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  • Business
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  • Finance
  • Marketing
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1st achieving BSc Business Management graduate and now budding entrepreneur/ Private tutor. The bespoke lessons I will give you will nurture your skills to reach that A or A* grade (GCSE students, A-L


Hello tutees. First of all, congratulations for having the initiative to find a tutor that can help boost your grade. You've certainly found your way to the right profile.

I am a highly experienced private tutor, teacher and mentor (for the last 7 years) and 1st achieving graduate from the University of Birmingham. I create in-depth teaching packages to proactively take students from their existing level to A/ A* or 1st degree level across all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, Edquas, IB, GCSE, Cambridge IGCSE etc). I have received outstanding feedback from each of my 17 tutees over the last 7 years on the basis of my highly effective teaching style and capacity to nurture my students existing skills and knowledge into translatable top grade essays. I always adapt my teaching style to deliver bespoke lessons to cope with the extensive array of varying abilities and skill sets from beginner level students seeking further general knowledge through to undergraduate students seeking 1sts from top 10 Universities. At 23 years old, I know how to effectively communicate with students so they can feel comfortable with someone more relatable, compared to old and out of touch teachers. On this basis, students have proven far more capable of staying focused and quicker when absorbing the information I teach them. I will go above and beyond any standard tutor by teaching memorable strategies to most effectively lay out your essay in a structure that will maximize your marks and ensure you do not waste critical time. I am now a business developer of one of the fastest growing ice cream brands in the UK. On a daily basis, I apply my theoretical knowledge in a real-life business setting and it has certainly proven dividends. I can most certainly apply this experience to my bespoke lessons with you. I look forward to hearing more about your tutoring needs and how I can create you a structured plan to boost your grade like no other teacher can. I look forward to your call.

Kind regards,

Joe Lewin
(concealed information)
+(concealed information)15


- Currently a 'Big Buddy' (manny) for several families across London to assist with structured tutoring and baby sitting.
- Private tutor, sports coach and mentor at a leading boarding school.
- I have taught 17 students privately, all with varying abilities and some with relative disabilities including Aspergers, ADHD and slow processing from which I have formalised strategies to most effectively overcome. I have received outstanding feedback from all of my tutees and their guardians which is available on request.
- My students have seen an average of a 2-grade increase (D to a B or a C to an A), largely as a result of my tutoring in sharing my knowledge but also passing on my enthusiasm and determination in the respective topic or subject.
- I have also worked at a leading tutoring company.
- I am now a budding entrepeneur for a fast growing confectionary brand, where I have gained real life experience in applying my theoretical knowledge. This certainly helps in my tutoring in knowing the functionality of theories in application in a business setting.


Rate for online lessons : $26/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $130
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $233


I ask whether it is possible for GCSE students to pay: £20 an hour
I ask whether it is possible for A level and Undergraduate students to pay: £25 an hour

I believe my tutoring experience, business knowledge and passion validate my competitive rate of pay.

Many thanks.

Lessons offered by Joe
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Business
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Primary School
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Adult Education

Joe's resume

Joseph Lewin
Curriculum Vitae


Email: (concealed information)
Telephone: 07(concealed information)

2014 –2017 University of Birmingham
Studied a BSc in Business Management achieving a 2.1 (70%)

1st year Modules:
Developing an Entrepreneurial Opportunity(71%), Intro to Business, Economy and Governement (73%), Financial reporting(61%), Economics (61%), Pure maths (60%), Marketing(71%), Organisation management(62%),
Strategy and supply chain management(63%),
Personal skills (64%), Firm & Business Environment(60%),

2nd year Modules:
Consumer behaviour (70%), Critical analysis in Management (63%), Fundamentals of leadership (71%). To be completed: Business accounting (61%) Foundations of American History (63%), International marketing (61%), PR (70%), Strategy & Finance (73%), Research skills (75%)

3rd year modules:
Retailing (84% - won the Biensdorf prize and a publication of my essay is now being considered), Brand marketing (74%), strategic management (71%), Professional Development (73%), Small business and entrepreneurship (68%), Marketing communications (62%) and Knowledge and Innovation (71%)

2002 - 2013 St George’s Weybridge, Surrey

A Levels: Business Studies A
Physical Education A
History A
AS: Theatre Studies B

GCSEs: A,A,A,AA,A*, A,A,A,A in the corresponding order: Maths, English Literature, English Language, Double Science, Religious Education Geography, History, Drama and French.

A creative thinker by acting innovatively in providing rounded solutions to logistical problems. Have successfully managed and coordinated large groups of people and events in my various roles as Head of House, Head Mentor, Student Ambassador and Captain for various academic and sporting teams, events and competitions between school and University.
Hard working, articulate, organised, communicative and a reliable individual willing to turn a hand to any job that needs doing. Value being polite and enthusiastic in anything that I am asked to do, by having the ability to follow instructions as well as use initiative when required. I am a logical, analytical strategist with experience in identifying trends in data and providing accurate commentary and solutions.

Current job role:

Business Developer - Pan-n-Ice

I am currently developing a business called Pan-n-Ice. It is one of the fastest growing ice cream brands in the UK. We handcraft fresh and bespoke ice cream rolls right in front of our customers eyes. I have been able to apply the theoretical knowledge developed on my BSc Business Management course in a real life setting. We have built and will continue to build parlours across the UK (Selfridges and Westfield nationwide currently) and soon Europe and beyond. We also operate a thriving events side.


July 2015
TutorTap is a community of private tutors providing one-to-one tutoring in online classrooms.
Placed in charge of organising, coordinating and overseeing a university campus marketing campaign at Nottingham to promote the online tutoring platform to undergraduates. Encouraged to be creative and inventive in producing attractive ideas to entice budget-minded students. Made responsible for the firm’s social media pages exploiting marketing tactics and strategies I learnt in several of my modules at University. I was also made responsible for overseeing the customer service hotline learning the art of communication and offering clarity in problem solving.

URALSIB Securities Limited, London May 2015
URALSIB is a Russian investment bank trading on the London stock exchange on behalf of institutional investors and providing corporate finance advice on mergers and acquisitions in Russia
Exposed to all aspects of trading emerging markets securities including analytical research, sales, market making, operations, risk management, accounting and administration.
Spent time with all departments gaining an insight into the workings of a full service investment bank. Learnt how the macro economic situation, industry sector factors and and company fundamentals affect the market valuation of stocks. Discovered how techincal investors, including High Frequency Traders, use charting techniques linnked to computer algorithims to trade markets.


Wimbledon Tennis championships July 2017
After an extensive recruitment process of questioning, role play activities and interviews I was hand selected to join a small group of highly experienced food and bar assistants to work in the exclusive members restaurant at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Over a period of 16 days, we were tasked in delivering silver service food and drink to an array of sporting stars, including Wimbledon winners and national athletes alongside popular celebrities including Sir David Attenborough and Sir Cliff Richard. The experience taught me the critical importance of maiantaining sufficient discipline in my implementation of customer service and upon interacting with other members of staff to ensure fluid and effective productivity is maintained, even if the intensity of work is long and strenuous. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience that has reinforced my interest and enjoyment in catering in seeking further part time work in the future.

ScatterGoods Catering Ltd July 2015 – July 2017
Worked extensively over the summer and Christmas holidays at numerous Silver Service weddings and high profile events across the county of Surrey. I was promoted to ‘Head waiter' within 2 months which meant managers were confident I had the ability to lead various teams of up to 12 waiters and waitresses at each given event. Every location required a flexible attitude to best accommodate each manager's differing leadership and operational style. The job required high levels of communication, attention to detail and quality of customer service. I set a high standard of quality for myself and others to follow of which I adhered to at every single event in order to accommodate for the very high demands and needs of the client.

TutorTap April 2015
Worked as a brand ambassador for an online tutoring platform promoting to undergraduate students in the lead up to their summer exams at The University of Birmingham. Learnt the art of basic persuasion, communication and the capabilities of social media to effectively stir up brand awareness and further sales. I was tasked with increasing the company's brand value by representing the brand and it's service and communicating its offering to target customers including Students and their parents.

Hand and Spear, Weybridge June 2014– September 2014
Worked very long hours at a busy gastro pub, serving drinks, waiting on tables, operating the till, providing a high level of customer service.

The King’s School, Sydney, Australia July 2013– June 2014
Spent one year working full time as a Gap Assistant and a Private Tutor in Maths, English and Science at The King’s School, a leading Australian boys boarding school. Worked as a Teaching Assistant, placed in charge of boarding duties for the Year 7 students, provided support in the school administration office, coached football, swimming and basketball teams during their respective seasons, 6 days a week. I led and organised a camping expedition for 15 (14/15 year old boys) on a 5 day activity filled trip in the Australian Bush. Finally, I single handedly organised an intinary and budget for an action packed 2 week road trip up the Eastern Coast of Australia as well as a similar trip across New Zealand.

• Duke of Edinburgh Gold & Bronze Awards;
• Head Representative of Southcote House at school representing 300+ pupils between 2011-2013;
• Head Mentor at school leading a team of 60 sixth form students tasked with helping and guiding new students entering the secondary school in year 7;

• Selected to become a Student ambassador to positively represent The University of Birmingham to prospective students by answering questions and giving campus tours. Strengthened leadership skills and improved communication abilities.

• Volunteered to become a Student Mentor at University offering valuable support to a group of 10 first year students at critical points in their student careers. Developed personal, communicative and team working skills.

• Vice Captain of the 4 XI Men’s Hockey team in 2015/16 season

• Active member of the Investment society at The University of Birmingham.

• Active member of the ‘Trading Floor’ society at The University of Birmingham

• YouTube Channel – created a Youtube channel producing action packed short films from my Gap year travelling using Finalcut Pro software as well as Windows moviemaker. Accumulated a view count of 230,000 and over 350 subscribers;
• Attended Kennedy Club whilst at school, hosting a weekly party for adults with learning difficulties in the local community;
• Volunteered to teach R.E. to classes of 6-year olds in a local primary school for a term at school;
• Played representative hockey for my county, Surrey U13-U17; selected for hockey trials for U17 and U18 South of England squad and was in the national cup final representing the U18 team for Woking Hockey Club. Currently play for the University of Birmingham;
• Played 1st XV rugby and 1st XI hockey for school;
• Spent 2 years in the Army Cadet force, reaching 2* credential;
• Went on an expedition during summer 2012 with World Challenge to Vietnam and Laos – the 4 week long trip included a five day trek and a week spent on a community project.
• Using professional software to create thrilling short movies, fitness and nutrition, playing hockey, mountain biking,
REFERENCES - Available on request

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at his home at your home By webcam
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5 hours $130 $130 $130
10 hours $233 $233 $259
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