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Everyone has something to share or learn.
At Superprof, you can give private lessons in over 500 subjects (languages, sports, music, art, hobbies, academic help). All kinds of passionate profiles are accepted: students, self-taught, recent graduates, specialists, etc.

Everyone has something to share or learn.
At Superprof, you can give private lessons in over 500 subjects (languages, sports, music, art, hobbies, academic help). All kinds of passionate profiles are accepted: students, autodidacts, recent graduates, specialists, etc.

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Hundreds of students each day in Los Angeles !

Our teachers in Los Angeles receive lots of lesson requests, here are the latest.

Alisa, found their tutor

Good evening! I am interested in learning Armenian language for my own interest. Not for business purposes. I live in Los Angeles. My phone number is (concealed information) Please send me an email or a text so we can talk about it more and schedule our firs lesson. Thank you very much!

6 days ago

Bayar , found their tutor

Hello Jacob, Right now I am in Mongolia but my husband and 9 years old son are currently in LA. The only purpose of this trip is to improve our son english. They will stay at LA untill August 01. During this period we badly need a personal tutor and asking you to respond to my message and if possible your hand phone to discus all details. Please give us your direct phone number/FB/Viber/Whatsups anything and email. The best is my brother will call you on details. Looking forward...

1 week ago

Alex, found their tutor

Hi Elisabeth I'm a Brazilian , living in Rio , and want to improve my conversation. Last year I made the TOEIC and receive a very good grade. But speaking is very different, I need to improve it. Also I would like a help during the lessons, to look in the internet for some executives courses in San Diego, Santa Barbara. Sincerely Alex PS Your accent is american ?

3 weeks ago


Matt, found their tutor

Hey Ceyda, I can speak a little bit of Turkish, but I'm pretty confused about how to actually formulate sentences. I travel to Turkey a lot and am tired of not understanding all that is going on around me, ha! Let me know if you are available. I have a flexible schedule and am looking to do lessons once/twice a week. Cheers!

2 months ago


Jude, found their tutor

hello my name is jude im 16 me and my younger sister want to improve in dance we are from saudi arabia were coming to LA in the summer so we would love to have private lessons for a month and were beginners please be in contact with me emial: (concealed information)

2 months ago

Lisa, found their tutor

Hi Maud! My name is Chelsea, I am Lisa's assistant. I am looking for a French tutor for Lisa. Lisa is a Physician assistant and owns her own practice, she currently travels to Paris once a month. She would prefer evenings and weekend lessons ideally bi-weekly, at her home in Santa Monica. She is a visual learner not as much auditory with mild ADD but high discipline.  Please let me know if you are interested, and if there is a day or time of day that would work best for you to...

3 months ago

Azizjamillah, found their tutor

This is Aziz 's wife :) Azizis going have job interview at Lowe's on April 9th We are registering him in community college on Aug 16 th. Aziz need help to learn. How to speak English and read write in English too please help the best he can pass the job interview he needs Arabic translator in Learning ESL language as a beginner He immigrated in America five months ago. He is learning to speak English and I am deaf I could teach him to write and read English. Please help is success aziz his...

3 months ago


Tony, found their tutor

Hi Aviva, I am taking Modern Hebrew at the AJU and would just like to add some tutoring to help supplement what I am already doing. I'm in Modern Hebrew Beginners 4. Just more practice with a native speaker would I think go a long way. I work in Chatsworth and I live in Westwood. The best times during the week for me are Monday and Tuesday evenings after work in person. I could also be potentially more available via webcam but not sure how well that format would work for me. Thank you for...

5 months ago

Vaclava, found their tutor

Dear Sarah, My name is Vaclava and I am looking for French tutoring for my son Theo. We are a French -Czech family living in Pittsburgh and Theo needs to practice grammar and writing. He is still fluent in speaking but needs to learn also to explain the main ideas in the text, etc. The last year he had private lessons and it worked quite well, however we thought that group course might be more interesting for him and he was going to Saturday French school, led by enthusiasts with kids like...

7 months ago