materials (John Thompson, Bastien, Hannon) your lessons will be supplemented by working on your own compositions. If you're comfortable, we will also sing and write lyrics. Electronics - recording, drum machines can also be added to the mix.

Lessons are very structured, but flexible. We cover scales, cadenzas. chord families, musical vocabulary, rhythm, various expressive techniques. I also always leave room for you to explore your favorite songs (classical music to blues), and to expand your musical ideas through songwriting exercises or improvisation.

I can work with school budgets; I also offer discounts for families and siblings.

I teach music reading, guitar, piano, music early learning activities - for children, singing. Lessons are available for the following levels: intermediate, beginner
I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.
I give lessons by webcam.

Karen 's Experience

I have been giving piano and guitar lessons for 15 years, to students ranging in age from 3 to 45. At any given time, my average teaching load has been 12 private students.

Karen 's resume

I began studying piano at the age of 8, and have studied with two concert level pianists. My study of piano literature is wide ranging and ongoing. I have also worked, independently and through various agencies as a solo singer/guitarist since graduating. I have performed in venues from Maine to Virginia.

Most recently, I worked for Healing Arts Initiative as a music workshop artist, performing in various New York City mental health facilities five times a week. This has brought me into contact with people from all walks of life and enabled me to communicate musical concepts effectively to people of varying abilities. I also worked as a teaching artist for Arts Horizons, C.R.E.A.T.E., and Healing Arts. Through these organizations, I conducted music classes in general education and special education classrooms.

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$60/h 1st lesson free!