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Student with direct experience with common core available to tutor Earth Sciences, High School Math, and Biology

Currently a high school student, perfect GPA with a passion for sharing new knowledge.
I believe that memorization simply allows the student to forget information, and thus it is important for the student to understand the importance and background. I also enjoy cross disciplinary connections, and believe that is a critical part of education. I've kept my notes from over 11 years of schooling to give students the most relevant information to the tests and material they are expected to know.

-Honors/MYPIB/Standard Earth and Enviromental Sciences: $15 an hour/$12 webcam

-High School Honors/MYPIB/Standard Biology: $18 an hour/$15 webcam

-K-8 Grade Math: $15 an hour(Standard or Webcam)

-Honors/MYPIB Algebra I(Math I): $16 an hour(Standard or Webcam)

-Honors/MYPIB Algebra II(Math III): $20 an hour(Standard or Webcam)

-Honors/MYPIB Geometry (Math II): $18 an hour(Standard or Webcam)

Samuel's Practical information

I teach mathematics, algebra, biology, trigonometry, geology. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior

I give lessons in person at my home.

I give lessons by webcam.

Samuel's Experience

I've had work as a trained math instructor with a learning company, as well as several hours as a private tutor. I've been working with children for almost 4 years now, and none of my students have failed a course I have tutored them in.

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