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System Administrator teaching Computers from beginner to advance level. All is welcome!

Welcome to Computer University. I am a system administrator for L-3 Communications. I am primarily focusing on entry to mid level students.
Beginner Level- One month primarily focusing on hardware of a computer, and describing the necessary components to get a computer up and running (roughly 2weeks). The rest of the month will be building a computer from scratch and testing to make sure it is fully functional.
Mid Level- I will be teaching and going over drivers and software. I will also be covering how to properly remove all Malware off the computer including traces, and proper techniques in making sure your computer is functioning properly. I will be going over laptops, inside the laptop, and how to repair a laptop if components aren't working in your laptop. I will going more in-depth with windows operating system and some of the things you can do, and simple commands using command prompt to troubleshoot your network. I will also be teaching basic home networking techniques.
Though it would be wise to take both levels to ensure you get all the knowledge, it is an option. It will be fun fast paced, and a learning experience for all ages. If you have an interest in computers, or just want to know how to do things yourself without spending 100's of dollars with the Geek Squad trying to remove a virus. This would be your solution.
I will make sure whatever you are trying to achieve in the field of computers, I will get you there.

Rates are 30$ per hour in class.
10 extra dollars if traveling is required.
20% off webcam lessons=$24

I teach basic computer. Lessons are available for the following levels: adult education, beginner, intermediate, advanced
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

Andrew's Experience

Throughout my work career in computers whether it was working for best buy, teaching a friend, or teaching employees at the Senate when I was working there as a tech, I always teaching from ages 13 and up. Currently I am teaching retired Generals, Board Members, and L-3 employees all new and fun exciting things that pertain to their computer. I am a patient,friendly individual, and will work very hard to get what you need accomplished. I have helped friends receive there basic Comptia A+, to helping individuals find entry level computer contracts within the government sector, to helping college students pass their computer classes.

Andrew's resume

Masters Certificate in PC Network, and Design/Security
Certificate Comptia A+, Network+ and Security+
Personal Experience:17 Years
Work Experience:
Government Computer Contractor-7 years
L-3 Communication as a System Admin- 8 months

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