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Scientist w/over 40 years experience teaches real life uses of math, geology and chemistry

I am a semi-retired geologist with a B.S. in chemistry.

I use "hands-on real-life" demonstrations and student participation teaching methods, not memorization. I feel that my life experiences allow me to pass on to students what they may encounter in the "real" changing world.

Math has always been easy for me to understand and to teach family members. Math is a requirement for understanding sciences.

John's Practical information

I teach chemistry, arithmetic, geology. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, adult education, sophomore, junior, senior

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

John's Experience

Tutoring , as such, is new to me, however, I have trained and supervised fellow workers, employees and contractors, which, in essence, is a different form of tutoring. I have always made it clear that any instructions or information that I passed on to my "contacts" was fully understood and achieved.

I get a real "charge" when I see the light bulb come on.

John's CV

I received my B.S. in chemistry from Millsaps College (Austin College equivalent); my post-graduate geology studies were at the Univ. of Tenn. My life's work experience as a geologist required a combination usage of chemistry and math as well as geology.

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