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Soccer, basketball,volleyball, and many other sports give you things to do when you're bored and have nothing to do.

my name is Kayla Williams i am almost 17 years old. when i was in 4 years old my parents thought it would be a good idea to join me in a soccer club with my friends from school. from then and on to my junior year of high school i have played soccer i played JV soccer my 8th grade and my first year of high school was moved up to varsity soccer and started. playing soccer has not only made me non lazy, but i made a ton of friends on and off the field with other teammates. in 8th grade after soccer was over i also played volley ball but that was only until my first year of high school i made friends i loved to play that sport but when i went to high school volleyball and soccer were at the same time so i had to pick and i stuck with soccer. now basketball i started playing in 5th grade. basketball was my life for so long as soccer was. when i wasn't playing soccer or didn't have a soccer ball at my feet i was outside playing basketball or had one in my hand. 7th grade i made modified basketball in 8th grade i was asked to move up to varsity basketball and skip jv but i was so little i turned it down and stayed on jv until my first year of high school i gave it a shot. not only do i love sports but i love to be active and fit so when im not doing either im running im working out. not only do i love helping myself but i would love to help you :) i have plenty ways to help you get better at the sport you play the sports i picked and told you about they are not the only ones i know or how to play, i can most certainly help anyone if they want help. i will learn the sport research it and figure out ways to make you better than ever!

Kayla's Practical information

I teach other sports, basketball, soccer, volleyball, hula hoop. Lessons are available for the following levels: intermediate, advanced

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

Kayla's Experience

this is my first time ever giving lessons but when i was in 10th grade i went and helped the 7th and 8th graders with basketball i was a manager and helped them get better. but helping people get better at things they need help with impacts my life because as you get older you get better and i will help you get better and help you achieve your goals.

Kayla's resume

i am now a junior in high school almost 17 years old. school comes first before spots so if i have poor grades i am staying after school to get them up, i dont play sports until i know my grades are doing good. school is the most important from 6th grade till 12th grade your senior year you want to make sure you have the grades you want because if you are going to college and want to play a sport on a college team, your grades better be really good.

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