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Senior Engineer, in Stamford, will teach you new perception and approaches on old questions

I'm teaching students to improve their results on SAT tests in Connecticut, USA.
I tried to understand your weak points and why you are having difficulties.
I'm Antonio Carlos, studied engineering for 5 years at University and subsequently worked with computers and filmmaking. In the beginning of Internet era.

I teach mathematics, algebra, geometry, arithmetic, logic. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, adult education, junior
I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.
I give lessons by webcam.

Antonio's Experience

I start teaching when I was at high school helping others to understand Maths. By that time I realize how good it is teaching! I like to being able to discover a student's untapped talent and uncover his/her brilliance in a specific area.

When we understand a concept deeply it becomes easy to pass on that knowledge and as a result, allow the student to move on with his own legs. Learn how to learn is another feat that students need to know.

Antonio's resume

When developing softwares we learn that this is a continuous process and we have to be updated during our lives. Although there is still much to learn, I am trying to continue improving and updating my skills on the Mac world and Iphone apps.

Do you need someone to organize your ideas or help improve your achievement? Do you need clever individual attention and an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses? Then call me and together we will work to reach your goals.

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