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Song Creation (Writing & Production), Newhall, Ca. (Los Angeles), BS in Songwriting, Masters in Lieberal Studies, Masters in Music Production

Recently accepted into the Masters in Performance and Composing program at California Institute of Arts in Santa Clarita, Ca. Previously in Masters in Music Production at Academy of Arts, San Francisco, an online program, but did not graduate. Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a self-designed BS in Songwriting and Masters in Liberal Studies (Graduated Phi Kappa Phi - National Honors Society.

Extensive performing experience in musical theater--performer and score--, coverbands and showbands.

Extensive work with Pro Tools but not certified. Extensive experience using sound libraries (proprietary keyboard libraries), Komplete 10, IK Multimedia, East/West, etc.

Especially adept at not only songwriting, but also arranging in the digital realm, and preparing recordings (pre-preduction) for collaboration with session players and singers.

I'm a free spirit but also highly disciplined and demanding (getting results). I'm not classically trained, nor do I sightread. But I can read by breakdown and can write lead sheets, piano charts, and Nashville Charts.

Essentially, I teach you what you want to know, not what I think you should know. The more you know about theory the better, but knowing advanced theory is not a requirement for being a successful songwriter, musician, arranger or producer.

You must practice extensively.

I teach synthesizer, music early learning activities - for children, piano, music reading. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, junior, senior, graduate student, phd
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

Jerry's Experience

I've never been teacher before with the exception of having worked in numerous bands and with many musicians. Doing--that is, playing--music is always the best way to learn.

I've held off on teacher certification, although I did work as a substitute teacher in LV.

I take a decidedly controversial approach to teaching, more non-linear than linear. You don't have to follow the traditional teaching methods to reach your goals. If you want to play the blues, then that's where the concentration will be.

Teaching is strictly for the pop, rock and sub-genres in pop/rock music. No classical training, with the exception of increasing awareness in classical music and how it influenced pop/rock.

Jerry's resume

My self-designed BS in Songwriting is one of the first degrees in songwriting in the United States. It was largely based on turning experience into educational credits.

In the Masters in Music Production program at the Academy of Art, the focus was on film scoring and sound design. I've created an extensive library of production music, largely a spin-off from songwriting, using sampling libraries in the exploration of creating arrangements for songs.

I'm BMI.

I've never licensed a song but this is my current goal as a songwriter. I'm taking the Indie route to licensing and commercial release, but with full intentions of getting signed by a major label. This means I am just as hungry as my students.

In early 2017, I will publish two books, "Global Entertainment In The 21st Century" and "Song Creation." Global Entertainment In The 21st Century explores the convergence of entertainment and technology on a global scale and redefines the question, "What is entertainment?" In terms of music and songwriting, it reveals how tremendous the market is for songwriters beyond just reaching for the top of the charts.

"Song Creation" explores songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and business perspectives. Songwriters do not "write" songs anymore. Songs are produced using recording software and hardware, and this is where the focus lies.

Songs are not born in a vacuum. Every aspect of human endeavor comes into play in the creation of a song, from environment to education, from political beliefs to being in love. You can write for the business (feeding current markets) or outside the business (creating new markets). Just know what you're doing and what you're up against.

Knowing how a song is marketed and distributed is just as important as the melody, harmony and rhythm. Ultimately, how do you get your music from creator to market.

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