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Retired Bachelor Chemist, experience instructor,teach Chemistry, Math and Algebra area Miami Dade $25/h
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Retired Bachelor Chemist, experience instructor,teach Chemistry, Math and Algebra area Miami Dade

Basically one of the must important part of process is the Lesson Plan, it include objectives, introduction and motivation, topics to explain and develop, practice and evaluation. In the case of tutoring strategy should be according to strength and weakness of student. Each student is different and the work depend of each one. Although a general plan is necessary during process may be change the speed or principal points. Instruction must be dynamic, interested and of course try to get the final goal: to get the student learn. Practice is the resource used to check the progress of the student and to know how much is learning and is ready for evaluation. With the evaluation conclude the process, but in every new lesson is good to verify is the student is able to apply before knowledge to the new one and be ready for a new and superior step. I consider the practice is very important because generally is an application and verification of learning process. A successful student should be comfortable at the end of process then the final test is only a confirmation. Sometimes the teacher realize the final test just as a proof but at this moment has the criteria that the student has learned properly.

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I teach mathematics, chemistry, algebra. Lessons are available for the following levels: senior, adult education, college

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

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I taught Chemistry during 3 years in a Health Technical School, and also Environmental Hygiene for 2 more in a Faculty of Medicine, both in Spanish. I worked as Substitute teacher for Miami Dade County Public School for 2 years ( English) and I also worked as Instructor of Chemical Lab in FIU (part time) for 3 years, also in English. Then I am able to teach in English and Spanish. In addition I have been tutor of Math and Algebra. Although my career is Chemistry I am proficient in Mathematics and Algebra. I prefer responsible and motivated students. I do not have achievement from students to show but I consider my results have been goods because I have transmit my enthusiasm in that subjects that I love and believe are too important for the professional and personal live. Many of my former students continued superior students and become in successful professionals as physician dentist and engineers.

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I am a retired with extensive knowledge of Chemistry, Mathematics and Algebra. In my country I study a career of Chemical Licentiate that required the study of all disciplines as General, Inorganic, Organic. Polymers, Colloidal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry ans others. I also have to study all Physics and Mathematics including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. In 1999 I validated my title as Bachelor in Chemistry to became in teacher. I also receive some courses for Teacher Certification. In Miami I worked as Substitute teacher and as Lab of Chemical Instructor.

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