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Part-time Teacher ready to teach or tutor Spanish to learning students or teach English to non-native speakers.

I am a part-time teacher for elementary students. A semi-native speaker, I taught Spanish daily to grades 1st - 8th at a fantastic Charter school. I also had the blessings to live in Madrid for a few years, and that experience strengthened my Spanish. Further, I was able to assist non-native English learners in practicing their speaking and pronunciation.

My technique is to offer frequent of practice and introduction of vocabulary and conversation - frequently speaking out and practicing set dialogues where students can attain proper pronunciation and gain a good sense of the rhythm and syntax of the language.

Further, I like to utilize online methods to provide extra practice. As a teacher, I adapt my lessons to the type of learning each student displays and provide practices well-suited for the student.

Christine 's Practical information

I teach ESL, spanish. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, advanced technical certificate, adult education, ilr level 0, ilr level 1, ilr level 2, ilr level 3, ilr level 4, beginner, intermediate, advanced

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

I give lessons by webcam.

Christine 's Experience

After receiving my Elementary Education Certificate, I taught daily Spanish lessons for 8 years at a charter school, grades 1st through 8th, each with 32 students in a class. Many of my former students went on to study Spanish in High School and beyond. Learning the pronunciation and grammar at an earlier age, helped my students to master the language. I have seen a number of my former students and I am amazed how well they kept their pronunciation and how well they spoke Spanish. Living in the Southwest, knowing Spanish is a valuable tool that can mean extra compensation in many different lines of employment.

Further, I assisted non-native speakers to learn and practice English when I lived in Spain. It was more of a casual teaching experience where learners felt more comfortable and competent, especially with their spoken English.

Christine 's resume

Elementary Education Certification - (Planning to expand to Secondary certification)
Taught Spanish Daily to students grades 1st through 8th,
Part-time teacher and substitute at an elementary school
Worked as a Legislative Assistant just out of College; communicated and translated materials to Spanish from English

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