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With Superprof, it has never been easier to advertise your tutoring services in Dallas. Whether you're a student looking for tutoring jobs or a professional exploring alternative jobs for teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Offer home-tuition locally, or start giving online tutoring to thousands of potential students all over the globe. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a private tutor and share your passion!

With Superprof, it has never been easier to advertise your tutoring services. Whether you're a student looking for tutoring jobs or a professional exploring alternative jobs for teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Offer home-tuition locally, or start giving online tutoring to thousands of potential students all over the globe. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a private tutor and share your passion!

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Zalifah, found their tutor

I'm a Registered Nurse. I'm looking for a TOEFL Tutor; main focus will be on the speaking part of the TOEFL test. I hope we can set the first session on this Saturday at anytime. The best place is to meet is North Garland Library. For the first session I,m thinking to meet for 4 hours.

2 weeks ago


Wendy, found their tutor

(concealed information) My daughter Mia learning the above Bach piece. Need help with music notes. Need to familiarize with notes asap in order to have enough time to polish the piece by the end of summer.

2 weeks ago


, found their tutor

Hi Dennis my name is Chris Varma I am 39 years old went back to college. I need a long term tutor for my previous class as well my future classes. I am serious about my education.. I like advance in my health care career as well.

3 weeks ago

Alexis, found their tutor

Bonjour, Nous sommes un centre de formation basé à Valence dans la Drôme. Dans le cadre de notre fort développement nous sommes à la recherche d'un formateur en Anglais, avec qui travailler sur des formations professionnelles pour des salariés par visio conférence. Seriez vous intéressé pour échanger sur un tel partenariat ? Goldie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, We are a professional training center...

1 month ago


Raj, found their tutor

Hello. By any chance would you be willing to tutor a student in writing class responses to Harvard business case studies? I'm seeking a tutor that can meet via webcam for examining written responses to a HBR case study, and then suggesting ways to improve the write up, along with discussing the case in a tutoring session. Please let me know if this is a subject that you are open to coach. Thanks!

1 month ago


Carole, found their tutor

Dear Keith I am a French teacher in primary school, living in Reunion island (+2hours/France). I wish to move to secundary school as an English teacher. I am currently preparing oral examinatoion and I need to reudce my accent. I just registered on superprof and have a month - if I understood well- to contact teachers in order to find the best one for me. Carole PS I am not sure about the extension of my phone number. You can reach me through skype (cara_974) or email (concealed...

2 months ago


Nicole , found their tutor

Hi there! I have been thinking about private French lessons for a while now but I am ready to start! I actually took French in high school and one year in college but that was years ago and now I would like to start over at the basics and really comprehend it! My dream is to go to Paris so I would like to be able to speak it while I'm there! Hope we can work out a time to see if this works for both of us!

3 months ago


Mohammad, found their tutor

Hello Serdar Abi. I'm mohammad Alkadi from Saudi Arabia. I would like to learn Turkish as I love Turkey and love Turkish language. I know most of the basics of Türkçe, but would like to improve my türkçe to a whole new level enshallah with you. Looking forward to work with you.

4 months ago


Christopher, found their tutor

Hello, Jonathon, I am a second chair bass clarinetist in the 9th grade. I have made a goal to a friend once and it was to prove I didn't need a lessons instructor to be good at the bass clarinet, which the other day he said that I have accomplished this goal. But now I just want to be a great bass clarinetist because I love music, especially whenever I'm playing and I feel every emotion the composer put into the piece. The main problem I need help with is my upper register particularly the...

5 months ago