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Reinforce and elevate science and math lessons for high school and middle school students $20/h
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Reinforce and elevate science and math lessons for high school and middle school students

I have recently graduate college in Chemistry major from SUNY Plattsburgh, and I want to continue my graduate study in West Coast. I love solving problems and doing calculation in Calculus, Chemistry and Physics, and I like tutoring college and high school students. Each level has its own approach on their problems, and I would like to help them develop their thinking so that they can reach to challenging problems.

I would like to reinforce the knowledge first from the notes or lectures because it would help tutee refresh their mind and prepare their own tool box of knowledge. Then I would like them to understand the questions, and they can deduce their solutions from the questions with step by steps. This is the "step by step" method I learn from my parents and my professors because my parents are science teachers. I prefer starting with basic problems for both college and high school level, and I will continue to the next level if they perform well on basic questions.

I am a patient teacher, and I want my students understand the lessons first before we can go to any further steps in their learning process even though it might take a longer time. Therefore, I want students enjoy what they learn, so they would be curious the application to decide what they would like to do for their career.

Man's Practical information

I teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, algebra, trigonometry. Lessons are available for the following levels: junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

I give lessons by webcam.

Man's Experience

I have been tutoring for 2 years while I was in college. Since I was a sophomore, I was tutoring Organic Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, General Chemistry and Calculus until I was a junior. Before I came to US, I was tutoring my friends in high school for Physics ans Chemistry.

I have three to four students per week when I began being a tutor, and most of them came to me for help in math such as pre-calculus, calculus application 1 and 2, and organic chemistry.

They felt helpful and more understanding after I went through the notes with them, so they made 100% on their homework. Especially in Chemistry, the pre lab and post lab questions and the notes made them understandable more about the lessons. My friends, Ken and Van, did better on their multiple choice exams in General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry after reviewing with me.

Man's resume

I have a BS degree in Chemistry.

I graduated as an honor student "Cum Laude" and joined the Sigma Si Research group for Science Department.

I have been a Chemistry lab assistant and tutor for 2 years in General and Organic Chemistry. I focused more in General Chemistry because I substituted the lab instructor sometimes to lecture the procedure and explain the calculation after each experiment.

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