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Paraprofessional- English Literacy (Reading, writing, grammar, speaking, spelling, accent reduction) /Some German

My name is Bruce Miner. I have just begun as a tutor. My BA will be in English Literature; I am just seven credits short. If requested, I have references from both an English and a German professor, both at Metro State University of Denver. I have lived in Japan and Turkey, three years in each country. I have great people skills and communication skills. I have worked many years for the public. in retail and restaurants. I have six years of bookstore experience and one year in a library. I have theater experience, in college and community theaters. I am capable of helping reading, writing, pronunciation and voice coaching. I will incorporate song, having my students read aloud, mnenomic devices to aid in retention. I like to entertain as well as educate, to instill confidence in my pupils. I am glad that English was not my second language; I will make their learning experience an excellent one.

I teach ESL, accent reduction - english, german, accent reduction-german. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I logged in these last 2 weeks.

Bruce's Experience

I have been speaking English for 63 years. I have taught by example, helped others in Japan and Turkey, but this will be my first professional experience. I can aid you in studying for tests, reading , writing and speaking English, even make you confident in your public speaking (performance) abilities.

Bruce's resume

I am seven credits short of a BA in English Literature, with a minor in Cross Cultural studies. I speak German and French; I can supply references from Both my English and German professors. I will go back to school for a MA in the ESL program.

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