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Reading and Writing Tutor. Tutor in all areas of reading and writing for twenty years will help your high school student write essays on literature and prepare for the ELA and essay sections of the

I earned my MA + 60 doctoral units in Composition and Literature from SUNY at Albany. I have taught and tutored all areas of reading, writing, literature, and ELA test preparation in classrooms and in students' homes for nearly twenty years. I have also helped with college and job application letters. I enjoy tutoring students of all educational levels, from pre-K to college graduate to adult learner, and I love the challenge of adapting my tutoring methods to each student's specific learning needs and goals.

I teach dissertation and thesis writing preparation. Lessons are available for the following levels: junior, senior, college, adult education
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

Julianna's Experience

I have helped over 400 students with all areas of reading, writing, literature, and SAT and ACT writing preparation for two decades. In my numerous classroom, tutoring, and non-classroom jobs, I have written everything from poetry and fiction, press releases, grammar lesson plans, newspaper editorials, contract language, and successful grant applications. I have used my wide scope of research, writing, and critical thinking skills to help others achieve the most effective expression for the writing task they wish to accomplish. I have recently began working as a scorer for the new SAT essay and so far helped six students achieve scores of nine or above on this section. When I taught the verbal, critical reading, and essay sections of the ACT and SAT at a test prep agency, my students reported achieving high scores on the ELA sections. I have also used my experience as a choreographer, dancer, singer, and skit writer to do performances in various venues and to expand students' ability to generate and articulate their ideas in both creative and conventional ways. My primary way of tutoring is to listen closely to the goals the student wants to accomplish, assess areas that need work, and use my research and creative skills to generate exercises that will help. My sense of humor helps put students at ease and makes learning enjoyable.

Julianna's resume

I received my BA from San Diego State University and my MA + 60 units (ABD) in English from SUNY at Albany. I also earned a grant writing certificate from the Grant Institute. At SDSU I also minored in Dance. For twenty years I taught all levels of reading, writing, and literature at multiple community colleges in north San Diego county. My tutoring experience includes eight SES (NCLB) and nine private agencies. I also worked as the Executive Director of the Cerritos College Faculty Federation for three years.

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