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Physics Graduate Student with 3 years of experience teaching undergrad Physics at Texas Tech. Lives in Lubbock and tutors mostly Undergrads, but have taught High School students in the past. $40/h
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Physics Graduate Student with 3 years of experience teaching undergrad Physics at Texas Tech. Lives in Lubbock and tutors mostly Undergrads, but have taught High School students in the past.

I'm a graduate physics student who is close to graduating. I've been a Teaching Assistant who taught Physics for Engineers (both Mechanics and E&M versions), Physics for Pre-Meds (Both as well), and have done outside tutoring for students outside of my classes and inside my classes.

My method really is incumbent on the student and what he/she wants out of the interaction. Some like me to go on tangents and introduce new and relevant information, some want me to stay on topic and only spend my time on a particular subject, and some just want answers to their homework. Just to be clear, I, on principle, don't tutor students like the last example for much long.

Because of my knowledge base and close proximity to most of my student's age, I tend to mesh very well and can translate information that otherwise was hard to understand from a teacher or lecturer who they received it from. (Though after 3 years, I'm pushing myself further from my target student's age group. Haha.)

$40/hr was decided on more because time is a valuable commodity for me and I need all that I can get my hands on as a graduate student. With that said, usually when students tutor from me, their peers hear about it and are interested as well. So having multiple students decreases the individual hourly rate.

Discounts due to education level is on a case-by-case basis. So I can't guarantee that.

Also, I live very, very close to Texas Tech and I have an office for my research where I do most of my tutoring. If not, the library is also an option. I just don't want to have to travel too far away from that area. But, again, it would depend on the student and the immediacy of the help needed.

Shivakumar's Practical information

I teach mathematics, physics, engineering, other sciences, technology. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

I give lessons by webcam.

Shivakumar's Experience

I taught every semester and summer since Spring 2013. I've also tutored on and off depending on my time schedule for that semester. The number of students from my TA position would be hard to even count. On average there are 25 students in labs, 32 students in recitation. As a TA, we have to teach three labs and two recitations every summer. I'll let you do the math on that. Unless that is what you need tutoring on. Haha. And I do have teaching evaluations from a lot of the semesters that I can provide. They are anonymous, but our department collects and redistribute them to us for our own records.

Outside of class, I've taught many of my student who were attending my classes. About 4, I have taken on that were outside of my classes.

Shivakumar's resume

I have a Bachelors of Science in Physics/Math. I'm currently close to finishing my Masters of Science in Applied Physics. I've been to a graduate level internship at Corning. I've attempted four different research projects with one professor and then moved on to another one where I have done three. This last one is a success and I can convert the "attempted" to a "done" in the future.

As a Physics students and all the experiences that comes in the wake of the pursuit, I'm qualified to teach Physics all the way up to undergrad level, Math all the way up to undergrad Differential Equations, Science in general up to Freshman/Sophomore undergrad level, Computer Science (MATLAB, Python, C++, 3D Cad, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.) up to Freshman/Sophomore undergrad level, and maybe other minor things here and there.

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