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I will teach you how to think outside of the box! :D

Who I am, to put it simple, is a senior in a university wanting to help others expand on their education. I used to be in the same position many years ago and would have done anything to have gotten my hands on a tutor.

I have taught in places where it makes the student/individual, comfortable where they feel they where learn the most. I do not have a teaching degree, my current field is going to be in public service. That however, does not deter me from wanting to teach others.

My philosophy in life is to help others learn and give them the keys so that they may open doors for themselves to a life of success, versus waiting around for the opportunity to present themselves.

The content of my lessons taught is a very wide range of subjects, ranging to the political relationships of Ancient Rome, to how to relate mathematics to our everyday lives.

I teach homework help, reading, academic english, test prep, literacy. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

Sarah's Experience

My earliest experience started with helping out fellow classmates who did not have access to tutoring in their areas. It then moved to currently, where I post ads on several websites allowing any person of any age, contact me of my tutoring services.

It has roughly been 4 years (about the time I have been in university) that I have been tutoring others in the wide range of subjects I know.

The students, and classmates I have taught have a lot more confidence. Why? I have a policy that where I state to every person I tutor, "there is no stupid question." I break down the material, no matter how simple it looks and provide a multi-spectrum of how a concept looks and we would take as many times as it needed to build that level of confidence.

Sarah's resume

The current career I am going into is one of public service. I am currently in my senior year, with a major in political science, and minor in physics.

My awards include, published research in Gender Binaries in The Context of Linguistic Analysis of Internet Search Engines. This research is publish through the University of New Mexico.

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