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I am a retired Computer Consultant who naturally assumes the role of mentor on all new work assignments. I am patient and thorough. I enjoy solving mathematics and physics problems for fun.

Paul's Practical information

I teach mathematics, physics, algebra, geometry, arithmetic. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, advanced technical certificate, college, adult education

I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.

Paul's Experience

I have not previously formally given lesson however, I routinely act as mentor to my peers on job assignments.

Paul's resume

113 Avalon Pines Drive
Coram, N.Y. 11727 Phone: (concealed information)
(concealed information)
Résumé of
Paul D’Amaro

SUMMARY of Qualifications
I am an accomplished Software Engineer, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Project Manager, Technical Team Leader, Developer and Mentor. I possess exceptionally high technical proficiency and I have significant experience designing and developing leading edge solutions using early stage and emerging technologies. My solid practical understanding of business needs such as budgets, schedules, risk, and end-user satisfaction is largely due to my experience with formalized project development methodologies such as the Rational Unified Process and the Microsoft Solutions Framework.

In the 2010 stock market crash, my client’s investment portfolio (AFMEPF a Pension Fund) declined so significantly that they were forced to adopt a modified Rehabilitation Pension Plan. We, the IT Department were able to adapt to the new business rules quickly and efficiently due to my strong Software Design, thereby saving the company significant time and money. Consequently, all Pensioners were serviced by the Company quickly and accurately and the Company’s End–User enjoyed an easy and seamless conversion to the upgraded system with zero downtime retaining 100% accuracy. As part of the Solution I also developed an aggressive Custom Regression Testing Suite.

• Microsoft Certified Applications Developer as of September 2005.

I am proficient with many technologies, systems and tools, such as: The Microsoft .NET Framework, Active Server Pages (ASP.NET and ASP Classic), XML Web Services, XSL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBscript, Autosys, Windows Forms, C#, Visual Basic (VB.NET, VB6 and VB3), ADO.NET and ADO, Visual Studio.NET and Visual Studio, Java, J2EE, J2SE, Java Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Server (Transact-SQL), Oracle (PL/SQL), MYSQL, Microsoft Access, UNIX, PERL, csh, ksh, PHP, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, CVS, Rational Unified Process, Microsoft Solutions Framework, Process and Data Modeling with Rational Rose, Rational XDE and UML, Service Oriented Architecture, Design Patterns, C++, C, COM and COM+, DCOM, PowerBuilder, Unix Programming, Network Programming, Microsoft IIS, Unix and Windows Services, Multi-Threading, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, CVS,PVCS, SCC, Configuration Management & Version Control, Subversion, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Database Design, Process Redesign, Object Oriented Design and Programming, Quality Assurance, Test Driven Development, N-Layer Application Framework, N-Tier Systems Architecture, System Re-Engineering, Integration, Conversion and Porting,
CMS, LAMP, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, Cloud Administration.

Legacy Skills, Technologies and Systems
Additionally I am highly proficient with the following legacy skills, technologies and systems: IBM ESA, 3090 & 4300 systems, MVS/ESA, VSE/ESA, VM, VSAM, CICS COMMAND & MACRO LEVEL API, COBOL, 370 Assembly Language (BAL), DB2, SQL/DS, IBM 3745 COMMUNICATIONS CONTROLLER, VTAM and SNA.

2014 - current
LAMP Developer
Cloud Systems Administrator. Buncee, LLC. Calverton, N.Y.
• Creation and Maintenance of the commercial website.

My Duties include:
• Software Development, (using PHP, JQuery, JSON, Ajax, Subversion
• LINUX Administration
• Cloud Administration (Rackspace
• Database Administration, MySQL
• Design, Build, and maintain the company commercial website at (concealed information) .

IT Specialist Parents For Megan’s Law, Inc. Stony Brook, N.Y.
• The job entails operating the entire IT Department for a small company (35 persons) engaged in providing Community Services to Protect Children from Sex Offenders.
My Duties include:
• Software Development, (using java, jsp, Tomcat, MySQL web development, and OpenCMS),
• System Administration (for a Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 domain with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange for approximately 35 employees),
• Database Administration, MySQL
• Desktop Administration. Windows XP and Windows 7
• Help Desk
• Design, Build, and maintain the company intranet and the company extranet at (concealed information) using jsp, java, Tomcat, MYSQL, OpenCMS and SharePoint.
Consultant American Federation of Musicians and Employer’s Pension Fund New York, N.Y.
• In 2001, the company decided it needed to modernize its Pension management system, an antiquated VB3 / SQL Server 6.5 application. Architects from Computer Horizons designed a new Client-Server application with a rich Windows Forms VB.NET Client component and a BEA Weblogic java Server application layer utilizing an http data channel.
• When I joined this project in its third year as a sub-contractor for Computer Horizons, all members of the design team had departed. I was the sole technical expert in Microsoft technologies; the project was over-budget, and off-schedule. The client was reluctant to launch the product because of the large number of Customer Requests that remained pending. My primary goal was to launch the product as soon as possible; I was left to assume ownership of all technical development aspects of the project without the benefit of proper technical turnover I quickly learned the relevant business rules for Pension and Finance. Then I set out to familiarize myself with the project architecture, implementation methodologies, code techniques, communications protocols and other things necessary to become productive as quickly as possible. I reduced the number of pending CR’s so quickly and efficiently that the customer agreed to launch the product less than four months after I joined the team.
• Although the other developer on the team was a java developer, I further contributed by teaching myself java and by learning the java based server side of the application. Within one month, I was productively addressing CR’s related to server-side java bugs and I was coding feature enhancements as well.
• I also mentored the development staff. I seem to naturally assume a role of mentor, whenever I am in a technical environment.
• I designed and implemented several significant subsystem and feature modifications, including Pension Calculation and Pension Letter Generation and Document Management, Period Certain Allocations and Transactions, and Repayment.
• Converted the Crystal Reports based Reporting subsystem to SQL Server Reporting Services.
• In the 2010 stock market crash, AFMEPF’s investment portfolio declined so significantly that they were forced to adopt a modified Rehabilitation Pension Plan. We, the IT Department were able to adapt to the new business rules quickly and efficiently due to my strong Software Design, thereby saving the company significant time and money.

2003 -2004
Consultant Computer Horizons Corp. New York, N.Y.

• Developed custom Software Solutions for CHC's Client, The American Federation of Musicians and Employers' Pension Fund, see American Federation of Musicians and Employers' Pension Fund

Consultant Palisades Technology Partners Englewood Cliffs, N.J.
• PTP needed enhancements to their flagship java based Mortgage Loan Origination System LOS for their newest client, Wachovia Mortgage. I designed a Loan Product Translator component using SOA and Design Patterns. I implemented the component using Java, Oracle and ORM, and deployed it as an EJB. The translator was able to bi-directionally map over 400 Wachovia loan products to / from the 150 or so products that were used in LOS.
• I designed and developed several Web Applications for PTP’s client, The U.S. Tennis Association, using Rational Modeling Tools, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET technologies. As the sole technical member of the project during the initial Inception and Elaboration phases, I first assisted the client in refining their Business Requirements. I then analyzed those requirements, and designed the Database and Application Architecture, and implemented the Database using Microsoft SQL Server, and populated it from various data sources using DTS. When other developers joined the project during the Implementation phase, I was designated the Technical Team Lead. Project design and modeling followed Rational Unified Process (RUP) guidelines, and were realized with Rational Rose and Rational XDE. Implementation was accomplished with ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server 2000 with stored procedures and triggers.

Consultant Viacom, Inc. New York, N.Y.
• As part of a small development team for the program scheduling division of this leading global media company, I was contracted to convert a mission critical legacy application, implemented using PowerBuilder to Microsoft .NET technology. With very little supervision from the client, I planned, managed and implemented the conversion, and completed the project on time and within budget. The application, PTS was used by Viacom for Television Program scheduling and production. The new, Television Programming and Scheduling System performed better, than its predecessor, and it was easier to use and to maintain and to extend, and it provided more features. The skills and technologies used in this project were ASP.NET, Windows Forms, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server 2000 with stored procedures and triggers, Crystal Reports, and third party controls by Infragistics. The legacy application was coded in PowerBuilder.

Consultant New York City Board of Education Brooklyn, N.Y.
• As part of a development team for the Board of Education of the City of New York,
I was contracted to design and develop a new Microsoft .NET application system to replace a legacy system. As the senior contractor on the project, I led the Analysis and Architecture teams. We first analyzed and modeled the legacy system using UML and OOD. We then designed the new system architecture, created elementary base classes, and then developed and delivered a functional proof of concept system. The skills and technologies used in this project were OOD and OOP, UML, Rational Rose; Microsoft VISIO, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server 2000 with stored procedures and triggers. The legacy application ran on an IBM S/390 MVS/CICS/IDMS platform and was written in COBOL II and the CICS command level API.

Consultant Long Island Mortgage Resources Huntington, N.Y.
• For this division of Caldwell Banker, I analyzed LIMR’s business processes with respect to Genesis, their mortgage loan origination software system. I recommended changes which improved the efficiency of their processing. I also analyzed and recommended alternate software solutions for LIMR.

Consultant Pfizer, Inc New York, N.Y.
• Engaged in full, life-cycle development of a proprietary three-layer Configuration Management System that provided version control and release management capabilities. Due to the small size of project team (from 1 to 3 members), I was involved in all phases of the project. For example, early in the project I conducted end user interviews and developed design specifications (needs assessment had already been completed). Late in the project I designed test plans, and supervised their implementation, and documented their results. Throughout the project, I also authored manuals and providing user training. Skills and technologies used were UNIX PROGRAMMING (SYSTEM CALLS, IPC’s, FORKS, TCP/IP SOCKETS), UNIX SHELL SCRIPTING (KSH, CSH), PERL, POWERBUILDER, ORACLE (PL/SQL), PVCS, and IBM MQSERIES.
• Web-enabled the above application using ASP, VB6, VBSCRIPT, JAVASCRIPT, HTML & DHTML, ADO and ORACLE (PL/SQL).
• Enhanced the corporate, web-enabled defect tracking system. Skills and technologies used were ASP, VB6, VBSCRIPT, JAVASCRIPT, HTML & DHTML, ADO and ORACLE (PL/SQL).
• Customized the Java-based front-end of the corporate financial package, Computron. Skills and technologies used were Java using the Visual Café IDE.
• Engaged in various business analysis and process redesign projects. These resulted in significantly increased throughput through the use of automation (AUTOSYS), scripting and procedural changes.
• Served as backup UNIX ADMINISTRATOR and backup ORACLE DBA.
• Participated in the design of a global, corporate-wide Network Architecture upgrade, and in the design of the deployment strategy for the upgrade. Upgrade was from a set of global Windows NT-based domains to a Windows 2000 Active Directory Forest.

Consultant AT&T Global Information Solutions New York, N.Y.
• Designed and developed a proprietary, cross-platform client-server Data Exchange method library for Wertheim Schroeder & Co, Incorporated (an Investment Banking Firm). Skills and technologies used were OOD & OOP, TCP/IP NETWORK PROGRAMMING, MULTI-THREADING, WINDOWS NT SERVICES and C++ & C. The library was compatible with the WINDOWS and STRATUS platforms, enabling proprietary communications between them.

1993-1995Consultant IBM Professional Services New York, N.Y.
• Ported a mission critical, TWO-TIER CLIENT/SERVER application system for a legal services firm from a 3090-MVS-CICS-DB2 platform to an RS/6000-AIX-CICS/6000-DB2/6000 platform. Skills and technologies used were OOD & OOP, TCP/IP NETWORK PROGRAMMING, AIX DAEMONS, C++ & C, CICS COMMAND LEVEL API, COBOL II, DB2, and MDI GATEWAY.
• I was the only technical person who was a member of both the Architecture & Design Team, and of the Development Team. Since many components of the target platform were new technology at the time, some solutions involved collaboration with IBM development groups (the IBM CICS Development Group in Hursley Park, United Kingdom, and the IBM DB2 Development Group in Toronto, Canada). Some code and techniques that I developed for this project were subsequently adopted by IBM and integrated into their products, i.e. DB2.

Since 1994
Consultant Various Web Projects
• I had been contracted by various clients since 1994 to design, develop, enhance and web enable various applications using ASP & ASP.NET, C#, VB (v3-v6) and VB.NET, ADO & ADO.NET, MICROSOFT SQL SERVER (since v6.5-2000), MICROSOFT ACCESS (since v97), WINDOWS DNA, MYSQL, PERL and PHP.

1989-1993 Systems Programming Manager Long Island College Hospital Brooklyn, N.Y.
• Responsible for installation and maintenance of all systems software in an IBM dual-mainframe environment including VSE/ESA, VTAM and CICS, CA-DYNAM/T/D/FI/CMS, CA-SCHEDULER, CA-VOLLIE, CA-LIBRARIAN, CA-INTERTEST.
• Responsible for installation and maintenance of all vendor software including PATIENT ACCOUNTS, MEDICAL RECORDS, AP, GL & PAYROLL systems.
• Analyzed and redesigned a complex nightly batch process (over 300 steps) to run in 3 concurrent partitions resulting in significantly reduced processing time and greatly increased online access time for the hospital community.

1985-1989 Data Center Operations and Systems Programming Manager
Database Administrator Select Magazines, Inc. New York, N.Y.
• Responsible for all Datacenter operations including budgeting, staffing and scheduling, inventory, report distribution, hardware & software maintenance.
• Responsible for installation and maintenance of all systems software in an IBM mainframe environment including VM/SP, VSE/SP, VTAM and CICS, CA-DYNAM/T.
• Maintained an in-house, batch oriented Magazine Distribution Accounting system written in 370 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE and utilizing an in-house developed data access method.
• Designed and developed a new Online Magazine Distribution Accounting System using CICS, COBOL and VSAM.
• Migrated existing data from in-house access method (implemented in BAL) to VSAM.
• Installed and Administered an IBM SQL/DS installation.
• Upgraded the new Online Magazine Distribution Accounting System to use SQL/DS. Designed a new SQL/DS database and migrated existing data from VSAM.
• Developed applications and ad-hoc reports against SQL/DS database using QMF.
• Performed Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation.

1984-1985 Systems Programmer
Unity Fire and Life Reinsurance Company New York, N.Y.
• Upgraded Operating System from DOS/VS to VSE/SP,
• IBM mainframe and CICS Systems Administration,
• Maintained systems software, IBM/VSESP, & CICS,
• Maintained Application software, SOLAR Reinsurance System,
• Managed all aspects of Datacenter Operations based around an IBM 4381 VSE/SP mainframe system.
• Performed Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation.
Electronics Engineering
Computer Science SUNY at Stony Brook Stony Brook, N.Y.

Pre-Law curriculum Suffolk County Community College Selden, N.Y.


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