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PhD in English provides lessons and assistance with writing, research, analysis, projects, homework, and test prep in Austin, TX or via Webcam

I am originally from Philadelphia but now live in Austin, Texas. I have a PhD in English from Penn State University. I can help students—in elementary school, college, or graduate school—perform at their highest level. My goal is for a student to complete each session feeling more confident about his or her abilities, and thus more capable of accomplishing whatever task they have before them. I focus particularly on writing, research, analysis, and test preparation.

In that vast majority of cases, quoted rates will apply. However, special circumstances may result in a decrease or increase in the hourly rate.

I teach academic tutoring, reading, academic english, test prep, creative writing. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, advanced technical certificate, college, adult education, MBA
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

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Recommendations on Daniel


Daniel is one of the best teachers I ever had. His attention to my progress in learning concepts and acquiring skills was immense. He paid great care in leading me to not only understand difficult concepts but in helping me pose them as well. I cannot speak highly enough about Daniel's ability or his passion in helping his students.

Daniel's Experience

I've been teaching for over sixteen years. I have an extensive track record of student success at institutions such as Penn State University, University of South Carolina, and the University of Texas at Austin. My teaching style is friendly yet rigorous. If you're prepared to work, I can almost guarantee your success.

I provide instruction and assistance via webcam or in a quiet public setting.

Daniel's resume

Daniel Smith, PhD

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., English – Rhetoric and Composition , Penn State University, 2004
M.A., Rhetoric and Communication Studies, Penn State University, 1999
B.A., Letters, Arts & Sciences, Penn State University, 1997


Lecturer, Department of Rhetoric and Writing, University of Texas at Austin, 2012 - Present

Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of South Carolina, 2004 - 2012

Graduate Instructor, Department of English, Penn State University, 1999 - 2004

Graduate Instructor, Department of Communication Studies, Penn State University, 1997 - 1999


Article Manuscripts in Progress

• “Rethinking the Pentad: Dramatism and Actor-Network Theory.”

• “Teaching, Learning, and Writing as Ensemble Performance: Compositions of Agency.”

Previously Published Articles

• "Of Headaches and Other Illnesses: Nietzsche and the Potentials of Rhetorical Education." Enculturation 5.2 (April 2006)
• “Ethics and ‘Bad Writing’: Dialectics, Reading, and Affective Pedagogy JAC 23.1 (2005): 525 – 552
• “Desire and Immanence: The Difficulties of Post-Dualist Thought.” JAC 23.4 (2004): 884 – 900.
• “Intensifying Phronesis: Aristotle and Rhetorical Culture.” Philosophy and Rhetoric 36.1 (2003): 77 – 102
Book Reviews and Review Essays

• The Heart of Judgment: Practical Wisdom, Neuroscience, and Narrative by Leslie Paul Thiele. Quarterly Journal of Speech (2008)
• The Function of Theory in Composition Studies by Raúl Sanchez. JAC 26.1-2 (2006): 361 – 370.
• Kenneth Burke on Myth: An Introduction by Laurence Coupe. K.B. Journal [Kenneth Burke Journal 2.1 (Fall 2005)
• The Rhetorical Imagination of Kenneth Burke by Ross Wolin. Philosophy and Rhetoric 36.2 (2003): 172 – 176.
• Changing the Subject in English Class: Discourse and the Constitutions of Desire by Marshall W. Alcorn. JAC 22.4 (2002): 991 – 999.

& Grants

• Michael J. Mungo Award: Undergraduate Teacher of the Year, 2008 – 2009, University of South Carolina
• First Year Curriculum Interdisciplinary Course Development Grant, 2007 - 2008, University of South Carolina, College of Arts and Sciences
• Leadership Course Development Grant, 2011 – 2012, University of South Carolina Leadership Initiative and Center for Teaching Excellence

Professional Service

• Advisory Committee, Editorial Board and Manuscript Reviewer: Cultural Studies, Pedagogy, Politics Book Series , Rowman & LittleField, Spring 2009 – Present
• Editorial Board: Enculturation, Fall 2010 – Present
• Faculty Advisor and Director: Rhetoric Society of America Graduate Student Association, University of South Carolina Chapter (concealed information) Fall 2007 – Fall 2011

• “Reinventing Dramatism.” Invited Presentation. University of Pittsburgh, December 2012
• “A Grammar of Transcendental Performance: The Kantian Roots of Burke’s Dramatism. Rhetoric Society of America, May 2010
• “Archaic and Ancient Greek Origins of Criticism.” Invited Presentation. Undergraduate English Society Speaker Series, University of South Carolina, November 2009
• “Humans as Communication Technologies.” Rhetoric Society of America, May 2008
• “Heidegger, Rhetoric, Pedagogy.” Invited Presentation, Philosophy Speaker Series, University of South Carolina Dept. of Philosophy, April 2006
• Beyond Cognition: Outlines of a Pedagogy of Rhythm and Response-Ability.” National Convergences Conference, November 2005
• “Rethinking the Substance of Burke” National Penn State Biennial Conference of Rhetoric and Composition, July 2005
• “The Inventional Ethos of Kenneth Burke.” Invited Presentation, Composition and Rhetoric Association Speakers Series, University of South Carolina, April 2005
• “Rethinking Subjectivity and Agency.” Pennsylvania State University Biannual Rhetoric Conference. July 2003.
• “Affects, Bodies, and Ethics in the Composition Classroom.” Annual Conference of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, Rhetoric and Composition Division. March 2003.
• “Memory and Collective Politics: Rhetorical Actions and Bergsonian Bodies.” Invited Speaker: Department of English, University of South Carolina, April 18, 2003.

Dissertations Directed (University of South Carolina)
• Casey Boyle, “Abundant Rhetoric: Memory, Media, and the Multiplicity of Composition” (2011)
• Paul Cook, “[…]” (2010)

Graduate Courses Taught (University of South Carolina)
• Contemporary Rhetorical Theory (6 sections)
• Classical Rhetoric (4 sections)
• Introduction to Graduate Studies (2 Sections)
• Composition Theory (2 sections)
• Teaching as a Rhetorical Situation (Special Topic – 2 Sections)

Undergraduate Courses Taught (University of South Carolina)
• Classical Rhetoric (6 Sections)
• Advanced Composition (4 Sections)
• Honors Composition (2 Sections)
• From Homer to Homeboys: Narrative and Cultural Performance (Special Topic – 2 Sections)

Undergraduate Courses Taught (University of Texas at Austin)
• RHE 330D (Philosophy vs Rhetoric – 6 Sections)
• RHE 330E (Rhetoric and Narrative – 2 Sections)
• RHE 309S (Critical Reading and Persuasion – 4 Sections)
• RHE 321 (Principles of Rhetoric – 4 Sections)
• RHE 309K (Rhetoric of Cyborgs – 1 Section)
• RHE 306 (Rhetoric and Writing – 1 Section)

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